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H. Bryer, Printer, Bridge-Street, Blackfriars, London.

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Macgili's Account of the Government,

&c. and Commerce of Tunis 828

Sketches of Irish History, &c. 1136

Vaughan's Translation of the Abbe

Balsamo's Survey of Sicily, &c. 878


AND PRICE ANNEXED, 634, 749, 847, 942,


652,748, 846, 939, 1143


Bridge's Lectures on the Elements of

Algebra - - - 741

Douglas's Appeal to the Republic of

Letters ... 6H

Ferguson's Astronomy, with Notes, &c.

by Dr. Brewster - - 781

Hntton's Course of Mathematics for the

Royal Woolwich Academy, Vol, 111. 963

Woodhouse'sTreatise on Isoperimertical

Problems - - - 584


Newton's Return to Nature, or Defence

of Vegetable Regimen - 842

Address to the Public on the practice

of Vaccination - - 839


African Institution, Fifth Report of the

Directors of the - - 935

Cranch's Inducements to promote the

Fine Arts - - ,140

Escapes from Verdun - - 746

Imperial and County Annua? Register

for 1810 ... 720

People (the) by Tristram Simple 650

Philanthropist, the - - 74.2

Portraits of Fops - - 747

Shoveller's Address on the Study of

Hebrew - - 1142


Crosfield's Calendar of Flora - 615

Darwin's Principia Botanica - 638

Hampstead's Essay on the Phenomena

of Nature - - 743

Philosophical Transactions of the Royal

Society for the year 1811, Parti.

- • 1003, 106*


Buchanan's Christian Researches in

Asia - - - 570,726

Kirkpatrick's Select Letters of Tippoo

Bultaun - - 627

Ramayuna (the) of Valniecki, by Ca-

rey ■and Marshman - 945


Age, (the) a Poem - t , r 650

Battle of Albuera, a Poem - 844

Bloomfield's Banks of the Wye 1113

Boothby's (Sir Brooke) Fables, &c. 1024

Calcutta, a Poem, with Notes - 822

Carlton House Fete - 936

Dunkeld and other Poems - 936

Pigured Mantle (the) with other Poems 841
Impey's Poems - - 1136
Kennedy's Glenochel, a Poem 1029
Klopstock's Solomon, a Sacred Drama 645
Lace's Ode on the present State of Eu-
rope ... 740
Modern Persecution, a Poem - 746
Poems on various subjects - 845
Scott's Vision of Don Rodeiic - 672
Shee's Elements of Art, a Poem, in Six

Cantos - - 612

Taylor's Poems" - - 841

Trrflmph's of Religion, a Poem - 838

Village Pedagogue, with other Poems 932

Webbe's Somerset, a Poem - 742

Wheelwright's Poems, original and

translated - - 715

Williams's Campaign in Egypt 725

Wonder's of a Week at Bath - 747


Attempt to estimate the Increase of the
number of the Poor, &c. - 1138

Belsham on Lord Sidmouth's Toleration
Bill - - - 1096

Burdon on Spanish Affairs - 845

Commerce as it was,5is, and ought to be 744

D'lvernois's (Sir T.) Effect of the Con-
tinental Blockade - 1031

Inquiry into the State of our relations
with the Northern Powers - 1027

Hill's Investigation on assessing places
of Worship

Ranby's Inquiry on the Increase of the
Crown - - 1137

Roscoe on Parliamentary Reform 1050

Rose's Observations on the Public Ex-
penditure, &c. - - - 391

Sarrazin's Answer to Gen. Clarke's Re-

port - 901

Reflections on the Moniteur,

14th Sept. - - 901

—— 16th, 23d, 29th, 30th,

Nov. „ - - - 901

. . Confession of Bonaparte 901

Bogue's Sermon at Gosport—the voice
of God to the Churches - 103J

Bruce's Sermon at Newport—Parental
Duties and Encouragements 1142

Buck's Sermons on Select Subjects 813

Burder's Sermon at Hoxton, on the
death of the Rev. T. Spencer - 90S

Collyer's Sermon—the Nature, Perpe-
tuity, &c. of the Holy Spirit 1137

Edmonson's short Sermons - 723

Horsley's Sermons - 862, 975

Hyatt's Sermons on Select Subjects 640

Jay's short Discourses to be read in

Families - - 1012

Lawson's Sermons ... 607

Lloyd's Sermon—the Harmony of Re-
ligion and Civil Polity - - 74*

Mann's two Sermons occasioned by the
death of Mr. Owen Basil Wood 643

Simeon's Sermon—Christ crucified 93*

. — the Jews provoked

to jealousy - - 1134

Smith's Sermon—the Adoration of
Christ vindicated, &c. - 835

Styles's Sermon at Brighton, on the
death of the Rev. T. Spencer 90S

Wardlaw's Sermon at Glasgow—Qua-
lifications for Teachers, Sec. - 648

Williams's Sermon—Apostolic bene-
volence towards the Jews, recom-
mended for imitation - - 113»

Yates's Sermon on the death of Dr.
Barnes - - . 102*

Young's Sermon—Compassion for Pri-
soners recommended - "50

■ i the Mariner's Re-

fuge - - «°5


Bartboldy's Travels in Greece - 7*'

Carr's (Sir John) Descriptive Travels

in Spain and the Balearic Islss 706, 78j
Jacob's Travels in the South of Spain

in Lettera written A. D, 1809,1810 1121

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Art. I. Christian Researches in Asia: With notices of the Translation of the Scriptures into Oriental Languages. By the Rev. Claudius Buchanan, D. D. late Vice-Provost of the College of Fort William in Bengal, 8vo. pp. 260. Price 7s. Deighton,. Cambridge. Cadell and Davies.

'T'O a certain proportion of the copies of this work are prefixed, a 'Sermon preached before the Society for Missions to Africa and the East, June 1810, and two Discourses before the University of Cambridge, July 1810,' by the author. The strong representations, in those discourses, of the duty of making a grand effort to diffuse the Christian religion over the World', were accompanied by brief notices,—very reasonably expressed in a spirit of great elation,—of the unparalleled exertions and progress of a few of our countrymen in Asia, in preparing the machinery for this operation on that continent and its islands; and were enforced by allusions to what the preacher had personally witnessed of the happy effects of the true religion, and of the abominations and miseries of superstition, in a very extensive journey of research in those regions. He doubtless had previously intended, what every hearer and reader would be constrained to desire and urge, a publication of the most remarkable facts that came under his immediate inspection, or within his certain knowledge. This was indeed his indispensable duty,—and he has performed it in this most interesting volume; with a brevity and compression, however, in some parts, that will.leave «very reader unsatisfied, at the same time that it will reflect credit on the literary moderation of- the author, whose VojL. VJ, 3 C

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