The Unpublished and Uncollected Poems of William Cowper

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T.F. Unwin, 1900 - 82 oldal

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77. oldal - Twas my distress that brought thee low, My Mary! Thy needles, once a shining store, For my sake restless heretofore, Now rust disused, and shine no more ; My Mary ! For though thou gladly wouldst fulfil The same kind office...
78. oldal - For could I view nor them, nor thee, What sight worth seeing could I see ? The sun would rise in vain for me! My MARY! Partakers of thy sad decline, Thy hands their little force resign; Yet gently pressed, press gently mine! My MARY...
67. oldal - Oh, could'st thou speak, As in Dodona once thy kindred trees Oracular, I would not curious ask The future, best unknown, but at thy mouth Inquisitive, the less ambiguous past. By thee I might correct, erroneous oft, The clock of history, facts and events Timing more punctual, unrecorded facts Recovering, and misstated setting right...
71. oldal - The feller's toil, which thou could'st ill requite. Yet is thy root sincere, sound as the rock, A quarry of stout spurs and knotted fangs, Which, crook'd into a thousand whimsies, clasp The stubborn soil, and hold thee still erect.
44. oldal - The lie that burn'd thy fathers' bones to dust, That first adjudged them heretics, then sent Their souls to Heaven, and cursed them as they went? The lie that Scripture strips of its disguise, And execrates above all other lies, The lie that claps a lock on mercy's plan, And gives the key to...
48. oldal - My sole possession is thy love ; In earth beneath, or heaven above, I have no other store ; And though with fervent suit I pray, And importune thee night and day, I ask thee nothing more.
65. oldal - It seems idolatry, with some excuse, When our forefather Druids in their oaks Imagined sanctity.
67. oldal - Time made thee what thou wast, king of the woods ; And time hath made thee what thou art — a cave For owls to roost in. Once thy spreading boughs O'erhung the champaign ; and the numerous flocks That grazed it, stood beneath that ample cope Uncrowded, yet safe sheltered from the storm.
65. oldal - Which babes might play with ; and the thievish jay, Seeking her food, with ease might have purloin'd The auburn nut that held thee, swallowing down Thy yet close-folded latitude of boughs And all thine embryo vastness at a gulp.

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