The Unions' and parish officers' year-book [afterw.] The Union, parish, and board of health officers' pocket almanac and guide [afterw.] The Local government officers' almanac and guide [afterw.] The Local government directory, almanac and guide

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14. oldal - The procuring a common supply of water ; or " (2). The making a main sewer or carrying into effect a system of sewerage for the use of all such districts or contributory places ; or
17. oldal - ... to have any such article analysed by any analyst who may be appointed for such district, county, city, or borough, and to receive from such analyst a certificate of the result of his analysis, specifying whether, in his opinion, such article is adulterated, and also whether...
10. oldal - All such property, real or personal, including all interests easements and rights in to and out of property real and personal and including things in action, as belongs to or is vested in or would but for...
15. oldal - any local authority may direct the destruction of any bedding, clothing or other articles which have been exposed to infection from any dangerous infectious disorder, and may give compensation for the same.
viii. oldal - March 1 8 , 1848. Arthur William Patrick Albert, born May 1, 1850. Leopold George Duncan Albert, born April 7, 1853. Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodore, born April, 14, 1857.
5. oldal - Bribery has been committed by or with the Knowledge and Consent of any Candidate at an Election, such Candidate shall be deemed to have been personally guilty of Bribery at such Election, and his Election, if he has been elected, shall be void...
17. oldal - Act,* every person so offending shall for every such offence be liable to a penalty not exceeding five pounds, and to a further penalty not exceeding forty shillings for every day during which the offence continues...
12. oldal - ... order of the local government board to be special expenses. Special expenses shall be the expenses of the construction maintenance and cleansing of sewers in any contributory place within the district, the providing a supply of water to any such place, and maintaining any necessary works for that purpose...

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