Here piles of pins extend their shining rows puffs patches powders bibles billetdoux.

51. 6.

bee beer, been ebb, babe blab, barb cub, bob born, boil bawl, boor bold, bower bute — cabal baboon, believe becalm, imbue embark obstacle fabulous.

The barbarous Hubert took a bribe to kill the royal babe.

Earth smiles around with boundless bounty blest and heaven beholds its image in his breast.

52. m.

me mere, hymn phlegm, mayor drachm, calm gum, mood moor, comb more, mouth muse mammon moment, murmur sombre, empty tempter — mimically mamillary, momentary matrimony.

Through glades and glooms the mingled measure stole.

53. W.

we weird, win wend, worth wail, wear wag, waft one, wine choir, wan quoit, warp woof, woe wore, wound (p.) whew! woman wolsey, wayward wormwood, cuirass quagmirederer widower, weatherwise whitherward.


A wight well versed in waggery.
Was ever woman in this humor wooed
Was ever woman in this humor won.


hue hewed, hewer hewing; wheat wheel, whipt when, white what, which whirl, where why-creek cringe crave, crust crow crew; clear eliff clack, clerk climb close ; queen quell quite grieve great grab, grind groin group; gleam glen glide, glum

gloze glue; guelf gwyn guano-shriek shred shrine, shrunk shrove shrew — tree trip track, trade try truth; tweed twin twine drear drift drive, dross draw droll; dwell dwarf dwindle. -scheme scale scath; sleep slap slope; sneer snare snob; steal stern stab; 's death sdeign's done; sphere sphinx spheric; spine spoil spout; smack smite small; sweet sweat swoon; scream, scrape, scrap; squib square squat; strip stray strive; spread sprawl sprout; spleen split splay - thrift thread thrive; thwack thwaite thwart — free fret frame, froth froze frown; flee flit ily, flood flounce flue - prim prate pry; please play plat - brim breath braid, bride broil brawn; blear blench black, blithe block blue.


act duct, liked rocked; necks tax; facts picts; next taxed; look'dst conduct'st begged jogged; kegs mugs; digg'st lagg'st ink thank, bank monk inks banks ; thanked ranked ; think'st rank'st -- bang'd, long'd ; long'dst throng'dst -fished Alushed -pitched touched - gouged obliged - jerk work, ark fork; burg, marsh; march lurch; dirge forge; earl furl, marl whorl; earn fern, barn turn, morn mourn; mart heart, sort sport; herd bird, hired spared; parse terse; ears cares; mirth forth; murther northern; sc'arf wharf; serve c'arve; chirp warp ; curb orb; firm storm; worked marked; lurks storks; burgs orgues; marched scorched; charged urged ; snarled world ; pearls curls ; learnt burnt; ir’ned warned; starts warts ; c'ards words; first dar'st; earth’d; fourths ; sc'arf'd; turfs; starved; curves ; corpse; warp’d; curbed; g'arbs ; armed formed; farms storms; lurk’st; hurt'st; usurp’st; charm’st; mark’dst (?); perch’dst (?); urg’dst (?) ; learn’dst; reserv’dst; usurp’dst (?); curb’dst (?); charm’dst ; - milk elk; walsh ; filch ; bilge; fall’n stolen ; felt salt; filled told ; else false ; bells tolls ; filth ; wolf ; delve ; scalp.; bulb; film elm, culm holm ; milk' skulk’d; silks elks ; filched ; bilged; wilts bolts ; scalds folds ; Tobolsk; call'st repulsed; ingulfed ;


sylphs ; twelfth; twelfths ; delved; elves; gulped ; alps; bulbs ; film'd; helms; wilt'st; fill'dst; help'st; delv'dst (?) sent wont; end find ; dense once ; banns dun. ; tenth ninth; ants wants ; ends bonds ; canst fenc'd; bronzed ; tenths routes flutes ; eighth — bids adze - desk cask; fist most ; lisp gasp; risked ; basks; beasts fists, wastes lasts, busts costs, foists roasts ; wasp ; lisp'd gasp'd ; ask'st ; sized buzzed ; schism * prism, chasm spasm, witticism ostracism - scath'd froth’d; friths truths ; breathed bathed; breathes paths; rhythm ; * breath'dst (?); sift lift; cuffs proofs; fifth; wefts; laugh’st doff'st; left'st - lived moved ;. doves coves; lov'st prov'st ; liv'st - heaped apt; cups fops; hop'st dup'st; copts; shap’dst (?) — ebb'd fobb’d; cubs snobs ; blab’dst (?) — lamed combed ; claims brooms; vamp dump; pump'd swamp'd; imps stamps ; roam’dst (?); pump'st romp’dst (?)

Note. However perfect in articulation one may have become, it will always be found a useful practice to spell, or, at least, to pro- . nounce, with deliberation, fulness, and force, a page or two of words, just before beginning to speak in public. A page of words without any connection of sense is best for this purpose, and the foregoing examples of combinations afford more exercise of the sort than can easily be found in the same space elsewhere.

In such practice, and in all practice, in articulation, the endeavor should not be to make the sounds with the least possible movement of the mouth., The contrary is a better rule, but that must not be allowed to change the sounds from their true forms.

* A tonic should never be inserted between the combined subtonics in schism, rhythm, &c.





Trust no friend whom you have not tried. There are more of them at the festive board than at the prison door.

A man had three friends: two of them he loved much, but for the third he cared little, though he was well worthy of his affection. This man was once summoned before the judge, and strongly accused of a crime of which he was really innocent. “Who among you,” said he,“ will go with me, and give evidence in my behalf? For I have been accused without cause, and the king is angry."

The first of his friends excused himself immediately ; saying that he could not go with him on account of other business. The second accompanied him to the door of the hall of justice; there he turned round and went back, through fear of the angry judge. The third, on whom he had least depended, . went in, spoke for him, and testified so fully to his innocence, that the judge dismissed him unharmed.

Man has three friends in this world. How do they behave in the hour of death, when God calls him to judgment ?

The gold, the friend he loves best, leaves him first, and does not go with him. His relations and friends attend him to the


gate of the grave, and return to their homes. The third, of whom in life he took least beed, is represented by his good works. They attend him to the throne of the Judge ; they precede him, plead for him, and find mercy and grace for him.


TAMERLANE, the scourge and terror of Asia, owed his power and success mainly to his energy and resolution; which were qualities so marked in him that he was called by the name of the Iron. As great results often flow from trivial causes, so this monarch was accustomed to trace the origin of these traits in himself to the following incident. “In one of my first battles," said he, “ fortune was against me; I was obliged to flee for my life, and conceal myself for many hours in the ruins of a deserted building. The fear of falling into the hands of my enemies, and the bitter reflection that, by this defeat, I had lost all the fruits of my former victories, weighed heavily upon my spirit. I became discouraged, and resolved to abandon all my enterprises. In this state of mind my attention was drawn to an ant, which was trying to drag up a small elevation a grain of wheat many times bigger than itself. The little creature would often get very near the top, and then fall back again. Sixty-nine unsuccessful attempts did I count; but the seventieth carried the grain to the desired point. This example gave me new courage ; and I drew from the circumstance a lesson which has often been of service to me."

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