January 17.

January 18.

There's a bliss beyond all that the minstrel has told

When two that are linked in one heavenly tie, With hearts never changing and brows never cold, Love on through all ills, and love on till they die.

Moore. That man i' the world who shall report he has A better wife, let him in nought be trusted.


(King Henry VIII.). January 20. Wealth and dominion fade into the mass

Of the great sea of human right and wrong, When once from our possession they must pass;

But love, though misdirected, is among
The things which are immortal, and surpass
All that frail stuff which will be or which was.

How many ladies, speculating dears!
Will make six matches in as many years?

January 21.
She smiled on many just for fun-

I knew that there was nothing in it;
I was the first, the only one,
Her heart had thought of for a minute.

Winthrop M. Praed. Oh! partner of my gladness, wife, what care, what

grief is there, For me you would not bravely face, with me you would not share?

W. C. Bennett.

[blocks in formation]

I swear by heav'n and earth,

And Allah throned above,
That crown and pomp were nothing worth
To me without thy love!

Amelia B. Edwards.
My heart is thy temple, and, living or dead,
Thy light on its altars will ever be shed.
Trans. from the Hungarian by Sir J. Bowring.

January 17.
Dearest, thou art in youthful prime,

Life's skies are bright above thee;
'Tis morning's sweetest, freshest time-
To see thee is to love thee.


Always the same, Darby, my own!
Always the same to your old wife Joan.

F. E. Weatherby.
January 18.

But when he vow'd he wad make her his bride,

Though his flocks and his herds were not few, She gi'ed him her hand and a kiss beside, And vow'd she'd for ever be true.

Songs of Scotland,

I love my love because I know my love loves me.


January 17.

January 18.

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