The royal sun rose up in state,

Our marriage-day adorning ;
The bells rang out, wide stood the gate,
And neither of us was too late
To go to church that morning.

Amelia B. Edwards.
Time still, as he flies, adds increase to her truth,
And gives to her mind what he steals from her youth.

Edw. Moore.

July 5.

Bless'd as the immortal gods is he,

The youth who fondly sits by thee,
And hears and sees thee all the while
Softly speak and sweetly smile.

Ambrose Philips.
Upon her eyelids many graces sit,
Under the shadow of her even brows.


(The Faerie Queene).

July 6.

What though from Fortune's lavish bounty

No mighty treasure we possess;
We'll find within our pittance plenty,
And be content without excess.

John Gilbert Cooper.
From the gay world we'll oft retire
To our own family and fire.


July 5.

July 6.

No; the heart that has truly loved never forgets,

But as truly loves on to the close;
As the sun-flower turns on her god when he sets
The same look which she turn'd when he rose.


Marry for love, and work for siller.

Scotch Proverb. July 8.

Heaven has nought to give us sweeter

Than a joy-conferring wife;
And a smile of love to greet her,

'Tis the unclouded heav'n of life.

Alexander Kisfaludy, trans. by Siry. Bowring.
But when to my good lord I prove untrue
I'll choke myself.


(Cymbeline). July 9.

The lion chose his mate, the turtle dove
Her dear, the dolphin his own dolphinet;
But man, that had the spark of reason's might
More than the rest to rule his passion,
Chose for his love the fairest in his sight.

She was his life,
The ocean to the river of his thoughts,
Which terminated all.


[blocks in formation]

'Tis sweet to hear the watch-dog's honest bark,

Bay deep-mouthed welcome as we draw near home; 'Tis sweet to know there is an eye will mark Our coming, and look brighter when we come.

Byron. 'Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam, Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.

7. H. Payne. July 11.

The light of love, the purity of grace,
The mind, the music breathing from her face,
The heart whose softness harmonised the whole,
And, oh! that eye was in itself a soul!


Faint heart ne'er won fair lady.

Will King July 12.

He was a scholar, and a ripe and good one;
Exceeding wise, fair spoken, and persuading;
Lofty and sour to them that loved him not,
But to those men that sought him, sweet as summer.


(King Henry VIII.). Is she not passing fair?


(Two Gentlemen of Verona).

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