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Hae 1 a wish? it's a' for thee ;

I ken thy wish is me to please ;
Our moments pass sae smooth away
That numbers on us look and gaze.

7. Lapraik.
A good heart is the sun and moon ;
Or rather the sun, for it shines bright,
And never changes.


(Henry VI.). September 5.

Our love was like most other loves

A little glow, a little shiver ;
A rosebud and a pair of gloves,
And “Fly not yet " upon the river.

Winthrop M. Praed. Oppression, and sickness, and sorrow, and pain, Shall be to our true love as links to the chain.


(Annie of Tharaw). September 6.

Life's a dull blank, and useless quite

As dials in the gloom of night,
Till Love's gay sun its splendour pours,
And marks and gilds the brighten'd hours.

Amhurst Selden.
I know that love grows up unwonted-
My heart, Sweet ! vibrates to thy heart.

From the Hungarian, trans. by Sir 7. Bowring.

September 5.

September 6.

I love thee, gentlest being, and henceforth
Can cherish thee unenvied.
Thy simple talk once solaced, now delights.


As for the women, though we scorn and flout 'em, We may live with, but cannot live without 'em.

Dryden. September 8.

Although this heart was early blown,
. And fairest hands disturb'd the tree,
They only shook some blossoms down,
Its fruit has all been kept for thee.

As one who feels an unseen spirit
Is my heart when thine is near it.

September 9.

There is none of Beauty's daughters

With a magic like thee;
And like music on the waters
Is thy sweet voice to me.

O! beware, my lord, of jealousy;
It is the green-ey'd monster, which doth mock
The meat it feeds on.



September 8.

September 9.

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