Speeches of John Philpot Curran: To which is Added Henry Gratten, Esq's Celebrated Speech on the Catholic Question

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Stockdale, Printer, 1805 - 416 oldal

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97. oldal - No matter in what language his doom may have been pronounced ; no matter what complexion incompatible with freedom, an Indian or an African sun may have...
125. oldal - I cannot but feel the peculiarity of your situation. Not the jury of his own choice, which the law of England allows, but which ours refuses ; collected in that box by a person, certainly no friend to Mr. Rowan, certainly not very deeply interested in giving him a very impartial jury. Feeling this, as...
114. oldal - Hume, to the sweet and simple, but not less sublime and pathetic morality of her Burns —how, from the bosom of a country like that, genius and character and talents should be banished to a distant, barbarous soil, condemned to pine under the horrid communion of vulgar vice and base-born profligacy, for twice the period that ordinary calculation gives to the continuance of human life?
97. oldal - ... measure ? to propose the redeeming of religion from the abuses of the church, the reclaiming of three millions of men from bondage, and giving liberty to all who had a right to demand it ; giving, I say, in the so much censured words of this paper, giving
206. oldal - Have you not marked how the human heart bowed to the supremacy of his power, in the undissembled homage of deferential horror ? How his glance, like the lightning of heaven, seemed to rive the body of the accused, and mark it for the grave, while his voice warned the devoted wretch of...
328. oldal - ... instead of being transmitted, as it ought, to be expended in the splendour of another country. He is now probably waiting for the arrival of the report of this day, which, I understand, a famous note-taker has been sent hither to collect. (Let not the gentleman be disturbed.)* Gentlemen, let me assure you, it is more...
5. oldal - It is the common fate of the indolent to see their rights become a prey to the active. The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance \ which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime, and the punishment of his guilt.
121. oldal - There is something whimsical enough in this curious story. Put his credit upon the positive evidence adduced to his character. "Who he is I know not. I know not the man; but his credit is impeached. Mr. Blake was called; he said he knew him. I asked him, " Do you think, sir, that Mr. Lyster is or is not a man deserving credit upon his oath?
111. oldal - And what calamities are the people saved from by having public communication left open to them? I will tell you, gentlemen, what they are saved from, and what the government is saved from; I will tell you, also, to what both are exposed by shutting up that communication. In one case sedition speaks aloud and walks abroad; the demagogue...
317. oldal - For the poor victim herself, not yet immolated, while yet balancing upon the pivot of her destiny, your heart could not be cold, nor your tongue be wordless. You would have said to him: "Pause, my lord, while there is yet a moment for reflection. What are your motives, what your views, what your prospects from what you are about to do? You are a married man, the husband of the most amiable and respectable of women; you cannot look to the chance of marrying this wretched fugitive; between you and...

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