The life of ... William Ewart Gladstone. Popular ed, 1-2. kötet;336. kötet

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257. oldal - Mr. Gladstone next observed that what the Government wished to do was to put an end to the uncertainty that prevailed respecting the income-tax, and to take effectual measures to mark the tax as a temporary one. In detailing the proposed modes of its future operation, he was met with signs of dissatisfaction from the Opposition benches, for which, however, he declared himself prepared. The Government proposition was to renew the income-tax for two years, from April, 1853, to April, 1855, at the rate...
361. oldal - ... that this House cannot but regret that her Majesty's Government, previously to inviting the House to amend the law of conspiracy at the present time, have not felt it to be their duty to reply to the important despatch received from the French Government, dated Paris, January 20, 1858, which has been laid before Parliament.
200. oldal - It is not mere imperfection, not corruption in low quarters, not occasional severity, that I am about to describe : it is incessant, systematic, deliberate violation of the law by the Power appointed to watch over and maintain it. It is such violation of human and written law...
111. oldal - Parliamentary enumeration of 1835, by one-ninth of its population, regarded with partial favour by scarcely another ninth, and disowned by the remaining seven. And not only does this anomaly meet us full in view, but we have also to consider and digest the fact that the maintenance of this Church for near three centuries in Ireland has been contemporaneous with a system of partial and abusive government, varying in degree of culpability, but rarely, until of later years, when we have been forced...
159. oldal - I deeply regret the feeling that is said to be common among the clergy on this subject. But I cannot sacrifice the reputation of Dr. Hampden, the rights of the Crown, and what I believe to be the true...
391. oldal - Egypt which drowns the spirit in effeminate indifference ; rather they are like the <f>dp/j,a/cov e<rd\6v, the remedial specific, which, freshening the understanding by contact with the truth and strength of nature, should both improve its vigilance against deceit and danger, and increase its vigour and resolution for the discharge of duty.
158. oldal - Church. Several months before I named Dr. Hampden to the queen for the see of Hereford, I signified my intention to the Archbishop of Canterbury, and did not receive from him any discouragement.
400. oldal - And that no readjustment of the franchise will satisfy this House or the country which does not provide for a greater extension of the suffrage in cities and boroughs than is contemplated in the present measure.
115. oldal - Gladstone seems to us to be, in many respects, exceedingly well qualified for -philosophical investigation. His mind is of large grasp ; nor is he deficient in dialectical skill. But he does not give his intellect fair play. There is no want of light, but a great want of what Bacon would have called dry light. Whatever Mr Gladstone sees is refracted and distorted by a i'alse medium of passions and prejudices.
255. oldal - ... there are circumstances attending its operation which make it difficult, perhaps impossible, at any rate in our opinion not desirable, to maintain it as a portion of the permanent and ordinary finances of the country.

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