Is strongly recommended for softening, Improving, Beautifying, and Preserving the SKIN, and giving it a blooming and charming appearance. It will completely remove Tan, Sunburn, Redness, &c., and by its Balsamic and Healing qualities render the skin soft, pliable, and free from dryness, &c., clear it from every humour, pimple, or eruption; and by continuing its use only a short time, the skin will become and continue soft and smooth, and the complexion perfectly clear and beautiful.

Sold in Bottles, price 2s. 9d., by all Medicine

Vendors and Perfumers.


For Children Cutting their Teeth. The value of this Medicine has been largely tested in all parts of the world and by all grades of society for upwards of fifty years.

Its extensive sale has induced SPURIOUS IMITATIONS, some of which, in outward appearance, so closely resemble thé Original as easily to deceive even careful observers. The Proprietor therefore feels it due to the Public to give a SPECIAL CAUTION against the purchase of such imitations.

All purchasers are therefore requested carefully to observe that the words “JOHN STEEDMAN, Chemist, Walworth, Surrey," are engraved on the Government Stamp affixed to each Packet, IN WHITE LETTERS ON A RED GROUND, without which none are genuine. The true STEEDMAN is spelt with two EEs.

Prepared only at Walworth, Surrey, and Sold by all Chemists and Medicine Vendors in packets Is. 1 d. and 2s. 9d. each.



This very popular Almanac, which, besides the usual Calendar, contains a fuller account of the Eclipses and Astronomical phenomena of the Year than any publication of its class, was lately increased by several pages, giving lists of the Members of the Government, the Houses of Parliament, and other useful information, to which was last year added a half-sheet containing a List of the Principal Fairs in England. Price 6d. GOLDSMITH'S ALMANAC.

Elegant, useful, and portable, it is essentially adapted for the pocket, not only from its miniature size, but from its containing a vast amount of useful and valuable matter for occasional reference. Price 6d.

It is kept by all booksellers in a variety of bindings, for Presents. GILBERT'S CLERGYMAN'S ALMANAC AND WHITTAKER'S

CLERGYMAN'S DIARY. This Almanac contains a complete Calendar of the Festivals, &c., of the Church of England, with the Lessons appointed for every day in the ycar; a Diary of 90 pages for Memoranda; a complete List of the Dignified Clergy of each Diocese in England. Wales, Ireland, and the Colonies, with the official Armorial Bearings of Archbishop and Bishop; a List of the Incumbents of London and of parishes within ten miles of London; of the officials of the Universities and Public Schools; of the Head Masters of Endowed Grammar Schools; a very complete Peerage, and other information interesting to the Clergy and Laity of England. Price 28. 6d., in cloth.

This Almanac, as well as the following, is to be procured in various bindings. THE CLERICAL ALMANAC.

NOW CONSIDERABLY ENLARGED AND IMPROVED, contains, besides the customary contents of an Almanac, proper lessons for every day in the year; Transfer days at the Bank, &c.; Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and London; Archbishops, Bishops, Deans, Archdeacons, Queen's Chaplains, &c.; Alphabetical Lists of the English, Scotch, and Irish Nobility, with their surnames; Epitome of Assessed Taxes, Stamp and Legacy Duties, &c. Price 9d. THE STATIONERS' COMPANY'S SHEET ALMANAC.

On super-royal paper, equally adapted for the Counting-house and the library, con. taining Lists of the chief Officers of State, Judges, Public Offices, London Bankers and Insurance Offices, with very copious Postal Information, is embellished with a VIEW OF THE NEW LAW COURTS, of which Proof Impressions on thick paper may be had at 38. each. Price 28.


On thick drawing paper for the table. This elegant and unique little Almanac, containing much information, is also printed on a thin paper, to adapt it for binding in a variety of styles suited to all tastes and fancies. It is this year ornamented with a VIEW OF THE CLEOPATRA NEEDLE AND THAMES EMBANKMENT. Price 6d. WING'S SHEET ALMANAC.

A very useful Office and Counting-house Companion, printed in Black and Red. Price 6d.


Gradus ad Parnassum. With the English meanings. Edited by the late Dr. CAREY. Revised, corrected, and augmented by a Member of the University of Cambriage.

Printed for the Company of Stationers, and sold by J. Greenhill, Treasurer to the Company, Stationers' Hall, Ludgate Hill,' Price 78., in cloth.

Royal Insurance Company.



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FIRE DEPARTMENT Fire Premiums for the Year

£775,871 14 11 Losses

£381,562 3.1

Income from Premiums, after deducting

i. £246,514 5 1 BONUSES DECLARED at the last two Divisions of Profits :-£1 10s. per

cent. per annum on sum Assured, upon all Policies entitled to participate.

FUNDS, After providing for payment of the Dividend and Bonus, the Funds

of the Company will stand as follows :Capital paid-up

£289,545 0 0 Fire Fund

500,000 0 0 Reserve Fund

800,000 0 0 Balance of Profit and Loss

69,707 11 0 Life Funds

2,389,907 3 11 £4,049,159 14 il


£1,045,143 1868

1,579,578 1873

2,645,503 1878

4,049, 159

Ertract from Auditors' Report. "We have examined and count d every Security, and have found all correct and in perfect order; and that the present aggregate market value thereof is in excess of the amounts in the said Balance Sheets."








Courts of Law, England. 73


Scotland. 75

English Bishops & Deans 57

Ireland . 70

Irish Bishops.


Inns of Court


Scotch Bishops


Circuits of the Judges: .77

Indian & Colonial Bishops 58 Lord Mayor & Aldermen

Estab. Church of Scotland 58

of London.


University of Oxford . 58

Central Criminal Court 77

Cambridge. 59

Allowance to witnesses . 77

London . 60

Law and other Public

Durham. . 61



Coll. of Physical Science. 61

University Coll., London 61

University of Wales .61


King's College, London . 62

Bank of Eng. Directors 81

Queen's Coll. London. . 62

Branch Banks.


Trinity College, London 62

Bankers in London. .81

Crystal Palace Sch.of Art 62

Fire InsuranceCompanies 83

New College, London . . 63

LifeAssuranceCompanies 88

Manchester New College. 63



College of Preceptors .63

Cost of Licences


Catholic Univ. Coll. . 03



Owen Coll., Manchester . 63

Queen's Col., Birmingham 64

Queen's Coll., Liverpool . 64 MISCELLANEOUS IN.

St. David's College 64 FORMATION.

School of Mines, &c. .64

Agricul. Coll.,Cirencester 64

General Post Office S6

Royal Veterinary College 64

London Daily Newspaper


Univ. Coll., Bristol



Yorkshire Coll. of Science 65

London Cab Fares 88

Royal Ind. Eng. Coll. 65

London School Board 88

Theological Colleges 65

Learned Societies and In-

Foundation Schools 65


Scottish Universities. 65

Colonial Governors. 92

Irish Universities


Sovereigns & heads of Go-

vernments of Countries 92


Foreign Ministers in Eng-

British Army

68 land, & Queen's Minis-

East Indian Army

70 ters abroad


Army Agents

. 71 Table of Expenses, in:

Royal Navy


come, &c.


Navy Agents

71 Table of the value of a

Royal Mil. Col., Sandhurst 72 Lease, per £100 clear

Royal Mil.Acad. Woolwich 72 annual rental

R. Nav. Coll., Greenwich. 72 Metropol. Water Comps. 94

Royal Hibernian School. 72

Gas do.


Army Medical School 72 Museums & other Public

Greenwich Hosp.& School 72 Institutions


Chelsea Hosp. & Asylum 72 Weights and Measures . 96

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Price One Shilling; or, Four Shillings bound in clcth with the “Companion."

Thermometrical Register. Tue Thermometrical Register, showing the highest and lowest temperatures of the corresponding month of the preceding year, has been resumed in the British Almanac Calendar at the request of numerous correspondents. These registers are copied from those made at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. They show the highest and lowest ranges within each twenty-four hours, from self-registering thermometers. Each month is placed with its corresponding month, as affording the most ready and alvantageous means of comparison, although by this arrangement the register of the last three months of 1878 follows the nine months of 1879, which are all that can be given up to the day of publication.

Bquation of Time. In this Almanac the calculations are all made for mean time (given by the clock), instead of "pparent time (given by the sun-dial), which latter had been used up to the year 1833. It must be obvious that, for all practical purposes, mean time is the most useful: and to obtain it from apparent time, the columns in the Almanac headed “ Equation of Time" should be used. The column “Equation of Time" ought, for example, to be consulted when persons are desirous of setting their clock by a sun-dial. When Clock after Sun is written above the number of minutes and seconds opposite to the day, then the clock ought to be set so much slower than the sun-dial, and the contrary.

Moonlight. THE “Moon's age" is set down in days and the nearest tenths of days from the time of change. Thus it is New Moon on the 11th of March at Oh. 47m. morning, and therefore at noon of that day she is 11h. 13m. old, which is set down as five-tenths. The fraction of the day of course continues the same throughout the lunation. See also the table on page 10 showing the hours of darkness and duration of moonlight.

VARIATION OF THE COMPass, or the declination of the magnetic or mariner's needle from the meridian or true north-and-south line at the undermentioned places in the United Kingdom, estimated for the year 1880.

N.B.-The variation is westerly, that is, the magnetic pole is west of the true north pole, and is found to be decreasing in the United Kingdom about 9' annually.

Scilly Islands, 20' 59' ; Falmouth, 20° 41'; Plymouth, 20° 15'; Portland, 19° 29'; Portsmouth, 18° 59'; Brighton, 18° 27'; Dover, 17° 52'; London, 18° 31'; Yarmouth, 18° 4'; Sunderland, 20° 25 ; Edinburgh, 21° 52'; Glasgow, 22° 39'; Liverpool, 20° 49'; Pembroke, 21° 19'; Holyhead, 21° 44' ; Dublin, 220 46'; Belfast, 23° 4'; Galway, 24° 14'; Cork, 23° 21'.


RISING AND SETTING. The time of Sunrise and Sunset in the 'British Almanac'is adopted to the parallel of

latitude in which London is situate-viz., 51° 30', N. The table, pages 3-4, has been constructed to show the variations of time through the United Kingdom -namely, between the latitude of 58o and 50° 10' N. The times of sun-rising and sun-setting are computed for the instant that the sun's centre is even with the horizon of the sea. The number of minutes found in this table under the month-day, and in the required latitude, are to be applied to the time of sun-rising and setting found on that day in the Almanac; the result will be the time of his rising and setting at the place required.-Ex. At what time will the sun rise and set on May 20 at Edinburgh? The times of sunrise and sunset on that day in the Almanac are 4h. 2m. A.m., and 7h. 50m. P.M. In the table, in parallel of 56°, in which (p. 3) Edinburgh is found, and under May 21, are 23 minutes; which, subtracted from 4h. 2m., leaves 3h. 39m. for time of sunrise; and, added to 7h. 50m., gives 8h. 13m. for time of sun-setting. But at those places where instead of mean time at place* railway time is now used, which in Great Britain is Greenwich mean time, and in Ireland Dublin mean time, to the times of sun-rising and sun-setting, as deduced by the auxiliary table, the longitude in time must be applied thus :- For places in Great Britain whose longitude is west of Greenwich, to the time of sunrise or sunset add the longitude in time, and for places whose longitude is east of Greenwich, subtract the longitude in time, the result will be the railway or Greenwich time that the sun rises or sets.

N.B. --- Longitude in arc, indicated by the signs "I" (degrees, minutes, and seconds) is converted into longitude in time by reckoning 360° = 24 h., 150 =1 h., and l° = 4m.

Example:-On June 21st at Penzance, in latitude 50° 7' N. and longitude 5° 31'W., what will be the rauway time that the sun rises and sets ?

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