What Your Child Needs to Know When: According to the Bible/According to the State

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Heart of Wisdom Publishing Inc, 2009 - 309 oldal
Concerned homeschooling parents are always asking "Am I doing enough?" This book answers this question and includes the checklists for academic evaluation for each grade K-8 and much more. Author Robin Sampson explains our children need to obtain academic knowledge, but, more importantly, they need to acquire the wisdom to know how to use the knowledge! "You may be interested in this book because it includes the state standards but you will come away from it inspired to rely on God's standards!" The goals outlined in this book will help you prepare, teach, and evaluate your children from a Biblical world view. It will also advise you in helping them become self-motivated, lifelong learners.

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Excellent Homeschool Resource

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If you have ever felt overwhelmed with your attempt at recreating public school in your home (whether you intended to do this or did it subconsciously), this wonderful book will bring you freedom ... Teljes értékelés elolvasása


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Homeschool mother of eleven shares unique Bible focused education methods.

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