tanks, and courts of justice, 881-888; Sici. Synonyms, Gosset's Latin, 273

han gratitude, 889; note of Mr. V.'s on Syrian Christians at Malabar, account of the,
ferie the superstitions of the country, 890 ; religi- 734-6

ous toleration, 891; mal-aria, 892; state
het en of Sicilian society and accommodation, 843; Thames, Peacock's genius of the, 165; defi-
remarks on British policy, 893

cient in plan, 166; frequently, unintelligi-
in Sickness, on the Christian temper in, 441

ble, 167; successful imitations of Walter
poteft Sidmouth, Lord, Belsham's letter to, 1096 Scott, 167-8

Similies, poetical, distribution of, 798 Theatre, evils attendant upon the, 754 ; ab.
Sin besetting, on the detection of the, 10.4

surdity of scenic representations, 762.
Slave trade, efforts made by the African in- Theology, its fourishing state in England
stitution to accomplish its abolition

shortly after the reformation-its deterio-
Şmellie, Kerr's m-inoirs of the life and writ ration and revival, 97-9

ings of, 801; outline of his life, 802, 810 Thinking, Burdon's materials for, 46; the
Smith's, Miss, translation of Job. See Job. author an impudent infidel, 47

The evidence for and against her having Tiesse, horrible passage of the, 447
- seen the versions of Dr. Stock and others, Times, the, extract from a poem so called, 91
1033-40 .

Tippoo, Sultan, select letters of, 627; why
Sona, Dudley's metamorphosis of, 432 . modern Indian bistory is so uninteresting,
Spain, Carris descriptive travels in, 706; 629-35; subjects and character of the leto

arrival at Cadiz, 709; description of Au ters, 635-8
gustina the heroine of Saragossa, 712-13; Toleration act infringed by Lord Sidmouth's
account of a bull fight at Port St. Mary's, projected bill, 1096, 1100
714-15; ranks of inns, 785; description Transactions, philosophical, for 1810, Part
of Seville, 786 ; character of the Junta, II.,131, 226; for 1811, Part I. 1003, 1067
787; behaviour of the ladies of Malaga at Travels, Abu Taleb's. See Abu Taleb
their devotions, 789; brief account of the Trees-the debility and decay.of old varieties
traveller's subsequent route, 790-92

originate in the leaves, 132
---- Bigland's history of, 1076; siege of Triads, Welsh historical translation of two,

Numantia, 1077; the reign of Philip, 1079; from the Myvirian Archaiology, 430-1
restrictions on agriculture and commerce, 1081; Tunis, Macgill's account of, 828 ; history
remarks on the work, 1081

and character of the present Bey, 828-30;
--- Jacob's letters from the south of, c. zracter of the Moors, 830; corporal pu-
1120; Spanish mode of visiting, 1122 ; nishment, 831 ; population, and city of
death of the Marquis Solano, 1122-3; re. Tunis, 831-2; slavery, 832; revenues,
marks on the Junta of Cadiz, 1123; Spa. 833 ; customs, 833-4, politics and com-
nish heroism at Lebrixa, 1124 ; the Junta merce,835-6
of-Seville, 1125-6; royal cannon foundery, Turks, lively description of the, 144
1127; ceremony of high mass, ib,; the 012-
cion, 1128; indecorum of family devotions, Union, necessity of, to produce great and
1129; education, 1130 ; probable issue perfect results in science, 51 .
of the Spanish contest, 1131; regency of Untiarianism, in what the radical error of

Cadiz, 1132; concluding remarks, 1134 . this system consists, 149
Spencer, Rev. T., Styles and Burder's ser- Urinary calculus. See Calculus

mons on the death of, 907; sketch of his
life, 907-9

Vaccination, statement of the progress of,
St. Peter's, new modelled and built by Min 841
chael Angelo, 109

Vander Hooght's Hebrew bible, Frey's new
Stephen, the death of, 1016

edition of, 905
Sulphur and phosphorus, experiments on, Vindication, Heywood's, of Mr. Fox's history

from the censures of Mr. Rose, 1041;
Surinam, Baron Von Sack's voyage to, 535 reasons for the publication of such a work,

curious speculation on Dolphins, 536; 1041-44 ; some of the more remarkable
description of the capital Parimaribo, points, in which Mr. Heywood has suc-
537; an acquatic excursion, 538-9; ob ceeded in exposing the ignorance and blun-
servations on the bush negroes, 541, 544 ; ders of Mr.Rose-the execution of Charles
luxuries of the colony, 545; remarks on I.-the character of Monk the cabal
the author's antipathy to the slave trade, ministry-the intentions of James with re-

gard to popery, &c. &c. 1044-58

Vision of Don Roderic, Mr. Scott's poem of Water, problem to determine the fall of, in the

the, 672 ; his new style of poetry a hazard arches of a bridge, 973-5
ous one, 672-3; outline of the fable, with Wood, Mr. B. O., Mann's sermons on the
extracts, 674-681; the plan of the poem death of, 643-4
extremely objectionable, 682; its tenden- Worgan, John Dawes, life of and select
cy injurious, 684-5; the value of Mr. poems, 895
Scott's poetry when compared with that of World, Bigland's geographical and historical
some of his contemporaries, 686-8 ·

view of, 325

Walcheren, Davis's view of the fever of, 118;

dreadful mortality among the English
troops, amounting in six months to 60
officers and 3,891 men ; at which time
there remained sick 11,513,ib.; the unheal-
thiness of the climate fully described by
Sir John Pringle in 1747; and totally dis-
regarded by ministers, 120; symptoms of
the fever, 121 ; plan of treatment, 122.3

Zeolite, the composition of, 1072
Zetland, Edmonton's view of the ancient and

present state of, 595; their appearance,
ib. ; climate, 595-6; general history and
antiquities, 596-7; tenure of land, 597;
agriculture, 598 ; fisheries, 598-600; trade
and manufactures, 600-1; Lerwick, 601-%;
manners of the peasantry, 603; diseases,
ib.; statistical account, 604; natural.
history, 604-606

M. Bryer, Printer, Bridge-Street,

Blackfriars, London.

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