An Historical Account of the Diocese of Down and Connor, Ancient and Modern, 3. kötet

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481. oldal - ... which this shall be your warrant; and so we bid you heartily farewell. Given at our Court at Whitehall, llth day of November, 1684. " By his Majesty's command, SUNDERLAND.
256. oldal - Some time before the rebellion broke out," says Mr. Carte, * it was confidently reported, that sir John Clothworthy, who well knew the designs of the faction that governed the house of commons in England, had declared there in a speech, that the conversion of the papists in Ireland, was only to be effected by the bible in one hand and the sword in the ntber; and Mr. Pym gave out, that they would not leave a priest in Ireland.
220. oldal - I found the aged of strict morals, The historians recording truth ; Each good, each benefit that I have sung, In Ireland I have seen.
395. oldal - She asks a third question at him, and casts the last three feathers at him, charging him to his place, and he disappears. The Major-General and his lady being above stairs, though not knowing what was aworking, were...
394. oldal - ... goes down to a laich cellar, takes the Bible with her, and draws a circle about ' her, and turns a ridle on end twice from south to north, or from the right to the left hand, ' having in her hand nine feathers which she pulled out of the tail of a black cock ; and having ' read the 51st (psalm ?) forward, she reads backward, chapter ix. verse 19 of the Book of the Re...
220. oldal - Brave victorious heroes, Fierce men of fair complexion — The high stars of Ireland. I found in the province of Ulster Long-blooming beauty, hereditary vigour, Young scions of energy, Though fair, yet fit for war, and brave.
484. oldal - Christus resurrexit a mortuis primitiae dormientium; quoniam quidem per hominem mors, et per hominem resurrectio mortuorum. Et, sicut in Adam omnes moriuntur, ita et in Christo omnes vivificabuntur.
395. oldal - Revelation; he appears in a seaman's clothing, with a blue cap, and asks what she would. She puts one question to him, and he answers it; and she casts three of the feathers at him, charging him to his place again; then he disappears.
219. oldal - In Ireland while in exile, Many women, no silly crowd, Many laics, many clerics. " I found in each province Of the five provinces of Ireland, Both in church and state, Much of food, much of raiment. " I found gold and silver, I found honey and wheat, I found affection with the people of God, I found banquets and cities.
395. oldal - ... cap, and asks what she would. She puts one question to him, and he answers it ; and she casts three of the feathers at him, charging him to his place again ; then he disappears. He seemed to her to rise out of the earth to the middle of his body. She reads the same verse backward the second time, and he appears the second time, rising out of the ground, with one leg above the ground ; she asks him a second question, and she casts other three feathers at him, charging him to his place ; he again...

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