Helena Bertram, a tale, by the author of 'The four sisters'.

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166. oldal - I will lay me down in peace, and take my rest : for it is thou, Lord, only, that makest me dwell in safety.
15. oldal - As a picture of manners, the novel of " Tom Jones " is indeed exquisite : as a work of construction quite a wonder : the by-play of wisdom ; the power of observation ; the multiplied felicitous turns and thoughts ; the varied character of the great Comic Epic : keep the reader in a perpetual admiration and curiosity.* But against Mr.
248. oldal - Many of the greatest men that ever lived have written biography. Boswell was one of the smallest men that ever lived ; and he has beaten them all.
15. oldal - Humphrey Clinker " is, I do think, the most laughable story that has ever been written since the goodly art of novel-writing began.
13. oldal - Marryat's works abound in humour— real, unaffected, buoyant, overflowing humour. Many bits of his writings strongly remind us of Dickens. He is an incorrigible Joker, and frequently relates such strange anecdotes and adventures that the gloomiest hypochondriac could not read them without involuntarily indulging in the unwonted luxury of a hearty cachinnation."— Dublin University Magazine.
15. oldal - He did not invent much, as I fancy, but had the keenest perceptive faculty, and described what he saw with wonderful relish and delightful broad humor. I think Uncle Bowling, in " Roderick Random," is as good a character as Squire Western himself: and Mr.
19. oldal - The Planetary and Stellar Worlds: A Popular Exposition of the Great Discoveries and Theories of Modern Astronomy.
11. oldal - Cooper constructs enthralling stories, which hold us in breathless suspense, and make our brows alternately pallid with awe and terror, or flushed with powerful emotion : when once taken up, they are so fascinating, that we must perforce read on from beginning to end, panting to arrive at the thrilling denouement."— Dublin University Magazine.
4. oldal - BULWER LYTTON, BART., MP Uniformly printed in crown 8vo, corrected and revised throughout, with new Prefaces. 20 vols. in 10, price £3 3s. cloth extra ; or any volumes separately, in cloth binding, as under...
247. oldal - In this edition, the editor has added some facts which had been overlooked br the author, and preceded the original work by a short notice of the earlier history, gathered from the old chroniclers, and continued to the present time. To each chapter is appended a series of questions, by means of which the tutor will readily be enabled to examine the pupil as to the impressions the facts have made on his memory.

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