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with the fruits of solid piety, that all men,

seeing our good works, may glorify thee, our prop de heavenly Father. I recommend tu thee also

thy servants N. N. [here mention those for worst whom you desire in a particular manner to

pray,] my relations, benefactors, friends and the dif enemies, and all for whom I am bound or

have been requested to pray; look upon us, I beseech thee, with eyes of mercy and compas

sior, grant us thy blessings according to our lite several necessities; bring us all to the perfect God practice of a holy and virtuous life here, and

to the possession of thy eternal glory hereafter.

Finally, O my God! I recommend to thy tender mercy, through the merits of this holy sacrifice, the souls of all the faithful departed in thy peace, and particularly the souls of thy servants N. N. [here mention those for whom you wish in a special manner to pray;] look upon them, I beseech thee, with eyes of mercy and compassion; through the blood of Jesus relieve them from their sufferings, and grant them that rest which they so earnestly desire.

I offer up to thee thy beloved Son, Omy God! more especially for the sanctification of my

own poor soul. Be pleased, O my God! to remember me in the distribution of thy graces, leave me not to myself, whose whole confidence is entirely in thee, but do with me according to thy good pleasure, both as to soul and body, as thou seest and knowest to be most for thy glory and my own salvation. I earnestly beseech thee to grant me in particular N. N. [here mention the peculiar favours you wish to obtain from God.]

At the Consecration and Elevation. SILENCE now, O my soul! banish far the thought of creatures; and summon together áll thy powers, to pay a worthy homage to thy blessed Saviour. Behold! the lamb of God, the holy One of Israel descends upon our altars.

All hail, most blessed Jesus, Son of the most high God! I adore thee; thou art Christ, the son of the living God! Thou art the lamb of God that died upon the cross to save us! Thou hast the words of eternal life; to whom shall we go, but to thee, our God, our Saviour? Hail, precious body of the Son of

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God, that was nailed to the cross for our sins! Hail, precious blood that flowed from the wounds of Jesus, to cleanse us from all our iniquities! Eternal Father! look upon the face of thy Christ, here present upon the altar, and through the merits of this adorable victim, look down upon us in mercy! Great God! in union with this most holy sacrifice, I offer up to thee my soul and body and all that I have, or am, and consecrate myself to thy service forever; accept of me through the merits of Jesus thy Son, and grant that I may never more be separated from thee.

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After the Elevation to the Pater Noster. Oblation and commemoration of the Passion.

O GREAT God! I am overwhelmed with confusion, and filled with fear and trembling in thy presence; for who am I to appear before thee, or assist at thy holy altar? Sensible, O my God! of my unworthiness, I prostrate myself before thy Divine Majesty, and cry for mercy through the blood of Jesus, here mystically shed before thee; and with all the

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affections of my soul, I offer up to thee this most adorable sacrifice, with the same intention, with which my blessed Saviour offered it up to thee, when he instituted it at the last supper, and consummated it on the cross. What he then did, O my God! is here done; and for the same ends with which he did it, I offer up this holy oblation to thy Divine Majesty, by the hands of thy priest, with the intention only of promoting thy honor and glory. I offer it up also, O my God! in union with that sacred intention with which thy beloved Son offers himself to thee this day; sincerely joining in spirit, my soul with the soul of Jesus; my body with the body of Jesus; my memory, will and understanding with those of Jesus; my thoughts, words and actions, and all my senses with those of Jesus, and all that I have or am, with all that Jesus has or is; 1 give myself wholly to thee in union with him. I beseech thee, by thy adorable self, to accept of me in mercy through his precious merits, and give me grace to accomplish in all things, thy holy will. I offer up to thee this holy sacrifice also, in commemoation of all the sufferings and afflictions of

thy divine Son, of his passion, and the torments which he underwent therein. Behold him buffeted, blindfolded, spit upon, struck with impious hands, and every species of indignity offered to his sacred person; see him bound to the pillar, and scourged in a most ignominious manner, crowned with thorns, and insult- • ed as a mock-king, loaded with a heavy cross, nailed thereto, and hanging upon it for three hours, in the most excruciating pains. Ah, great God! I offer up to thee this most holy victim lying upon our altars, in commemoration of all these dreadful sufferings of Jesus, and of his death, his glorious resurrection and ascension; and in union with all, I offer to thee my body and soul, and dedicate myself entirely to thy service, to be continually employed in it; to do, suffer, and undergo whatever thou wilt please to ordain in my regard.

After the Pater Noster.

A spiritual Communion. O Jesus, lamb of God, redeemer of my soul! whom I desire to receive this day, though

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