May never was the month of love,

For May is full of flowers,
But rather April, wet by kind,
For love is full of showers.

Robert Southwell.
He loves command and due restriction,
And she as well likes contradiction.

April 17.
Love me not for comely grace,
For my pleasing eye or face,
Nor for any outward part,
No! nor for my constant heart,
For those may fail or turn to ill,
And thus we, Love, shall sever.

Wilbye's Madrigals.
Yet stay, always be chained to my heart
With links of love, that we do never part.

Bateson's Madrigals.
April 18.

There is a grief in every kind of joy,

That is my theme, and that I mean to prove ; And who were he which would not drink annoy To taste thereby the lightest dram of love ?

Gascoigne. What we think in our hearts you may read in our eyes, For, knowing no falsehood, we need no disguise.


April 17.

April 18.

Thy husband is thy lord, thy life, thy keeper,
Thy head, thy sovereign ; one that cares for thee
And for thy maintenance;
And craves no other tribute at thy hands
But love, fair looks, and obedience.


(Taming of the Shrero From her fair eyes he took commandement, And ever by her looks conceived her intent.

Spenser. April 20.

Our mutual bond of faith and truth

No time shall disengage ;
Those blessings of our early youth

Shall cheer our latest age.


For thee alone these little charms I drest,
Condemn'd them or absolv'd them by thy test.


April 21.

Oh! who would bear the cruel gibes
With which the bachelor is daily teased,
When he himself might end such heartfelt griefs
By wedding some fair maid.

Adam alone could not be easy,
So he must have a wife an' please ye.

Old Epigram.

[blocks in formation]

Love over gentle natures reigns-
A gentle master! yet his pains
Are felt by them, are felt by all,
The bitter-sweet, the honied gall.

So stately his form and so lovely her face,
That never a hall such a galliard did grace.
. . . . . . Scott..

(Lochinvar). April 23

Love, that of every woman's heart
Will have the whole and not the part

That is to her in nature's plan
More than ambition is to man..


(The Golden Legend). One feast, one house, one mutual happiness.


April 24.
Your shining eyes and golden hair,
Your lily-rosèd lips most fair,
Your other beauties that excel,
Men cannot chuse but like them well.

Wilbye's Madrigals.
For contemplation he, and valour formed ;
For softness she, and sweet attractive grace.


(Paradise Lost).

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