399 mind, he noglected to apply to persons froin Peton, rector of Doddington, and Thowhom the bare mention of his name, or mis- mas Orton, Esq. two of his Majesty's fortunes, would have elicited assistance. Justices for the Isle of Ely, were re. After paying for his lodging, out of the spondents. It appeared from the conbounty of the Captain, on Sunday and Mon- viction, and the evidence adduced in day nights, and procuring a little bread, and support of it, that the offence with giring a poor distressed youth 1 d. his which Mr. Newstead stood charged was, smail stock was completely exhausted; and the collecting together a congregation or unable to procure further accommodations, he assembly of persons, and preaching to spent Tuesday night in the neig!: bouring them, otherwise than according to the fields, alter having walked mpwards of 40 liturgy and practice of the Church of inilesin quest of a vessel sailing for Liverpool, England, in a field which had not been

When he embarked on board the packet, licensed. This was Mr. Newstead's on Wednesday, he bad neither money nor crime! Against the legality of this confood, and during the course of the voyage viction Mr. Newstead appealed. he subsisted on a few crusts given bim by a Pichard Vince, servant to Mr. Peyfemalo passenger. The feelings which bis ton, proved that he heard Mr. Newreturn excited in the bosom of his relatives stead preach in a field at Doddington, are indescribable. They were busy in pre on Sunday, the 7th of April last; that paring the “ suits of woe," and when he he preached contrary to the liturgy of · presented himself, their eyes doubted what the Church of England; and that there

they wished to be true. But their doubts were more than 20 persons present. On soon vavisbed; his parents again belield, his cross-examination, he admitted that though in ragged attire, their beloved son, he did not know what it was he preach. whom they supposed dead; they embraced ed, whether it were a prayer or sermon; him with all the joy wbich inay be supposed it was somethirg, but he knew not would be caused by such an unexpected in- what ; and that he knew he preached terview, and all joined in fervent acknow- contrary to the liturgy of the Church of ledginents to that great Being, who had again England, because he had not the Pruyerrestored him to his friends.

book in his hund,

The Magistrates confirmed the conOn Thursday, Sept. 5, the west side viction, and hence Mr. Newstead be. of the Independent Meeting, situated at came liable to the penalty of £30. or to the Stoneway, Bridgnorth, Salop, fell three months' imprisonment. A case with a tremendous crash, taking with it was demanded, on the part of Mr. Newthe gallery, and part of the roof. This stead, for the opinion of the Court of unexpected event appears to have been King's Bench; but the prosecutors havoccasioned by the decay of the rock on ing proposed to abandon the prosecution, which the foundation was laid. Very and engaged not to enforce the penalties, providentially there was not any one in the friends of Mr. Newstead withdrew jured.

their application, having obtained all On Friday evening, Sept. 13, a most they could desire. The question of right, melancholy event took place at Rochester. however, bet ween the rector and the Mr. Mills (an, occasional and acceptable preacher remains undecided.---Times. preacher), with Mrs. Mills, and their infant child, Mr. Gilbert (Mrs. Mills's bro

ASSOCIATIONS. ther), who was of age that day, and his sister, with 8 young ladies of Mrs. M.'s

The tenth annual meeting of the school, and a servant, were returning home

Lancashire Union of Ministers and from an excursion up the river, about

Churches of the Independent Denomi. half past 7, the boat, by running foul of a

nation was held at Blackburn, on the spar which was laid across one of the

10th and 11th of April last. Mr. Wal. arches of Rochester bridge, was upset,

ker, of Preston, preached in the evening and, dreadful to relate, the whole party

? of the 10th, and Mr. Smith, of Mill-bank, (fifteen in number, including the water.

3 at 7 the next morning. The ministers man) were immediately drowned. This and delegates met at 10, and at 3 the awful occurrence has made an unusual

public meeting was commenced, Mr. impression on the public mind.

Heron in the chair. Mr. Steill, of Wigan,

prayed, and Mr. Roby, of Manchester, WISBEACH QUARTER SESSIONS.

read the report. Mr. Hadfield gave an

abstract of the business in the morning, At the General Quarter Sessions, and of the sums voted to the itinerants, &c. holden at Wisbeach on the 17th of July The following resolution deserves rar. last, a singular and novel appeal came ticular notice: viz. That it be recombefore the magistrates for their determended to the Ministers in the Union, mination, in which Robert Newstead, a to itinerate personally through their se. preacher in the Methodist connexion, veral districts, for a week or fortnight was appellant, and the Rev. Algernon together in rotation, preaching every

evening in the weck, excepting Satur. the New Testament in the Syriac language and day, and three times on the Lord's-day; character. But whatever plea-nre the paand that, to accommodate them in this trous of this Academy nay experience, from labour of love, either a supernumerary the attainments of the students in literature, Minister be provided for each district, to divinity, natural and moral science, they are preach for them whilst itinerating, or still more highly gratified, that under the that their reasonable expences in provid. smiles of beaven, the Institution has been ining a supply for themselves, as well as in strumental in diffusing extensively the knowtravelling, be defrayed from the funds ledge of the Redeemer's name. In conse. of the Society.”

quence of the labours of the students, daring Mr. Kay was requested to continue his the last three years, congregations, some of valuable services as Treasurer, and Mr. them namerous and respectable, having been John Hope and Mr. George Hubbard, collected, and new chapels opened at Staintheir arduous labours as Secretaries. The land, Northowram, Wortley, Pateler-Bridge, meeting was concluded with prayer by Malion, Chester-le-Street, and Sunderland, Mr. Harris, of Bury. In the evening, whilst, by the same mcans, other cungregaMír. Ely, of Rochdale, preached, and the tions are at present forring. ordinance of the Lord's-supper concluded July 10, the Annual Aiceting of the Kent the whole.

Tudependent Association was beld at Mar. The Report contains an account of the den. Mr. Chapinan of Greenwich, preached proceedings of the Association at Nerth in the norning froin Ephes ii. 8; and Mr. Meols, Prescot, Leigh, ihurton, Hindley, Young of Margate in the eveving from Rom. Harwood, Burnley, Mariintop, &c. Orrell, viii. 1. On the preceding evening Mr. Exall Chorley, The filde, und kirkby-Lonsdale, at of Tenterden preached, his subject was Matt. which last place, Mr. France, of Lancas. v. 8. ter, Mr. Hope (statedly on the Sabbath,)

CHAPELS OPENED. the Ministers of the Yorkshire Itineran

June 26, a new chapel was opened at cy, Mr. Ji Lean, of Kendal, and Mr. J.

Chepstow, Monmouthshire; Rev. Mr. HolCockin, of Holmfirth, appear to have

loway of Bristol, preached in the morning been instruments of doing much good.

from Haggai, ii. 19 ; Mr. Bradley of Stowe, In several other places a pleasing degree

in the afternoon from Phil. ii. 9--11; and of success lias crowned these praise-worthy M.

Mr. Cope of Launceston, in the evening frons efforts of our Lancashire brethren. But Matt. xvi. 24--16; Messrs, Jones of Cardill, we have not room to insert the details. Davies of Caerwint. Harris aud Cousius of

INDEPENDENT ACADEMY AT IULE.—'The Coleford, engaged in prayer. Although the Annual Meeting of the subscribers to this day was very unfavourable, the services were Institution was beld, June 19, at the Aca- well attended. demy House. On the preceding day, the At Leamington Spa, some time since, the cxamining committee met to ascertain the gospel was introduced, but the place obtainproficieney the students had made. Passages ed soon becoming too small, a comniodious of Cæsar, Virgil, Cicero, Xenoplion, Longi- chapel has been crected, and was opened Das, and the Hebrew Scriptures were read, July 10, last; when the Rev. J. A. James of which gave ample satisfaction. Next day, in Birmiagbam, proached in the moruing, and the foreuoon, after serious deliberation, five Mr. Hartley of Lutterwortu, in the evening; young men, who had completed their period Messrs. Franklin, Holmes, Broiniles, and of probation, were admitted to all the bene- Percy, engaged in prayer. The congregafits of the Institution. Six senior students tions were very good, and the collection then read each an essay: Mr. Fox on the biandsome About £700. were raised by vo. Imputed Righteousness of Christ; Mr. Hol. Juntary contribution before the chapel was gate on the Moral Law as a Rule of Life; built. There is still, however, a consideraMr. White on the Christian Warfare ; Mr. ble debt upon the place, for which further Hutton on the great Importance of a Reli- application must be made to the religious gious Life; Mr. Wadsworth on the Life of public. Faith; and Mr. Sutcliffe on the Blessedness Tue anniversary of Littlebourne Chapel of the Righteous. At the close of these ex- was held Aug. 6. Mr. Atkinson, of Marercises, Mr. Scott, of Cleckbeaton, delivered gate, and Mr. Prankard, of Sheerness, an appropriate address to the Students. After preached. In the afternoon the children dinner ihe subscribers entered on the busi- were publicly examined by Mr. Grirteen, uess of the Academy. In the course of the and addressed by Mr. Bloomfield. year 1815, but not at the usual time of exa. Aug. 7, a neat and commodious chapel was mination, Mr. Harper had settled at Alston opened at Prickwillow, near Ely. Mr. Shens. Moor, Camberland, and Mr. Clarkson at Mix. ton of London, preached in the morning; enden, near Halifax, who, after having both Mr. Arrow of Lyon, in the afternoon; and made satisfactory progress in the kuowledge Mr. Dewhirst of Bury, in the evening; of the Latin, French, Greek, and Hebrew, Messrs, M'Kenzie, Norman, Pavitt, Robialanguages, had also read the Chaldee of the son, Roote, and Kemp, assisted in the devoOld Testament, and a considerable portion of tiopal exercises. The services were pume


401 tously attended, and the prospect is truly fiths, of Bilston, began the service; Mr. encouraging. The congregation (collected Cooper, of West Bromwich, delivered the in. from the fens) is much obliged to a benevo- troductory discourse ; Mr. Hudson offered lent individual on the spot, notwithstanding the ordination prayer; Mr. Hainmond, of which, it will be necessary to appeal to the Handsworth, gave the charge, and Mr. Scales, religious public for assistance.

of Wolverhampton, preached to the people, Aug. 7, was re-opened the chapel at Wick- and concluded. ford, in Essex, after having been much en- June 4, 1816, the Rev. J. E. Trevor was Jarged In the morning Mr. Low com- ordained over the independent church at menced the service; Mr. Hayter of Stock Liskeard, Cornwall. Mr. Bounsall, of St. and Ingatestone, prayed; Mr. Craig of Colomb, read and prayed; Mli. Cope, of Bocking, preached from 2 Cor. iv, 15; and Launceston, delivered the introductory disMr. Thornton of Bellericay, concluded. In course ; Mr. Moore, of Truro, offered the thc afternoon Mr. Freeman of Chelmsford, ordination prayer; Mr. Gleed, of Teignbegan; Mr. Smith of Brentwood, preached mouth, gave the charge, from Matt. vii. from 1 Pet. iij. 12 ; and Mr. Pilkington of 28, 29 ; Mr. Guard, of Mevagissey, preached Rayleigh, concluded. $300. have been ex- to the people from Exod. xvii. 12; Dir. pended on this enlargement, of which half Smith, of Fowey, concluded. In the evening, has been collected, and the public will be Mr. Rooker, of Tavistock, preached ; and appealed to for the remainder.

Messrs. Davison and Chudleigh, prayed. Aug 14, a neat chapel was opened at Mr. Moore, of Truro, preached on the preNewton Poppleford, a populous village, be. ceding evening. tween Sidmouth and Ottery, Devon. The June 7, Rev. T. Pavitt, from WymondRev. J. Turnbull began with prayer, &c. ley Academy, was ordained over the IndeMr. Bidlake, of South Petherton, preached pendent church at Ware. Mr. Peirce, of from Rom, x. 17. Mr. Wells, of Lambrook, Clavering, commenced the service; Mr. concluded. In the afternoon, Mr. Noble, of Parry (the Theological Tutor) delivered the Tiverton, opened the servico; Mr. Allen charge; Mr. Chaplin, of Bishops Slortford, preached from Neliein. xiii. 2.; Mr. Baker, offered the ordination prayer; Mr. Bailey of Exmouth, concluded. Preaching has been (the Classical Tutor) gave the charge froin carried on for several years at this village, Rev. xi. 10; Mr. Berry, of Hatfield Heath, by neighbouring ministers, in a small hired the general prayer. Dr. Collyer preached room. The present place is owing, under from 1 Tim. v. 17, 18. Mr. Maslin, of God, to the benevolent and zealous exertions Heriford, concluded. of several friends to evangelical religion at June 23, Rev. J. Morris was set apart Sidmouth. Rev. Mr. Ward, of Sidmouth, over the Independent Church, at Broadway, preaches at this village on the Lord's dav af. Worcestershire. Mr. Taylor, of Shipston, ternoon, and once in the week, with a more commenced the services; Mr. Coles, of promising prospect than has ever vet ap- Bourton, delivered the introductory dispeared.

course; Mr. Bishop, of Gloucester, asked Sept, 10, was opened a new Independent the questions, &c.; Nr. Sinithi, of Blocklev. Clapel at Leatherhead. In the morning offered the ordination prayer; Mr. Bishop Ac Atkinson began the service with prayer gave the charge froin 1 Pet. v. 2.; Mr. Mam, and reading. Mr. Lewis delivered a dis- of Morton in the Marsh, addressed the course on public worship. Dr. Waugh people from 1 Thess. iii. 8.; Mi, Coles preached from Jobu, xii. . 20--24. Mr, preached in the evening, and Mr. Bishop Jobpson, of Farnham concluded. lu thc af- on the preceding evening. The house was ternoon Mr. G. Clayton, of Walworth, much crowded. This interest has been preached from Psalm cxviii. 25. and Messrs. watclied over by Mr. Mann about 17 years, Cloutt, of London, and Coombs, of Hox. who has now resigned his charge to the preton, engaged in prayer. The services were sent pastor, under pleasing prospects of interesting, the house well Gilled, and hand- success. some collections made for the infant cause, July 17, at Congleton, Cheshire, Mr. G. which has hitberto becn supported by pri. Morris, late a student at Cheshunt, was orvate patronage.

dained to the Christian ministry in the con

nexion of the late Countess of Huntingdon. ORDINATIONS.

Mr. Foster, of Rochdale, commenced the Sept. 6, 1815, Rev, B. Senior (late student service; Mr. Hay, of Warrington, the introat Idle) to the Christian ministry at Tint- ductory discourse; Mr. Bradley, of Manwisle, Cheshire. Mr. Marsh, of Charles- chester, offered up the ordination prayer; worth, opened the service; Mr. Vint, of Idle, and Mr. Browning, of Macclesfield, deliverdelivered the introductory discourse; Mr. ed the charge, from 2 Tim. ii. 7. Blackburn, of Delph, offered the ordination July 31, Mr. W. Everett, (late student at prayer; Mr. Blake, of Darwen, gave the Hoxton,) was ordained pastor of the Iridecharge; and Mr. Scott, of Cleckbeaton, ad- pendent chureh at Whitúesea; Mr. Wright dressed the church, &c.

of Stamford, commenced the service; Mr. Sept. 27, Rev. T. Coleman ordained at Morell of St. Neots, introduced the busiDarleton, pear Wolverhampton. Mr. Grif- ness; Mr. Arrow of Lynn, offered the ordi

nation prayer; Mr. Dobson of Phishill, de- Cutherstone, offered the ordination prayer, livered the charge from Jer. xlviii. 10; Mr. and addressed the minister, from 2 Tim. ii. Harris of Cambridge, addressed the people 15. ; Mr. Stillman, of Keld, preacbed to the from Phil. ii. 29. Ir Bottomley of Ramsey, people from Jolin, xv. 8. concluded; Wr. Wright of tamford, preach- Thars. Sept. 12, Messrs. Poole, Davis, ed in the evening. The place was well at- and Steward, late Students at Cheshunt tended; and the services of the day highligra. were o dained at Spa Fields Chapel to the tifying to the well-wishers of Zion. This cause, work of the ministry in the lare Countess of which has been labouring under great disad- Huntingdon’s connexion. Mr. D. Jones, vantages, promises to become a prosperousinafter singing, read select portions of scripterest in one of the darkest parts of Britain. ture, and prayed ; Mr. J. James, one of ihe

Aur. 8, Rev. J.P. Briscoe was ordained tators, delivered an introductory address, pastor of the Independent church at New- and offered up the ordination prayer; Mr. market; Mr. M*Kenzie of Islebam. comRees, of Rodborough, delivered a faithful merced the service; Mr. Arrow of Linn, and affectionate charge before an immense delivered the introductory discourse', &c. Mr. congregation, and concluded with prayer. Hopkins of Linton, offered the ordination prayer; Mr. Mark Wilks of London, ad

LONDON. dressed the minister; Mr. Dewhirst of Bury, HIBERNIAN SOCIETY. for establishing preached to the people, and Mr. Middle

Schools, and circulating the Holy ditch of Ratilesden, copcladed. In the even

Scriptures in Ireland. ing a lecture was preached by M: Arrow.

In the account we gave of the AnSame day, the Rev. N. Pugsley, (late studen! at Hoxton Academy,) was ordained pas

nual Meeting of this Society, in our Ma. tor of the church at Orchard Street Chapel,

gazine for June last, p. 294, we particuStockport; Nir. Reynolds of Chester, began

"larly noticed a Resolution, which called the service: Mr. Rony gave the introductors

upon their friends and the public to form discourse, Mr. Blackburn of Delph, asked

Auxiliary Societies, and use other means the questions ; Mr. Bradley offered the or

" to obtain subscriptions, donations, and dination prayer; Mr Thorp, of Bristol, de

contributions, to enable the Society to livered the charge from Num. xxvii. 18, 19; }

preserve and enlarge its usefulness. To Air Fletcher of Blackburn, preached to the

carry this resolution more fully into ef

fect a circular Letter, of which the folpeople; Mr. France of Lancaster, preached in the evening, and Mr. Philip of Liverpool,

lowing is an extract, has been transmitthe preceding evening.

pl, ted, accompanied with a Report of the Ang. 8, the Rev. J. Baker was ordained

Society's proceedings during the past at Ebenezer Chapel, Exmouth, Devon. Mr. year, to various ministers, both in town Kilpin, Exon. began the service by prayer,

and country.

el, “ The Annual Reports of the Hiber&c. and preached to the people from 2 Thess. iii. 1. Introductory discourse and questions

nian Society have so fully developed its by Mr. Gleed, 'Teignmouth; ordination prayer

is designs, its operations, and its success,

that it is unnecessary to enlarge thereon by Mr. R.? Allen, Exon; Mr. J. Barion, of Exeter Tabernacle, gave the charge from

in this letter. The Committee, how

ever, think it important to remark, that 1 Ti:n. iv. 16. and Mr. Turnbull, Ottery, concluded Mr. Allen preached the same even

ON- while the Society's schools are open to all ing, and Mr. Gleed on the preceding even

- the children of the poor, they are yet ing. Messrs. Watkins, Newton; Davison,

established for the peculiar benefit of the Chudleigh; and Stokes, Honiton, engaged

children of poor Catholics, who by these

means have access to the word of God, also in the devotional parts of the service.

and daily instruction therein. Thus they Aug. 21, the Rev. J. Harper, from the obtain the benefits of useful knowledge, academy at Idle, was ordained pastor of the and the blessings of pure and undefiled church, lately under the care of Mr. Norris, religion; while, from the schools, the jun. at Alston Moor, Cuinberland. Mr. sacred Scrintures extend an enlightening Carnson, of Cutherstone, introduced the ser- and purifying influence to the cottages ; vices ; Nir, Vint, of Idle, stated the nature and by penetrating the strong holds of of a gospel church, &c. ; Mr. Scott, of Hex- igporance, bigotry, and superstition, ham, praved ; and Mr. Taylor, of Bradford, prepare the way for a gradual, but cer. gave the charge. The services being divided, tain, emancipation from the degrading Mr. Scott and Mr. Vint preached in the yoke and the unscriptural domination of evening from Deut. xii. 19. The chapel here the Church of Rome. has this summer been considerably enlarged, « The Committee beg your particular and the interest is prosperous.

attention to the statement of a very inSept. 12, the Rev. Jn. Joys, late student telligent Correspondent in Ireland, reat Idle, was ordained to the pastoral offioe at lating to the Schools, inserted in page 11 Reeth, Yorkshire. Mr. Allison, of Fee- of the Report ; and also to the extract, tham, delivered the introductory discourse, on the same subject, from the Sligo and asked the cations; Mr. Carnson, of branch of the Hibernian Bible Society,

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and affecting apps anal Schools in the

of what as beta a hepeni during to


403 i pages 15 and 16. On the grounds

WESLEYAN METHODISTS. therefore, of what has been already ac- The seventy-third Annual Conference complished by the Hibernian Society; of the Preachers in the Connexion esta. on the consideration that upwards of blished by the late Rev. John (Vesley, 19,000 children are now receiving a re- was held in London, July 29, 1816, and ligious education under its patronage ; following days.--From the Minutes of on the prospect of the great, extensive, the Conference, lately published, we and permanent good, which presents it- copy the following General Recapitulation self to its friends and supporters, and on of the number of Members in Society, the deficiency of its funds to repay past and of the number of regular travelling obligations, and the necessity of their preachers. being replenished, to continue and ex In Great Britain . . 191,680 tend future operations.

In Ireland - . . 28,542 " It is, therefore, the particular ob In France - - -

35 ject of this Letter, to interest you, Rev. At Brussels . .

10 Sir, in the formation of an Auxiliary At Gibraltar . . Institution in your congregation, for the At Sierra Leone

129 support of the Hibernian Society ;--- At the Cape of Good Hope 42 or that this Institution may be admitted In Ceylon

56 at least to a participation of that libera- In the West Indies . . 18,938 lity which emanates from the Christian Nova Scotia, &c. - - 1,824 zeal and piety of your congregation, through the medium of any Auxiliary Number of members under the Society which has been already esta- care of the British and Irish blished among them: by which means, Conferences . . - 241,319 it is hoped and expected, that the debt Number of members in Ameto the I reasurer of the Hibernian So- rica--Whites - 167,978 ciety, amounting to upwards of £600.

Coloured . 43,187 — 211,165 will be liquidated, and the Committee be enabled to comply with importunate Total number of members in the and affecting applications for the esta- Methodist Societies throughblishment of additional Schools in the out the world - - - 452,484 darkest parts of our sister country.”

PREACHERS.-- There are 725 regular

Travelling Preachers now stationed in SUNDAY SCHOOL SOCIETY IN IRELAND.

Great Britain, 132 in Ireland, 96 on FoWe have just received from Dublin

reign Missions, and 704 in the American the 6th Report of the above Society, Methodist Connexion -Total of travelling (formerly called the Hibernian Sunday

preachers not included in the preceding School Society,) by which it appears--

account, 1657. The increase of members that during the last year assistance has

in Great Britain in the last year is stated been afforded to 98 additional schools,

to be nearly 10,000, and the West Incontaining 10,000 children, and that the

dies 1000.
total number of schools now assisted is
350, containing 38,598 children. Also,
chat notwithstanding, during the pre-

ceding year, the Society had been On Sunday, Sept. 8, at his house at
obliged to dispose of its funded property, Islington, aged 78, died Wm. Hodson,
they now have £675. in the hands of Esq. formerly a merchant in Lothbury,
the Treasurers to provide for the cure nearly forty years a manager of Spa
rent year. The Society acknowledge Fields Chapel, and a Trustee of the late
their increased patronage, with liberal Countess of Huntingdon's College at
assistance from the British and Foreign Cheshunt. His remains were renoved
Bible Society, of Bibles and Testaments, from his late residence, followed by his
equal in money to £250. and nearly relations and friends; and at Cheshunt
£200. from various Bible Societies in the Students, now in the college, met
Scotland, heside the donations of indi- the procession, and proceeded to deposit
viduals. Messrs. Puget and Bainbridge, his body in the parish church of Cheshunt.
Warwick Lane, are the agents in London Wed. the 18th, aged 70, Wm. Car-
for receiving contributions.

dale, Esq. of Bedford Row, an intimate

friend of the late Mr. Cecil, and who, SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION. for a long series of years, had taken a The next Quarterly Meeting of this very active part in the management of Society will be held in Silver Street St. John's Chapel. Chapel on Wednesday evening, Oct. 16, The above two gentlemen latterly lived at half-past six o'clock; when, after the in the same village, but had known each usual Reports are received, the follow- other many years. They were actively ing question will be proposed.--" What engaged in separate interests, but have is the best plan for conducting Sunday ing the same object, and they were both School Anniversaries ?”

men above the ordinary cast.

er det ts of the

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