February 5.

February 6.

If she do frown, 'tis not in hate of you,
But rather to beget more love in you;
If she do chide, 'tis not to have you gone-
For why? the fools are mad if left alone.


(Two Gentlemen of Verona). Yet love, mere love, is beautiful indeed, And worthy of acceptation.

E. B. Browning February 8.

Love took up the harp of life and smote on all the

chords with might ; Smote the chord of self, that, trembling, pass'd in music out of sight.


(Locksley Hall) Her acts are modest and her words discreet.


(The Spanish Student).

February 9.
Married ladies, especially such as are fair,
Tall, and slim, I would here recommend to beware,
How on losing one spouse they give way to despair;
But let them reflect, "There are fish, no doubt on't,
As good in the river as ever came out on't !'

The Ingoldsly Legends.
Honour to women! entwining and braiding
Life's garland with roses for ever unfading.


February 8.

February 9. There is no worldly pleasure here below

Which by experience doth not folly prove
But among all the follies that I know,
The sweetest folly in the world is love.

Sir Robert Aytoun.

In each thing give him way, cross him in nothing.


(Antony and Cleopatra).

- February 11.
Of all the modern schemes of man

That time has brought to bear,
A plague upon the wicked plan
That parts the wedded pair.

For never yet was wight so well aware,
But he, at first or last, was trapped in woman's snare.


(The Faerie Queene).

February 12. There is no land so sacred, no air so pure and so

wholesome, As is the air she breathes, and the soil that is pressed by her footsteps.


(The Courtship of Miles Standish). Where love is great the littlest doubts are fears ; Where little fears grow great, great love grows there,



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