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History of ENGLAND,


Invasion of JULIUS CÆSAR, to the

Death of King GEORGE I.

Tbe Reigns of the three Kings of the House of

RICHARD III. Containing the space of
24 years and a half.

16. E D W AR D IV.

ING Edward IV. begins his Reign, being about 18 Ann. C.

years of age. Queen Margaret having.raised, in the North, an army Mar. 4. of 60,000 men, King Edward puts himself at the head Reg. i. of his army, and marches from London in quest of the Mar. 12. Queen, with a resolution to fight her.

He detaches Sir John Ratcliffe to secure the pass of Ferribridge upon the Are, but Sir John is beat from thence by the Lord Clifford, and Nain.

Richard Nevil, Earl of Warwick, is alarmed at this accident, but the King showing great steadiness and resolutiVOL. II,



of the enemy. Mar. 29.


Ann, C. on, detaches William Nevil Lord Fauconbridge to recover

that passage, which he accordingly does; the Lord Clifford, and others, being slain. Whereupon King Edward passes his army over the Are, and immediately marches in quest

The two armies meet between Saxton and Towton, Henry's consisting of 60,000 men, and King Edward's of 48,660; and, there coming to an engagement, King Henry's is defeated, with the loss on both fides of 36,776 persons : And, among the rest, Henry Percy Earl of Northumberland, John Nevil Earl of Westmoreland, &c.

Thomas Courtney, Earl of 'Devonshire, being taken, is beheaded.

King Edward having caused his Father's head, and the Earl of Salisbury's, 'to be taken down from the walls of York, and put others in their room, returns to London, June 8.

He endeavours to raise commotions in Scotland, in order to prevent King Henry's getting any affistance from thence : And, on the other hand, proposes to conclude a truce with

that Kingdom ;. but Queen Margaret breaks his measures, Apr. 25. by surrendering Berwick to the Scots, and concluding a mar

riage between Prince Edward her son, and Margaret, fifter

of King James, June 29. King Edward is crowned at Westminster. July 22. Charles VII, King of France, dies, and is fucceeded by

Lewis XI.

Queen Margaret, leaving the late King her husband, and the Prince her son, in Scotland, goes to France, to desire succours.

A Parliament meets at Westminster, in which the late King Henry VI, Queen Margaret, and their chief Adherents, to the number of 140, are attainted.

John de Vere, Earl of Oxford, and Aubrey his son are

beheaded. 1462. King Edward makes a treaty with the Earl of Ros, in Reg. 2. order to raise disturbances in Scotland.

William Nevil Lord Fauconbridge, is made High-Admiral of England.

Henry Beaufort, Duke of Somerset, and Ralph Percy, come and submit to King Edward, and are pardoned.

King Edward grants the Clergy this remarkable privilege, That for the future all Ecclesiastical persons, indicted for any crime, should be tried in the Ecclefiaftical Courts, without the interposition of the King's Judges; and also,


Nov. 4.

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