XX Century Cyclopaedia and Atlas: Biography, History, Art, Science and Gazeteer of the World, 7. kötet

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Ainsworth Rand Spofford, Charles Annandale
Gebbie & Company, 1901

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453. oldal - I loved the man, and do honour his memory, on this side idolatry, as much as any. He was indeed honest, and of an. open and free nature ; had an excellent phantasy, brave notions, and gentle expressions...
451. oldal - trust them (the players) not, for there is an upstart crow, beautified with our feathers, that, with his tyger's heart wrapped in a player's hide, supposes he is as well able to bombast out a blank verse as the best of you ; and Tbeing an absolute Johannes factotum, is, in his own conceit, the only Shakescene in a country.
392. oldal - Old Mortality (1816) ; Rob Roy (1817) ; The Heart of Midlothian...
81. oldal - ... that there is a purgatory, and that the souls detained there are assisted by the suffrages of the faithful, but especially by the acceptable sacrifice of the mass...
146. oldal - A recognizance is an obligation of record, which a man enters into before some court of record or magistrate duly authorized)', with condition to do some particular act; as to appear at the assizes, to keep the peace, to pay a debt, or the like.
123. oldal - ... at the lower part, is a glass tube with an Attached scale. The water stands at the same height in the cylinder and glass tube, and being visible in the latter, the height is read immediately on the scale ; and the cylinder and tube being constructed so that the sum of the areas of their sections is a given part, for instance, a tenth, of the area of the funnel at its orifice, each inch of water in the tube is equivalent to the tenth of an inch of water entering the mouth of the funnel. A stop-cock...
369. oldal - Catalonia in 1672, and was afterwards employed in the Netherlands, where he obliged the Prince of Orange to raise the siege of Maastricht.
88. oldal - ... step-shaped pyramid, built of bricks of different colors. It was erected by Nebuchadnezzar, and dedicated to the planets. Its height was 235 feet and its circumference 2,286 feet. The Mujellibe in Babylon, of which the ruins are still to be seen, was another pyramidal structure of the same monarch. Ruins of pyramids are to be found at Benares in India and in other parts of the East. Certain monuments of the ancient inhabitants, found in Mexico, are also called pyramids. (See MEXICAN ARCHEOLOGY.)...
122. oldal - If the temperature continues to fall, the vesicles of vapor that compose the cloud will increase in number, and begin to descend by their own weight. The largest of these falling fastest, will unite with the smaller ones they encounter in their descent, and thus drops of rain will be formed whose size will depend on the thickness and density of the cloud.
441. oldal - Dec. 30, 1758. Frederick, however, had also obtained a new treaty with Britain, which promised him a large yearly subsidy. The new campaign was opened in March 1759, Prince Henry, Frederick's brother, marching into Bohemia, where he dispersed the hostile forces, and captured immense quantities of military stores.

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