A Brief Historical Narrative of the Origin and Constitution of "The Society of the Governor and Assistants, London, of the New Plantation in Ulster, Within the Realm of Ireland": Commonly Called the Honourable the Irish Society; Together with Memoranda of Principal Occurrences from 1611 to 1898

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compiled and printed solely for the private and exclusive use of the members of the Court of Assistants, 1899 - 248 oldal

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145. oldal - The Society of the governor and assistants, London, of the new plantation in Ulster, within the realm of Ireland," commonly called the Honourable the Irish Society.
11. oldal - Concise view of the origin, constitution, and proceedings of the honourable society of the governor and assistants of London, of the new plantation in Ulster.
184. oldal - ... deeply and heartily commiserating the - wretched state of the said province, have esteemed it to be a work worthy of a Christian prince, and of our royal functions, to stir up and recall the same province from superstition, rebellion, calamity, and poverty which heretofore have horribly raged therein, to religion, obedience, strength, and prosperity.
134. oldal - A Collection of such Orders and Conditions as are to be observed by the Undertakers upon the Distribution and Plantation of the escheated Lands in Ulster.
213. oldal - Ireland, for many years past, hath grossly erred from the true religion of Christ and divine grace, and hath abounded with superstition insomuch that for a long time it hath not only been harassed, torn and wasted by private and domestic broils, but also by foreign arms, we...
212. oldal - ... and ordinances, whereby they might be more safely defended not only from the corruption of their morals but from their intestine and domestic plots and conspiracies, and also from foreign violence...
186. oldal - England) all and singular things which for or concerning the plantation, supply, establishment, continuation andgovernmentofthesaid city of Londonderry, and of all other the lands and tenements hereunder in these presents mentioned, to be granted, shall seem to be most profitable and expedient.
131. oldal - Such further and other relief as the nature of the case may require.
135. oldal - Motives and reasons to induce the City of London to undertake the plantation in the north of Ireland.
184. oldal - Whereas, there can be nothing more worthy of a King to perform, than to establish the true religion of Christ among men hitherto depraved, and almost lost in superstition ; to improve and cultivate by art and industry, countries and lands uncultivated and almost desert...

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