To those enquirios answers were propose to make this place the seat of given, which produced a very deep, a complete Mission, to receive future and, we hope, beneficial sensation on Missionaries for the south of India, the minds of a large and respectable and to prepare them for their particaaudicnce. Dr. Nicol presided in the lar stations. act of ordination, which was by so- The Rev. T. Norton and the Rev. Jemn prayer and imposition of hands. W. Greenwood, who were destined After some scriptural counsels re- to Ceylon, are now intended to prospecting the importance cherishing ceed to India. the principles of vital religion in their 'I'wo Cingalese youths of good fa- own souls, and the right administra- mily, intended to be educated in this tion of the gospel committed to their country, bave been long expected; trust, with the encouragements which but it is feared one or both of the i God's precious promiscs furnish to perisbed in the Arniston transport, their hearts, by Dr. Waugh, the ser- wrecked off the Cape of Good Hope. vices were closed by prayer and thanksgiving, by Mr. Maslin, of Hert

Syrian College. ford. Mr. Townley and Mr. Keith,

MAJOR Munro, the East India with several more Missionaries for

Company's resident in Travancore, India, are expected to sail in the

has commenced à College for the in: Moira, about the close of the present of

e present struction of Syrian priests and laymen, month.

at Cotjm, in Travancore, which he NOTICE. - On Wednesday, the 13th intends to place under the superinof this month(March) the Third Genr. tendence of Ramban Joseph, a pious ral Mecting of the Somerset Anxi. and respectable priest. He wisbes to liary Missionary Society will be held establish a printing-press, to send at Wellington. The Rev. Mr. Tozer, some Syrian priests to Madras to : of Taunton, to preach in the morning ; learn the art of printing, and to make and Rev. Mr. Tracy, of London, in the an endowment for the support of evening. The business of the Society teachers and students. to be transacted in the afternoon.

Baptist Mission From a List of Missionaries cm Mr. Thomas Griffiths, a student ployed by various Societies, lately in the Bristol Academy, was, on the published, it appears that there are 6th of October last, appointed to assist not yet Two Hundred and Fifty Eu. Mr. Chater, Missionary in Ceylon. ropean Protestants gone forth; and Mr. Saffery addressed a charge to him, what are these for the purpose of evan- from Acts xxvi, 17--23. Mr. Vernon, gelizing Eight Hundred Millions of Mr. Dyer, Mr. Winterbottam, Dr. Pagans and Mahometans ?

Ryland, &c. engaged in the service.

Mr. Griffith was expected to sail

about the end of December, together Church Missionary Society.

with six Missionaries in Mr. Wesley's The Rev. Mr. Bickerseth (lately connection. ordained) has sailed for Sierra Leone, A Baptist Monthly Meeting for on board the Salisbury.

Prayer will be held by fifteen of the . Fonr schoolmasters (Mr.J. Horton, Baptist Congregations in London, Mr. W. A, B. Johnsoit, Mr. H. Deer- alternately at their places of Worship ing, and Mr. C. Jost, with their wives) (on the third Tuesday of every month) were also appointed to the same co. When it is intended, occasionally, to lony,

mention articles of Missionary Intel- The Anniversary of this Society will ligence, be held on Tuesday, April 30. The Rev. D. Corrie, who was some years in India, is expected to preach.

American Missionaries. . The Rev. W. Jowett, who sailed in The American Board for Foreign the Lauderdale, Sept. 4, arrived in Missions have lately sent four Miso. safety, with Mrs. J. at Malta, Nov. 1. sionaries to Ceylon, yiz. the Rev..

· Messrs. Schnarre and Rhenius are Mess. D. Poor, H. Bardwell, B.Meigs, settled, in a convenient house, in the and E. Warren. They sailed mom Black Towis, Madras. The Society Nowbary Port, Oct. 23, 1815. A farge

FOR MARCH, 1816.

119 concourse of people accompanied Beacock and Shrewsbury, for different them to the beach ; and the Mission stations in the West Indies ;-also Mr. aries were commended to God in and Mrs. Wooley for the West Indies. prayer by the Rev. Dr. Spring.

Mr. and Mrs. Shaw for the Cape of

Good Hope. .
Wesleyan Missions.

Messss. Carver, Callaway, BroadThe following Missionaries have

bent, and Jackson, for Ceylon. Mr. lately been sent forth:

and Mrs. Kenney accompany them to Mr. De Putron, a French Mission

the Cape. ary, for Quebec. His object is to These Missionaries, previously to preach to the French emigrants and

their being ordained, were strictly exsettlers ju their own language.

amined by the Committee, and gave Mess. Thomas and James Hickson great satisfaction. They were set for Newfoundland.

apart, in Spital-fields Chapel, to their Mess. Moore and Head for New important work. Several ministers Providence.

engaged in prayer, and Mr. Benson Mr. and Mrs. Hillier and Messrs. gave them an exhortation.



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Os, carmarinen ...........................

MISSIONARY COLLECTIONS. Collections and Anonymous Donations, from 16th Jun. to 16th Feb. inclusive.] A Friend, by Rev. Mr. Hopkins, Linton.......

..........£ 200 m Donation from a few Young Men engaged in a Lord's Day Morning Leco ? 5 0

tare, New Court, raised by a Penny.a-Week Subscriptions ..........1
Mr. R. George and Friends, Ramsgate ......
Penny-a-Week Subscrip. of Friends in-humble Life, at Everdon, Northamp. 1
Nuneaton Friends, by Mr. W. Stevens .....
Rev. R. Simmonds and Friends, Hastings............
A Lady, by ditto........
Collection at Ranelagh Chapel, Chelsea; by Rev. R. H. Shepherd....
Rev. Mr. Davies, and Friends at Llangefni......
Young Ladies at_Mrs. Dary's Seminary, Banbury, and a few otber?

Friends, by Rev. C. B. Hubbard ....
Amicus, Malmsbury.........................
J.C.L. by Mr. Evans, Carmarthen ......
Collection at Lady Barbam's Chapel, Fairy Hill, near Swansea....
Newfoundland Auxiliary Missionary Society, by Rev. W. Hyde .....
Produce of a Peony, at Rev. J. Clayton's, Camomile Str. by Mr. T. Raine
Sunday School at Lynn, by Rev. Mr. Arrow :.
Sunday School Children, at Chatham, by Mr. J. Hopkins, half-year... 5
Bristol Juvenile Missionary Society, 1st Quarter, reced. Nov. 17th, £50 105

2d do. do. Feb. 12th, £55)
Down Missionary Society, by Rev.T. K. Bailie .... .......... 50 10 3
Bridport Branch Missionary Society, by Mr. Jas. Cope .......
Few Friends of the Gen. Baptist Persuasion, by Rev. T. Die, Bedworth 5 4 0
Auxiliary Society, at Barking, by Mr. Smitb ...

• 0 15 0

................. Rev. J. Petherick and Congregation, Kingshridge .........

17 00 Lincoln Auxiliary Missionary Society, by Mr. J. Lupton

Subscriptions and Donations .......... 10 15 6
Rev. T. Keyworth, Sleaford, half a year 5 17 6
A Gold Seal, by Mr. K. ....

.......... (ņ 0 -17 0 0 A Friend, by Rev. Mr. Jerard, Coventry ....

........ 1 1 0 Duobar Auxiliary Missionary Society, by Dr. Waugh ......

.............. 15 8 0 Fenwick Auxiliary Missionary Society, by Mr. B. Muir ............ 5 0 0 Ditto, omitted in October Chronicle, by Rev. J. Slatterie ............ 12 10 6 Produce of a Juvenile Mission. Box, at Mr. Gregory's School, Beaconsfield 1 1 6 Sunday School Children, Chatham, by Rev. J. Slatterie.............. 4 96 Friends at Stirling, by Rev. John Russell ......

......... 5 11 2 Glasgow Auxiliary Missionary Society, by M. Urie, Esq. ............ 100 00 A Friend, by Rev. J. Slatterie .......

0 0 Juvenile Society, Sheerness, by Rev. Mr. Prankard.

15 00 Auxiliary Society, Marple Bridge, hy Rev. Mr. Battley ........

9 0 0 Horseley, Durban, by Rev. Mr. Heslop.....

6 3 6 Missionary Box, Brig Eliza, Capt. Davies.....

3 0 0 Rev. Geo. Lewis, Llanfyllin ........

7 8 11 Rev. T. Young and Friends, Margate....

20 00 B. W. by Mr. Fligt ......

....: 1 0 0



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. ON ISAIAH LIII. 2, &c Like the tree planted in the rugged soil,

Thro' which no wholesome riv'let flows,

Nor e'en a genial zepliyr blows,
'To bless the efforts of the peasant's toil;

Or like the flower from India torn,

And thence to northerii climates borne,
The Son of Mary stood, detenceless and alone.
Not tho' the riches of an eastern land,

In wide profusion round him lay,

And all the pomp of regal sway
To him was offer'd with a tempting hand,

Did splendid honors gild his head;

But oft he made the earth his bed,
In mean attire was clad, on coarse provisions fed.
His work was mercy to a ruined race!

Whose panishment he made his own,

That for their guilt he might atone,
And cleanse their souls from sin by heav'nly grace.
. “ Despis'd of men," he lov'd them still,

Freely perforin'd his Father's will,
Though his own death alone its veng'ance could fulfil.
His death !--the steady sun forgot its light,

The elements (at peace before)

With sadden terror seem'd to roar,
And Heav'n itself its lustre chang'd to night!

The price was paid, --iman's pardon bought,

The distant near to God were brought,
Though guilty, holy made ; and all their sins forgot!
Great Son of Mary, let redeeming love,

My soul inspire with sacred fear,

While travelling thro'dangers here,
Till death transport me to the throngs above :

There, rackilig sorrow. has no place!

There, glorious triumph crowns the race,
And all with gratetal praise hehold thy smiling face!



Let Spring return to polar skies,

Which once have felt the cheering light; (Extracted from Ely's Visits of Mercy, And Christ illume the sinner's eyes,

vol. II, now in the press, page 35.] .Long winters clos'd in dismal night. GREA'r God! how terrible thy frost! Before its progress who could stand ?

Sudden Death of several Christians. Continue it, and all are lost; .

How happily the saints retreat · Anicy death pervades the land.

To their divine abode; . . . Thou, who hast form’d the drops of dew,

Leave this vain world, and rise to meet

Their saviour and their God!
And art the Father of ihe rain,
At whose command the white winds

'Tis Jesus calls, and they retire

(Oh, 'tis a sweet remove !) And cover'd all the roeky plain;

To realize their best desiré.

And brightest hopes above. Regard the children of Distress;

Souls thus prepared by grace divine, And banish these congealing pains;

Hail their celestial flight; Let not steru Winter loug oppress

And quit the shores of earth and time The thousands who have felt his chains. :

With intinite delight. O bid the secret south wind rise, . God is their portion,--heaven their home; With power to melt the rigid foe;

And when the body dies, , Tben ev'ry storm, reluctant Aies,

Their spirits freed from sense and sin, And all the streams of comfort flow! To heav'n and glory rise! But chiefly to the frozen neart,

Thither our best affections tend, , O may ihe Spirit's quick’ning breath. While here in hope we wait, Such penetrating warmth impart; ....... Till God sball bid our souls ascend." i

As saves it tiom lhe secood death! .. To that immortal state!' . B


Vineyard italk, Clerkenweli,

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