Tupper's Complete Poetical Works: Containing "Proverbial Philosophy," "A Thousand Lines," "Hactenus," "Geraldine," and "Miscellaneous Poems"

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Crosby, Nichols, Lee & Company, 1860 - 486 oldal

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52. oldal - God should be seen of his creatures: for where perfection is not, there lacketh possible good, And the absence of better that might be, taketh from the praise of it is well: And creatures must be finite, and finite cannot be perfect; Therefore, though in small degree, creation involveth evil, He chargeth his angels with folly, and the heavens are not clean in His sight...
260. oldal - Never give up!" Never give up! there are chances and changes Helping the hopeful a hundred to one, And through the chaos High Wisdom arranges Ever success, — if you'll only hope on: Never give up! for the wisest is boldest, Knowing that Providence mingles the cup, And of all maxims the best, as the oldest Is the true watchword of "Never give up!
260. oldal - And of all maxims the best, as the oldest, Is the true watchword of Never give up ! Never give up ! though the grape-shot may rattle, Or the full thunder-cloud over you burst, Stand like a rock, — and the storm or the battle Little shall harm you, though doing their worst : Never give up ! if adversity presses, Providence wisely has mingled the cup, And the best counsel, in all your distresses, Is the stout watchword of Never give up ! THE SUN.
264. oldal - Yes, yes ; let a man, when his enemy weeps, Be quick to receive him, a friend ; For thus on his head in kindness he heaps Hot coals, — to refine and amend ; And hearts that are Christian more eagerly yearn, As a nurse on her innocent pet, Over lips that, once bitter, to penitence turn, And whisper, Forgive and forget. "MY MIND TO ME A KINGDOM IS...
263. oldal - With the wrong so repented the wrath will depart, Though scorn on injustice were heaped ; For the best compensation is paid for all ill, When the cheek with contrition is wet, And every one feels it is possible, still, At once to forgive and forget.
258. oldal - Tis not long since, it cannot be long, — My years so soon were spent, — Since I was a boy, both straight and strong ; Yet now am I feeble and bent. A dream, a dream, — it is all a dream, A strange, sad dream, good sooth ; For old as I am, and old as I seem, My heart is full of youth.
288. oldal - All's for the best, — if a man would but know it ; Providence wishes us all to be blest : This is no dream of the pundit or poet ; Heaven is gracious, and all's for the best...
190. oldal - It beginneth as a little path, edged with the violet and primrose, A little path of lawny grass, and soft to tiny feet: Soon, spring thistles in the way, those early griefs of school, And fruit-trees ranged on either hand show holiday delights: Anon, the rose and...
260. oldal - NEVER GIVE UP. NEVER give up ! it is wiser and better Always to hope, than once to despair ; Fling off the load of Doubt's cankering fetter, And break the dark spell of tyrannical care : Never give up ! or the burthen may sink you,— Providence kindly has mingled the cup, And in all trials or troubles, bethink you, The watchword of life must be, Never give up...
58. oldal - The gracious visitings of heaven that bless my single self ? — For more than these, my soul, thy God hath lent thee life. To aim at thine own happiness, is an end idolatrous and evil, In earth, yea in heaven, if thou seek it for itself, seeking thou shalt not find. Happiness is a roadside flower, growing on the highways of Usefulness, Plucked, it shall wither in thy hand ; passed by, it is fragrance to thy spirit...

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