Parliamentary Papers, 74. kötet,1. rész

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H.M. Stationery Office, 1894
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7. oldal - ... no person shall be disqualified by sex or marriage for being elected or being a councillor.
29. oldal - ... subject to any alteration of area made by or in pursuance of this or any other Act, be separate parishes, in like manner as if they had been constituted separate parishes under the Divided Parishes and Poor Law Amendment Act, 1876, and the Acts amending the same.
34. oldal - ... accordingly. (2) Notice of the provisions of the order shall be given, and copies thereof shall be supplied, in such manner as the Local Government Board may direct.
16. oldal - ... be exercised by a joint committee of the councils of the counties concerned, but if any of those councils do not, within two months after request from any other of them, appoint members of such joint committee, the members of the committee actually appointed shall act as the joint committee. Provided that...
35. oldal - And whereas by section 75 of the said Act it is enacted that, in that Act, unless the context otherwise requires, the expression " county " includes a county borough, and the expression "county council...
35. oldal - Now therefore, We the Local Government Board, in pursuance of the powers given to Us by the Statutes in that behalf, hereby order as follows : — "ARTICLE I.
34. oldal - ... the division thereof or the union thereof with any other such district or districts, parish or parishes, or the transfer of part of a parish to another parish ; " (c) the conversion of any such district or part thereof, if it is a rural district, into an urban district, and if it is an urban district, into a rural district, or the transfer of the whole or any part of any such district from one district to another, and the formation of new urban or rural districts...
21. oldal - means a place for which a separate poor rate is or can be made, or for which a separate overseer is or can be appointed...
4. oldal - As from the appointed day, there shall be transferred to the district council of every rural district all the powers duties and liabilities of the rural sanitary authority in the district...
34. oldal - The division of an urban district into wards ; and " (e) The alteration of the number of wards, or of the boundaries " of any ward, or of the number of members of any district...

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