No doubt it would vex, one half of the sex
To see their own husband in horrid green “specs ;"
Instead of enjoying a sociable chat,
Still poking his nose into this and to that,
At a gnat, or a bat, or a cat, or a rat.

The Ingoldsby Legends.

She dances featly.
So she does anything; though I report it
That should be silent.


(Winter's Tale).
February 14.
As dew beneath the wind of morning,

As the sea which whirlwinds waken,
As the birds at thunder's warning,

As aught mute but deeply shaken,
As one who feels an unseen spirit,
Is my heart when thine is near it.

'Tis too late,
I cannot strive against my fate.


(The Golden Legend). February 15.

Because thou art more noble, and like a king,
Thou can'st prevail against my fears, and fling
Thy purple round me, till my heart
Too close against thy heart henceforth to know
How it shook when all alone.

E. B. Browning Can wealth give happiness ? look around and see.


February 14.

February 15.

With every morn his love grew tenderer,

With every eve deeper and tenderer still ; He might not in house, field, or garden stir, But her full shape would all his seeing fill.


(Isabella). It hath been truly said by some wise man That money, grief, and love cannot be hidden.


(The Spanish Student). February 17

That neck not a swan could excel in its grace,

While in whiteness it vied with your arms; Though now a grave 'kerchief you properly place To conceal that scrag-end of your charms.

Hood. Oh! flatter me! for love delights in praises.


(Two Gentlemen of Verona).

February 18.

What I do
And what I dream include thee, as the wine

Must taste of its own grapes ; and when I sue God for myself, He hears that name of thine, And sees within my eyes the tears of two.

E. B. Browning.
There is a love that is to last
When the hot days of youth are past.

W. S. Landor. February 17.

February 18.

Oh, my soul's joy, and dost thou wish, as now,

That evermore our love burn strong and clear?
Ye gods! grant she be faithful to her vow,
And that 'tis uttered from a heart sincere.

Love rules the court, the camp, the grove,
And men below and saints above,
For love is heaven and heaven is love.

Sir Walter Scott.
February 20.
Without the help of art,

Like flow'rs which grace the wild,
Her sweets she did impart
Whene'er she looked or smiled.

Allan Ramsay.

How delicate the married life-
You love your husband, I my wife.


February 21.

Never was lady on earth more true as woman and

wife, Larger in judgment and instinct, prouder in manners and life.

E. B. Browning.

And if I lose thy love I lose my all.


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