January 26.

January 27

I've been where on the dismal day

No kindly sun hath shone,
Yet was it sunlight still to me
Thy smile to gaze upon.

For ever join'd our fates combine,
And I am yours, and you are mine.

Fohn Logan.
January 29.
Each morning my darling would bid me go

To my work with a fond farewell. And would welcome me back when the sun was low With a sweetness which none can tell.

E. Courtenay. Is't possible that so short a time can alter the condition of a man?


January 30.
By your truth she shall be true,

Ever true, as wives of yore;
And her “Yes," once said to you,
Shall be "Yes" for evermore.

E. B. Browning
Oh! what's a table richly spread
Without a woman at its head?


January 29.

January 30.

Thrice happy pair, of whom we cannot know
Which first began to love or loves most now;
Fair course of passion where two lovers start
And run together, heart still yoakt with heart.

And like a lily on a river floating,
She floats upon the river of his thoughts,


(The Spanish Student).

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