to his original design, when Figyelmessy suggested that it would be just as well to state the facts by letter, as this way he would not lose the spring campaign and Kossuth would surely not require any persuasion to act. The suggestion being approved, Figyelmessy wrote the letter, and Kossuth returned an answer which the Secretary of State said was very satisfactory31

In the Austro-Italian War it was quite proper for Kossuth to make public speeches in Great Britain against intervention, for that war was in close connection with the aspirations for Hungarian independence, of which he was the acknowledged representative; but no such connection existed with the American Civil War. His agitation, therefore, was restricted to one by private correspondence only.

In the five volumes of Kossuth's letters, which have been published, there is no reference to the subject. A large part of his correspondence, however, is still unpublished, and is deposited in the Hungarian National Museum, in Budapest. In reply to my inquiries I was informed that it will not be accessible to investigators until fifty years after Kossuth's death, t. i. 1944. Thus there is little chance of obtaining more information on the question until that time, unless some letters should turn up from other sources.

31 From Figyelmessy's unpublished memoirs. The Colonel had also related the incident to me personally.



Born in Keszthely Dec. 18, 1811. In the Honvéd Army col. of engineers and aide to Gov. Kossuth. With Kossuth in Kutahia.

Col. 2nd Mo. Inf., May, 1861; Gen. Frémont's chief-ofstaff and appointed by him brig.-gen. Sept. 3, 1861, which was not recognized and ceased as such March, 1862; brig.gen. March 31, 1862; commander of District of Columbus, 1862; of District of West Florida, 1863. Wounded at Pea Ridge March 7, 1862, and at Marianna Sept. 27, 1864. Breveted major-gen. for gallant and faithful service during war March 13, 1865. Mustered out August 24, 1865.

U. S. Minister to Argentine Republic 1866 and also to Uruguay, 1867. Died in consequence of wounds in Buenos Ayres Jan. 21, 1868. Buried in Arlington National Cem


KNEFLER (Knöpfler), Frederic

1st lt. 11th Ind. Inf. April 24, 1861; capt. June 5, 1861; capt. asst. adj.-gen. Oct. 21, 1861; major May 16, 1862; col. 79th Ind. Inf. Sept. 28, 1862; breveted brig.-gen. March 13, 1865, for gallant and meritorious service during war; mustered out June 7, 1865.

Died in Indianapolis June 15, 1901. KOZLAY, Eugene

Born 1828. Capt. in Honvéd Army.

Enrolled Aug. 30, 1861, at Hudson City, N. J.; col. 54th N. Y. Inf. Oct. 16, 1861; brevet brig.-gen. March 13, 1865, for gallant and meritorious service during war; mustered out April 14, 1866.

Died April 1, 1883.

MUNDEE (Mándy?), Charles

Enrolled in Kansas. Capt. asst. adj.-gen. Aug. 24, 1861; major Aug. 16, 1862; breveted col. Oct. 19, 1864, for gallant conduct in the battles of Winchester, Fisher's Hill and Cedar Creek; breveted brig.-gen. April 2, 1865, for gallant and meritorious service before Petersburg; mustered out Sept. 15, 1866.

Died June 4, 1871. POMUTZ (Pomucz), George

Born 1826. Capt. in Honvéd Army.

1st lt. 15th Iowa Inf. Dec. 23, 1861; wounded at battle of Shiloh April 7, 1862; major June 3, 1863; It.-col. March 23, 1865; breveted brig.-gen. March 13, 1865, for gallant and meritorious service during war; mustered out · July 24, 1865.

Died Oct. 12, 1882. SCHOEPF, Albin

Honvéd officer.

Brig.-gen. Sept. 30, 1861; commander of Fort Delaware 1863; mustered out Jan. 15, 1866.

Chief examiner in U. S. Patent Office. Died May 10, 1886.

STAHEL (Számvald), Julius H.

Born in Szeged, Nov. 5, 1825. 1st lieut. in Honvéd Army; wounded in battle of Branyiszkó. Received Cross of Bravery.

Lt. col. 8th N. Y. Inf. May 13, 1861; col. Aug. 10, 1861; brig.-gen. Nov. 12, 1861; commander of 11th Army Corps Jan 15, 1863; major-gen. March 14, 1863; resigned Feb. 8, 1865. Awarded medal of honor Nov. 4, 1893, for having led his division after he was severely wounded at Piedmont, June 5, 1864.

U. S. conşul at Yokohama 1866-1869; U. S. consul at Osaka and Hiogo 1877-1884; U. S. consul-general at Shanghai 1884-1885. Died in New York Dec. 4, 1912; buried in Arlington National Cemetery.


Lt.-col. in the Honvéd Army; with Gen. Bem in Aleppo.

Lt. col. 3d Mo. Inf. April 22, 1861; col., aide-de-camp July 12, 1861; col., Gen. Frémont's chief-of-staff March 31, 1862. CHANDORY (Sándory), Victor

Capt. 39th N. Y. Inf. May 28, 1861; resigned Sept. 10, 1861. CORMANY (Kórmány), George N.

Private 6th Ohio Inf. June 8, 1861; sergeant March 1, 1862; 2d lt. Feb. 14, 1863; 1st lt. April 1, 1864; mustered out June 23, 1864. CSERMELYI, Joseph

Lieut. in Honvéd Army.

Capt. 45th N. Y. Inf. Aug. 25, 1861; resigned Oct. 2, 1862; capt. and brevet major 82d U. S. Colored Inf. Jan. 9, 1863; mustered out Sept 10, 1866. DETSHY (Décsy), Edward

Lieut. in Honvéd Army. Major add. aide-de-camp June 16, 1862; mustered out Dec. 14, 1865. DOBOZY, Peter Paul

Born in Szombathely 1832; lieut. in Honvéd Army; officer of the Hungarian Legion in Italy.

Lt.-col. 4th U. S. Colored Heavy Artillery June 16, 1863; DOLEZICH, Charles

Sergeant 9th Ohio Inf. May 27, 1861; 1st It. July 24, 1862; on detached service Dec. 9, 1862; mustered out June 7, 1864. ESTI, William M.

Born 1826.

2d it. 26th Ohio Inf. Dec. 17, 1861; 1st It. Dec. 5, 1862; resigned April 5, 1863. FIALA, John T.

Born in Temesvár 1822; major in the Honvéd Army; with Gen. Bem in Aleppo.

Lt. col. 2d Mo. Inf., U. S. Reserve Corps, May 7, 1861; col., chief top. eng. Sept. 20. to Nov. 19, 1861; col, add. aide-de-camp March 31, 1862; resigned June 8, 1864.

Died in San Francisco Dec. 8, 1911. FIGYELMESSY, Philip

Born in Pest Jan. 1, 1822; major of Bocskay Hussars in the Honvéd Army; aide-de-camp to Louis Kossuth in Italy; lieut. col. of Hungarian Legion in Italy.

Col. U. S. A., inspector-general to Gen. Frémont March 31, 1862; inspector of outposts to Gen. Stahel March 25, 1863; resigned Dec. 20, 1864.

U. S. Consul at Demerara, British Guiana, 1865-1888; died in Philadelphia July 25, 1907; buried at Marietta, Pennsylvania. FORNET, Cornelius

Major in Honvéd Army.

Major of eng. in Mo.; wounded at Camp Lily, near Jefferson City, in Oct., 1861; col. 21st N. J. Inf. Sept 1, 1862; resigned Dec., 1862. GAAL (Gaál), Alexander

Lieut. in Honvéd Army. Pressed into Austrian Army as private. Took part in Polish Revolution of 1863. Captured by Russians.

Capt. 1st Fla. Cavalry (no date); resigned Nov. 27, 1864.

Died in New Orleans, La., February 29, 1912; buried in Chalmette National Cemetery. GALLFY, Andrew (Gállfy Gállik Endre)

Born 1821; officer in the Honvéd Army.

Enrolled Oct. 2, 1861; capt. 58th Ohio Inf. Jan. 8, 1862; major Oct. 20, 1864; captured at battle of Chickasaw Bayou, Miss., Dec. 29, 1862; detached on U. S. gunboat Mound City from May 22, 1863, to Aug. 1, 1863; mustered out Jan. 4, 1865.

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