rights, 9

cussed, and the institution proved to be Cape of Good Hope described by Abu Taleb, T9
neither unnecessary, nor defective, nor Carisbrook,stanzas from Miss Holford's poem
pernicious, 260, 272

of, 461
Biblical criticism, utility of, 795

Catharine, empress of Russia, description
Bloomfield Robert. See Bauks of the Wye of her visit to the Crimea, 141
Birds grazing, peculiarities in the struciures Causation, Scott's inquiry into the nature
of their gizzards, 132,3

of, 515; objections to Mr. Scott's doc.
Blenheim, Prince Eugene's account of the battle trinc, 512, 20
of, 448

Cecil, Wilson's two sermons on the death of,
Bon aparte, Sarrazin's Confession of, 902; 168; Mr. Cecil's character as a man, 169;
his character and resources, 903

as a minister, 170
Botany, Darwin's introductiop to, 638. Celts, their probable origin, 111
Brain, influence of the, in the action of the Ceylon-state of Christianity in that island,
heart, 1099

Britain, Richard of Cirencester's descrip- Charge primary, of the Bishop of London,

tion of, 421; account of the author; 42L 400; his Lordship's ignorance of the his-
3; origin and manners of ancient Britons, tory and actual state of religious seets,
423,5; political divisions of the island, 401-2; and confused account of them,
426, 431

403; the clamour raised against them, on
British institution, Shee's letter to the pre what account to be deprecated, 404-6;

sident and directors of, 152; his system the bishop's defaults as a writer, 406-7
of prizes visionary and useless, 153

Christ, Cappe's life of, 140; the virulence of theo-
Buchan's domestic medicine, indebted to logical controversy condemned,147; the points
Mr. Smellie for its popularity, 803.4

of difference between the orthodox and
Burke's criticism on the phrase chartered their adversaries not merely speculative,

148-9; Mrs. C.'s reflections, original and
Burnet's (Bishop) history of the changes in engaging, 149; use of our Saviour's mira-
· English theology, 98.9

clés, 150
Burns, his appearance at the printing-office, contrasted with earthly conquerors, 151;

religious homage paid lo, 837
Business, dangerous to religion, 440 . Christian, the, a privileged character, 816.

Christina, Miss Mitford's poem of, 548';:
Cæsar, life of Sir Julius, 359

why narrative poetry is so popular, 548-
Cæsar's account of the inhabitants of Gaul, 9; outline of the story, 549, 553; obser-
vague, 1100

ovations on it, 553; extracts from the
Calculus urinary, Dr. Wollaston on cystic
oxide, a new species of, 137

Compilations, estimate of their real value,87
Calcutta, a poem, character of and extracts Consolation, religious, sometimes lessened

from,' 822-28; new comers, 824; plea by excessive anxiety for obtaining it, 171

sures of the table, 824; sudden wealih, 825; Cornwall, Warner's tour through, 317; nu-
· smoking tobucco, 826; propagation of Chrisa merous mistakes of this traveller, 31, 22;

tianity, 827; return to England, 828 . from what originating, 323 ; moral state
Calvinism, historical sketch of the fate of, of the Cornish miners, 323

in this country,688.9; Bishop of Lincoln's Continuity law of, defence of the, 36, 37, and
refutation of, 689; a great proportion of objections to, 38-40; many cases in pure
his Lordship's work irrelevant and futile, mathematics, in regard to which it does
if not disingenuous, 690-2 ; his reasoning not obtain, 36; its tendency pernicious,
sometimes inconsistent, bis statements ib. , . .
unfair, and his sentiments contradictory, Cowper his excellence as a satirist, 90
693-6; Calvinism not at variance with the Cullen's theory of ether, remarks on, 805.
doctrines of the church, 606, 702; nor Curse of Kehama, 186, abstract of the fa.
with scripture, 702

ble, with extracts, 185. 205; funeral pro-
Cambridge account of the mode of con, cession, 187; Kehama curses Ladurlad, 188.

ducting the studies, granting degrees, and 9; efficacy of the curse, 189; two things in
allotting honours at that university, 281; which no poet surpastes Mr. Southey, 190;
studies preparatory to B. A. 282, method of Kailyal deserted by her father encounters Ara
taking the degree of B.A. 283-5 ; mathema. valan, 19%; palace of the elements, 196;
tical problems, 286-8; metaphysical and mo. Mr. Southey's mythology defective in
tal questions, 289; good effect of the exa point of keeping, 194, 201 ; birth of the
minations, 290-2; lectures on chemistry, Ganges, 202, Lorrinite's magic globe, 204;
293; important modification in the mana farther progress of the story, 334.43; the
triculation oath, 296

fable objected to a. absurd, 343-7; this.



absurdity is also pagan, 347; observations it, 201; to be lasting must be founded ou
on the characters and diction, 350

the basis of virtue, 21
Cystic oxide. See 'Calculus

Ferguson's, astronomy, injudiciously repub-

lished by Dr. Brewster, 781
Dary, Professor, anecdote of, 500

Figtree, parable of the, reflections on, by
Diabetes, Wollaston's experiments on, 1066 bishop Horsley, and Mr. Jay, 1986, 1017
Discourses, Mr. Jay's, for the use of families, Fluids, on the circulation of, 1071
1013; character of with extracts, 1013: Fluxions, objections to the method of, an-

swered, 390,4; Mr. Dealtry's princi-
Disscnters not chargeable with an antipathy ples of, 394 ; useful remarks on maxima
to learning, 17

and minima, 395-7; in what particulars
Divines, English, singular excellence of, im this work is deficient, 398-400
mediately after the reformation, 97

Foote, anecdotes of, 759
Domingo, St. See Hispaniola

Fossils, extraneous, requisites for the proper

illustration of, 52; Martin's outlines of,
East India Company, Bruce's annals of the, &c. ib. ; plan of this work, 53; the de-

from 1600 to 1708-9; character of this work luge not the cause of all the strala abounding
as a history; its extreme diffuseness; in pelrifactions, 54; distinctive character
plan on which it ought to have been un. of fossil reliquiæ, 55; principles of ar-
dertaken, 1-5; its main object to afford rangement, 56; the Derbyshire fossils for
pleas for the prolongation of the powers, the most part very happily represented
of the hon, company, 51; the company's by Mr. M.'s pencil
property in India not perpetual, 10; experi. Forces, mechanics considered as the theory
ence is against the monopoly, 12, 16; the of, 23
question of compensation discussed, 17; Fox's historical work, Heywood's vindication
the grant of sovereignty exactly of the of. See Vindication
uature of a lease, 18

Frederic of Prussia, anecdotes of his humanity
Elements of art. See Art

and integrity, 140-1
English invasions of France, remarks on the, French nation, historical remarks on, 351

French revolution, mischiefs of the, made use
Encyclopædia Britannica, originally arrang of, to render all attempts at improvement
ed by Mr. Smellie, 804

opprobrious, 16
Erskine, baron of Dun, sketch of the life of, Friedland, battle of, remarks on, 527

Friend, the, a literary, moral, and political
Essays-Smith's, on the first principles of weekly paper, by Mr. Coleridge, 912;

religion, 451; this writer's hatred of fa. difficulties of periodical writing, 915;
i naticism and Calvinism, 452-6; sensible peculiar qualities which distinguish Mr.
remarks on the trinity, 4573

Coleridge's manner of thinking his sym-
Aikin's literary and miscellaneous,797 pathy with nature, extreme subtlety and
Finch's on mari, 817

abstractedness, illustrations, and language,
Euclid's elements, errors in the most popular 918, 926; subjects of the essays, 915,
editions of, 619,23

926; Luiher's skirmish with Salan in the
Europe, fornierly peopled by two distinct Wartburg, 929-31
· nations, 1101

Fulneck, descriplion of, 897
Eugene, priuce, memoirs of, 444; descrip. Fuseli's estimate of Michael Angelo, 1098

tion of his person, by Sir R. Steele, ib. ;
extracts and reflections suggested by them, Gehazi, reflections on the character of, 1015

Glossology, the study of, as yet in its infan-
Evangelical, proper use and distinction of the cy, 117
term, 933

Goa, state of the inquisition there, 736
Evening amusements, Prend's, 416; account Greece, ancient, fine apostrophe to the spirit of,

of Mr. F.'s associates in this work, 417; 614
nice distinction between globes and stew Greek idioms, Neilson's, 240
pans, 418; various other beauties and

testament ought not to be used as a
curiosities, 418-420

common school book, 241
Lvil, bishop Hamilton's essay on the per Griesbach's second edition of the N. T.
mission of, 316

materials, method and character of, 793-4
Evils may be productive of important good, 611
Eylau, remarks on the battle of, 826 Heaven, the glories of, 354

Heroes, how we ought to estimate, 610
Faith, remarks on justification by, 358 Hervey's letters, 1020; his character as a
Fame, poetical, the difficulty of acquiring writer, 1021.3..

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Hindoos, a Christian congregation of, 730.1 Inquisition at Goa, Dr. Buchapan's account
Hispaniola, Walton's report of, 246; writ- of, 926; pernicious effects of the, 1032

ten hastily and in bad taste, 247, 254 ; Irish peasantry, Leadbeater's cottage dia-
object and plan of the work, 247-8; his- logues, among the, 557; the pig, 557;
tory and present state of Hispaniola, 250; Sunday, 558
city of St. Domin:0, 25; commerce, &c. Isoperimetrical problems, historical sketch

252; remarks on the Spanish colonies, 253 of, 584-871; Woodhouse's treatise on,
Histories,secret,seldoin any truth in them,92 ,587object and plan of the work, 588-9;
Hopkins, bishop, works of, edited by Mr. extracts, 588-593; remarks on the au-

Pratt, 97 ; outline of the history of divi- thor's notation, 593-5
nity in England from the time of the re- Job, historical sketch of the critics and com-
formation, 97-99; abridged accomut of mentators on the book of, 657,8; Miss
the life of bishop Hopkins, 99, 100; Smith's translation of, 658; extracts from
his exemplary discharge of ministerial Dr. . Randolph's preface, 659, 661; the
duties, 100, 1; as a divine he is version, highly beautiful as it is in other
evangelical, moral, laborious, discrimi respects, unsettled and inaccurate, 662-
nating, and intimately acquainted with, 65 ; examination of, ch. xxvi. vii, as trans.
the human heart, 101-4; fine passage on lated by Miss S. 665, 670; a new version
the detection of the beselting sin, 104-5; as a proposed, 671; Dr. R.'s assertion that
writer his imagination is unusually fertile, Miss S. never saw any other version but
and his diction intense and masculine, that of our bible, hazarded rather too
106-7; extracts from his sermon on the re.. hastily, 768-771; remarks on some of
sujection, 107,8 ; his defects, 108-9; the principal peculiarities of rendering,
remarks on the present edition, 109

771, 780
Horsley's, bishop, sermons, 862.876; parable Joseph II., prince de Lignes,character of,144

of the fig-lree, 364 ; solemn reflections on the Juggernaut, description of the temple and
Lord's coming, 865; beauły of the Saviour's worship of, 576-583
person and gracefulness of his speech, 869; Jupiter's family traced up to Aemon, 111;
exposition of Psal. x. 5, 8, 870; the water

satellites, La Place's theorems concerning
and the blood, 871; sympathy with the poor, their motions, 783
873; remarks on the bishop's notion of Juries, the best safeguard of a free press, 800
miraculous agency, 873-877; Christ's
new commandment, 976; St. Peter's Kehama, curse of. See Curse
keys, 978; the nature and design of prophe- Knox, outline of the life of, 1060-5
cy, 979 81; descent of Christ into hell,
982; sanctity and obligation of the Sabo Language, the radical distinctions of, afford
bath, 983; concluding observations on the best criterion for deciding on the ori-
the discourses, 984-86

gin of nations, 110
Hyperbola, on the rectification of the, 1069 Last Judgement, Michael Angelo's, great
Huggins, a slave owner, detestable barbarity picture of the, 1090
of, 1001

Learning, advantages which religion may derive

from, 175
Inconsistencies, human, examples of, 48

Lectures, Marsh's course of, on the several
India, Malcolm's political history of, 473 ; branches of divinity, 192

two opposite systems of policy with regard Letters to a sister, 824
to India, 474; remarkable inconsistency --Miss Seward's, 959
of the British government, 475-6; object Lindsay, W. posthumous, sermons of, with
of Colonel M's book, 478; administrations prayers annexed, 785
of Lord Cornwallis, Sir John Shore, Lord Ligne, letters and reflections of the prince
Wellesley, Sir G. Barlow, and Lord Min- de, 138; sketch of his life, 138-9; con-
to, 479-483; absurdity of the avowed versational anecdotes of Frederic, 140.1;
system of government in taking no part accompanies the Ein press of Russia in her
in the affairs of India, exposed, 483-87; visit to the Crimea, 141; character of Po-
India, as a dependency, must always be a temkin, 143; of the Turks, 144; estimate
burden on Great Britain, 487-9; the dif of the letters and reflections, 145; sketches
fusion of Christianity must be carried on of Rousseau und Voltaire, 146
chiefly by native converts, 491

Lord Sidmouth, Belsham's letter to, 1096
India Company. See East India

Luther, one of his skirmishes with Satun in the
Indian history, why so uninteresting in its Wariburg, 929-31
nature, 629-635

Lyræ, the parallax of an annual orbit of that
Indians, American. See North America star, 135

Mahometan catechism, extract from a, 44 Cheesapany, 414; modes of cultivation,
Mathematics, Hutton's course of, Vol. III. 415; view of the valley, 505; scarcity of pro-

abtracts of the contents, 963-5; Dr. Gre vision, 506; tenure of property, and its dif-
gory's theory of solid angles, 968, 970; fall ferent kinds, 507-8; temples, 510; in-

of water in the arches of a bridge, 973-5 troduction of the deputation to the king,
Martin, Mr. W. short biographical sketch of, 510-11; population, religion, climate, and

boundaries, 511, 515
Martinico, some particulars respecting the Nervous affection, singular case of, 1011
island of, 536

Nomenclature, lithographie, remarks on, 57
Masoretic Hebrew text, authority of the, 796 North America, Pike's explanatory travels in,
Mechanics, two general methods of contem 296 ; reflections suggested by this au.

plating the theoreticalprinciples of,31;Mar thor's epithet, 96-7; account of the party;
rat's introduction to, 32; plan of the work, encampments of the Sioux Indians, 299;
33.4; estimate of its merits, 35; instances state of human society in the countries of
of inaccurate definition, &c. 6; Mr. M.'s the Upper Missisippi, 302; Chipperday
account and defence of the law of continuity, Indians, 304; approach to the Spanish
37; reasons for not granting it to be a settlements, 306; anecdotes of the savage
law--and mischierous consequences of the tribes, 307; magicians, 308; encounter
supposition, 38, 40; uncertainty of our with the Pawnee Indians, 310; route of
knowledge respecting the nature of many the party on their return, 311
things, of which it is the professed object
of science to determine the mutual rela Orthodoxy, the doctrines of not merely spe.
tions, an argument in favour of mysteries culative, 148; should be advocated with
in theology, 42

earnestness but with meekness, ib.
Medea and Octavia of Seneca, Mr. Wheels Oudenarde, descriplion of the batlle of, 448-9 .

wright's translation of the, 715; Medea's Owen, Dr. his prejudiced attack on the Lon-
preparations for revenge, 716; and soliloquy don Polyglott, 793
before the murder, 717

Oxygene and oxymuriatic gas--their combi-
Military policy, Pasley's. See Policy

nations, 1003
Milner, Jos. biographical memoir of, 125;

singular strength of his memory, ib.; enters Painting, the importance of, exaggerated
at Catharine Hall, Cambridge, 126; be by Mr. Shee, 151-2
comes curate at Thorp-arch, ib.; is elect- Periodical writing, inconveniences of, 915
ed vicar of Trinity church, Hull, ib. ; an Personifications, poetical, natural, emblema-
important revolution takes place in bis tical, and mixed, 798
religious sentiments, 126-7; the beneficial Pezron's antiquities of nations, 110 ; ancient
influence of this on his character, 128; Europe inhabited by two distinct nations,
estimate of his practical sermons, 129-30; 111; mythological compromises, 112;
on the character and faith of David, 130

M. Pezron, mistaken in deriving the Celts
Ministers, Lawson's considerations on the from Gomer, 113-14; Scythia, what
death of, 609

country in the time of Josephus, and by
Miracles of Christ, their use, 150

whom inhabited, 115; the radical dis-
Motions, mechanics regarded as theory of,23 tinctions of language the hest criterion
Multinomials, on the expansion of, 1011 for deciding on their origin, 116; assist-
Murphy, Foot's, life of, 753; reflections ance afforded to the study of glossology

suggested by the eomplexion of the work, by Christian missionaries, 117,
753-58; characler and manners of Mr. Mur- Philosophical Transactions, See Transactions
phy's friend and contemporary, Foote, 759; Playfair, professor, errors in his edition of
sketch of Mr. Murphy's life, 761,767

Euclid, 620-8
Music, singular anecdote of the power of, 25 Poetry, narrative, causes of its popularity,
Mysteries, religious, upsusceptible of expla- 548-9

nation, 40, 41; illustrated by a reference Poisons, experiments on vegetable, 1072
to the science of mechanics, ib.

Policy and Institutions of the British em-

pire, Pasley's essay on, 377; outline of
National crimes, how punished, 91

the work, 378, 390; force and resources
Nations, Pezron's, antiquities of. Sec Pezron of France and England compared, 380,
Nepaul, Kirkpatrick's account of, 407; ob. 386-7; colonies, 381; expeditions, 383;

servations on the work, 407-8; occasion observations on the work and objections,
of the author's visit, 409; traffic in tim- 387, 390
ber, 411; prospect from the eminence of Popularity, mischiefs of, to a divine, 440

Population, theorem on the subject of, 155-7 Rose's observations on Mr. Fox's history,
Portugal, sketch of the campaign in, 173 completely answered, by Serjeant Hey-
Potemkin, full length portrait of, 143

woud, 104
Practical Piety, Miss More's, 435; the po- Russian army,Sir R. Wilson on the character

pularity of this writer an admission fa and composition of the, 520; infantry,
vourable to her cause, ib.; subjects of 521; Suwarrow, 522; cavalry, 521; artil.
the work, 437; quotations, 437, 442; lery, ib.; cossacks, 522; singular instance
concluding remarks, 443-4

of their intrepidity, 525; remarks on the
Prayer, hints on, 438

battles of Eylau and Friedland, 526-7
Preachers, considerations on the death of, 909
Preserving animal and vegetable substances, Sarrazin, general, publications of, 901
Appert's method of, 368

Scotch reformers. See Reformers
Prophecy, Scripture, Colyer's lectures on, Scythia, the limits of, as defined by Hero-

157; the subject opens a field for many dotus, 115; allusions to, by Ovid, ib.;
kinds of intellectual labour, 157-8; illus- its situation and inhabitants in the time
tration by means of ideal painting, one of of Josephus, 115
Dr. C.'s chief excellencies, 159; remarks Separatists, the folly and danger of treating
on the commencement of the introductory thein with abuse, 404-6
lecture, 160,1; estimate of the merits and Sermons and extracts, Outram's, 205; this
defects of the work 162-5

writer confounds Sectarian peculiarities
--- Bishop Horsley on the nature and de with the essential doctrines of Christianity,
sign of, 978-81

406-7'; dreadful confederacy among the sepa-
Providence, particular, denial of, by an har. ratisls, 208; their usefulness should shield

dened infidel, 49 ; lo be traced in ordinary them from obloquy, 211; insulated quo-
events, 439

tations unfair and disingenuons, 211, 12;
Pus, observations and experiments on, 286 instances of Dr. O.'s doctrinal heterodoxy,

Quercus, different species of, 640

Sermons, Lavington's, and other discourses,

351; character of, with extracts, 351-6
Ramayana of Valmeeki, Carey and Marsh. Seward's, Miss, poetical works, 19; her ea-

man's translation of, 946; abstract of gerness for fame, 21; models on which
the fable with extracts, 947.962

her taste was formed, 23; descriplion of
Randolph's, Dr., letter to the editor of the her person, -23; anecdote of the power of
Ecl. Rev. and reply to, 1033-40

músic, 25; her elegy on Captain Cook
Register, imperial and county annual, for vigorous and brilliant, 26;' successful
1809, 242, for 1816, 720

imitation of Darwin's style, 26; extracts
Reflectionists, the, censured, 155

from the monody on Major André, 27-28;
Reformers-some of them exalted at the ex. her sonnets---sonnet wrilien after rain, 29 ;

pence of others, 1058; their common beautiful specimen of her lyrical powers, 30
excellencies, 1059; Cook's lives of those her ridiculous strictures on Southey, 30,
in Scotland, 1060; sketches of the lives and Cowper, 31
of Knox and Erskine, with extracts,

letters, 849; remarks on

correspondence, 849-50 ; state of Miss Si's
Refraction, atmospherical, remarks on, as it affections, 851,2; subjects of the letters,

affects astronomical observations, 133 853; Walter Scotl, 855; Miltonic sonnets,
Religion, its influence on conduct-motives ib.; paraphrases of Horace, 856; criti-

for zeal and decision in, 352-3. Essays on cisms, 857; sermonizing, 858-9; portrait of
the first principles of. See Essays

Miss S., 60; humourous anecdote, 861 ;
Religious world, Adam's display of, 421; youthful friendship, 862

remarks on his account of the Jews, Shark, oviparous, ita mode of breeding, 135
Pagans, Mahometans, Greek and Eastern Sibbes, Dr., character of his writing, 365
churches and Catholics, 43-45; how fa- Sicily, Vaughan and Leckie, on the state of,
the method of allowing each sect to 878; deficiency of information respect,
tell its own story is likely to arrive at ing,870,9; subjects of the two books, 880;
truth, 45

Mr. Leckie's statements corroborated by
Researches, Buchanan's. See Asia

Mr. V., 881; Mr. L.'s picture of Sicily,
Resurrection, admirable passages from Bishop division of property, tribunal of palrimony, com
Hopkins on the, 1067

laws, revenue, parliament, educalion and cha-
Reynold's, Sir J. animated tribute to the memo racter of the nobility, character of the middleng

ry of, 615

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