February 20.

February 21. When will you dine at home, my dove ?

I say to Mr. Stubbs-
" When cook can make an omelette, love,
An omelette like the Clubs !"


There's nothing in this world so sweet as love.


(The Spanish Student).

February 23.

There did we sit, beneath th' o'ershadowing tree,
Watching the waters as they roll'd along;

She sang-oh, joy! what smiles, what blushes throng Upon those cheeks-and what delight for me!

F. Kazinezi, trans. B. Bowring.
No, Music, thou art not the God of Love !
Unless love feeds upon its own sweet self
Till it becomes all music dreams of.

February 24.
Yes, love is ever busy with his shuttle,
Is ever weaving into life's dull warp
Bright, gorgeous flowers and scenes Arcadian ;
Hanging our gloomy prison-house about
With tapestries, that make its walls dilate
In never-ending vistas of delight.


(The Spanish Student). Eternal love let man, then, never swear.


February 23.

February 24.

Now, he who bids his wife do what she pleases
Blunts wedlock's edge, and all its torture eases;
For not to feel your suff'rings is the same
As not to suffer-all the diff'rence name.

Aaron Hill

Arts on the mind, like paint upon the face,
Fright him that's worth your love from your embrace.

Young. - February 26.

Night! with all thine eyes look down !

Darkness! weep thy holiest dew !
Never smiled the inconstant moon
On a pair so true,

Let all the number of the stars give light
To thy fair way!


(Antony and Cleopatra).

February 27.

He knew whose gentle hand was on the latch

Before the door had given her to his eyes,
And from her chamber window he would catch
Her beauty farther than the falcon flies.


(Isabella). I have loved her ever since I saw her, and still I see her beautiful!


(Two Gentlemen of Verona).

February 26.

February 27.

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