Christians Belong to Israel

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Xulon Press, 2007 - 80 oldal
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A surprisingly easy book to understand. The author will show you, not by theological or dogmatic reasoning, that Israel is still in God's Plan of Redemption. He simply studies with you, Abraham's household, three parables and an Old Testament feast and in so doing, he shows that, "Christians belong to Israel". You will finally clearly understand that you and Christians in general have a very special relationship with Israel and that Israel was never rejected by God and replaced by the Church. The author has had a deep love for Israel since 1985. Has studied the Bible in relation to Israel for some 20 years. He feels that this book will help you to receive a "revelation insight" into this important subject and be of very special personal benefit to you. The author was born in the Netherlands and migrated to New Zealand in 1956 He became a Christian when he was twenty two years old . Graduated from Bible school and was soon involved in Christian ministry and leadership Later became a pastor among the native Maori People of New Zealand Worked as a practical mission worker in the South Pacific. He married in 1972 and now lives in Australia. Currently involved in Christian education and directs a weekly Christian program on F.M. Radio. In 1985 he became aware of the importance of Israel in God's Plan of salvation for all of us. Made a Pilgrim trip to Israel. He was invited to appear on national television in defense of the Jewish People. Later brought several Jewish People to the Lord

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