FOR THE 1047h SESSION, 1856-57.


H.R.H. THE PRINCE CONSORT, F.R.S., &c. &c., President. Thomas Dyke Acland

Marquis of Lansdowne, F.R.S., Lord Ashburton, F.R.S., Vice Vice-Pres. Pres.

J. C. Macdonald, Treasurer. William Brown, M.P., Vice Matthew Marshall Pres.

Geo. Moffatt, M.P., Vice-Pres. Dr. T. K. Chambers

Sir J. Pakington, Bart., M.P., Harry Chester, Vice-Pres.

Vice-Pres. Henry Cole, C.B., Vice-Pres. Sir Joseph Paxton, M.P., ViceC. Wentworth Dilke, Vice-Pres., Pres. Chairman of Council.

Sir Thomas Phillips William Ewart, M.P., Vice Dr.Lyon Playfair, C.B., F.R.S., Pres.

Vice-Pres. William Fairbairn, F.R.S. John Scott Russell, F.R.S., ViceJ. Griffith Frith

Pres. J. W.Gilbart, F.R.S., Treasurer. Edward Solly, F.R.S. Joseph Glynn, F.R.S., Vice Thomas Sopwith, M.A., F.R.S. Pres.

Lord Stanley, M.P., Vice-Pres. Peter Graham

Robert Stephenson, M.P.,F.R.S., Thos. Graham, F.R.S., Master Vice-Pres. of the Mint

William Tooke, F.R.S., ViceThe Earl Granville, F.R.S., Pres. Vice-Pres.

Thos. Twining, Jun., Vice-Pres. William Hawes

George Fergusson Wilson, F.R.S. William Hutt, M.P., Vice-Pres. Thomas Winkworth, Vice-Pres.

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FOR 1858.


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1. N 1856 the Society's Examinations were held in London

alone. In 1857 they were held in London and Huddersfield.

2. In 1858, and thenceforward, it is proposed to hold them simultaneously at all places, throughout the whole extent of the Union, where suitable arrangements can be made by the Authorities of the Institutes.

3. The Society of Arts cannot satisfactorily hold oral examinations, simultaneously, in many places. The Society's Examinations, therefore, will in future be wholly by papers.

4. The Council invite the Institutions in union to assume in future a larger share of authority and responsibility in the management of the Examinations.

5. Bearing in mind that the Union of Institutions was formed for the purpose, not of superseding, but of promoting and supplementing, the action and self-government of those bodies, the Council propose the following scheme of Previous


Local Authorities.
Examinations by the

Society of Arts.


6. The Institutes in different parts of the Union are invited to appoint Local Boards, who will conduct the Previous

Examinations of their own Candidates, and also supervise the working of the papers which the Society's Board will set for the Society's Final Examinations.

7. No Candidate can be admitted to the Final Examinations without a Certificate from his Local Board, that he has satisfactorily “passed ” its Previous Examination (a) in the elementary subjects specified in par. 10, 11, 12, 13, and (6) in the special subjects in which he wishes to be examined by the Society's Board.

8. The Previous Examinations must be held by the Local Boards sufficiently early in the year, to allow the results to be communicated to the Council five weeks before Whitsuntide.

9. Unreserved communications between the Society and the Local Boards will be requisite to secure to the “ ' passes of the various Local Boards throughout the Union such an uniformity of value as may be attainable; and it is hoped that their standard may be raised, carefully and gradually, from year to year, in order that the scope and authority of those bodies

may be constantly on the increase. 10. The Previous Examinations of the Local Boards may be either oral or written, or partly oral and partly written, as the Local Boards may think best suited to their localities. These Examinations will test the handwriting and spelling of the Candidates, their knowledge of English grammar, composition, and the common rules of arithmetic, as well as their knowledge of those special subjects in which they seek to be examined by the Society's Board of Examiners.

11. HANDWRITING.- A bold even round-hand, without loops, longtails, or flourishes, should be preferred.

12. ENGLISH GRAMMAR AND COMPOSITION.—An extract from some standard English Author may be set, into which errors of spelling, grammar, and punctuation are introduced. Some faulty grammatical constructions in common use, and vulgarisms, may be submitted for correction.

13. ARITHMETIC.—A knowledge of the elementary Rules, including the Rule of Three, should be required.



14. The names of the “passed ” Candidates, and the subjects in which the Society is to examine them, must be made known to the Council five weeks before Whitsuntide.*

15. The Society's Examiners will then set the requisite papers for the Final Examination; and these will be forwarded to the Local Boards. The Local Boards will see, and certify to the Council, in a form which the Council will furnish, that the papers are fairly worked, by each Candidate, without copying from any other, and without books or other assistance; and will return the worked papers to the Council.

16. No person who shall not have been, for three months previously, a member of, or Student of a Class in an Institution in union with this Society; no person under sixteen years of age; no graduate or undergraduate of any University of the United Kingdom; no student of any of the learned professions; no certificated schoolmaster or pupil-teacher; and no person who has not satisfactorily “passed” the Previous Examination of the Local Board, is eligible for examination by the Society's Examiners.

17. No Candidate will be examined in more than three subjects.

18. The Final Examinations will be conducted by printed papers. Every paper will, in general, be divided into two Sections; an easier, and a more difficult one. Satisfactory answering in the former will entitle a Candidate to a Certificate of Competency. The Examiners will award Certificates of three grades, but Certificates of the first grade will be awarded only to a high degree of excellence.

19. The Final Examinations of the Society of Arts will be held on Whit Monday, the 24th of May, 1858, and on such successive days as may be requisite, simultaneously at such places, throughout the Union, as can make satisfactory arrangements for the Previous Examinations of the Local

* The required number of Forms for this purpose will be forwarded to the Local Board on application to the Secretary of the Society of Arts.

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