Drink to me only with thine eyes,

And I will pledge with mine;
Or leave a kiss but in the cup
And I'll not look for wine,

Ben Jonson.

Woman's at best a contradiction still.


September 23.

So soft, so elegant, so fair,
Sure something more than human's there;
I must submit, for strife is vain,
"Twas destiny that forg'd the chain.


Our meeting hearts Consented soon, and marriage made us one.

Rowe. September 24.

Oh! love ev'ry hope can inspire,

It banishes wisdom the while ;
And the lip of the nymph we admire
Seems for ever adorn'd with a smile.

Though she looks so bewitchingly simple,
Yet there's mischief in every dimple.


September 23.

September 24.

There was no secret one alone possess'd,

There was no hope that warm'd a single breast;
Both felt the same concerns their thoughts employ,
And neither knew one soli

One hope within two wills, one will beneath
Two overshadowing minds, one life, one death.

September 26.
To her my love I lowly do prostrate,
To her my life I wholly sacrifice;
My thought, my heart, my love, my life is she,
And I hers ever only, ever one.

Spenser. Filled was her heart with love, and the dawn of an open

ing heaven Lifted her soul in sleep with the glory of regions celestial.


(Evangeline). September 27.

She has eyes like damsons black,
Shining like the comet's track ;
Mouth of witchery-lightning glance,
Heaven in her countenance.

M. Zrinyi, trans. by Sir J. Bowring. A child of our grandmother Eve, a female ; or, for thy more sweet understanding, a woman.


(Love's Labour's Lost).

September 26.

September 27.

Oh, dear! but my wife is the plague of my life,
Though she thinks she's the light of my eyes ;

One has sometimes too much

Of love, kisses, and such ; !
But then if one says so she cries.

C. H. A.
Ah ! softly from thy whiskered cheek
Thy half-closed eyes peer mild and meek.

Joanna Baillie
September 29.

If he's capricious, she'll be so ;

But if his duties constant are,
She lets her loving favor glow
As steady as a tropic star.

Coventry Patmore.
I know not how it is with men,
For women.
There is no good of life but love—but love.

R. Browning:
September 30.
I will not let you say a woman's part

Must be to give exclusive love alone ;
Dearest, although I love you so, my heart
Answers a thousand claims beside your own.

Adelaide A. Proctor.
Thou art an elm, my husband, I a vine,
Whose weakness, married to thy stronger state,
Makes me with thy strength to communicate.


(Comedy of Errors).

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