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479. oldal - And therefore it was ever thought to have some participation of divineness, because it doth raise and erect the mind by submitting the shows of things to the desires of the mind, whereas reason doth buckle and bow the mind into the nature of things.
231. oldal - By mutual confidence and mutual aid, Great deeds are done, and great discoveries made ; The wise new prudence from the wise acquire, And one brave hero fans another's fire.
477. oldal - From these and all long errors of the way, In which our wandering predecessors went, And, like the...
192. oldal - List of the Vertebrated Animals now or lately living in the Gardens of the Zoological Society of London, 1872 Ditto.
18. oldal - CHA..MERS was licensed as a preacher of the gospel by the Presbytery of St.
175. oldal - Recent discussions on the abolition of patents for inventions in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.
472. oldal - For the several employments and offices of our fellows we have twelve that sail into foreign countries under the names of other nations (for our own we conceal), who bring us the books, and abstracts, and patterns of experiments of all other parts. These we call merchants of light.
473. oldal - We have also, as you must think, novices and apprentices, that the succession of the former employed men do not fail, besides a great number of servants and attendants, men and women.
472. oldal - We have three that bend themselves, looking into the experiments of their fellows, and cast about how to draw out of them things of use and practice for man's life and knowledge...
30. oldal - The study of the laws by which the Almighty governs the Universe is therefore our bounden duty. Of these laws our great academies and seats of education have, rather arbitrarily, selected only two spheres or groups (as I may call them) as essential parts of our national education : the laws which regulate quantities and proportions, which form the subject of mathematics...

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