The Annual Register of World Events: A Review of the Year, 41. kötet

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Edmund Burke
Longmans, Green, 1801

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453. oldal - Departed spirits of the mighty dead! Ye that at Marathon and Leuctra bled! Friends of the world! restore your swords to man, Fight in his sacred cause, and lead the van! Yet for Sarmatia's tears of blood atone, And make her arm puissant as your own! Oh! once again to Freedom's cause return The patriot TELL — the BRUCE OF BANNOCKBURN!
447. oldal - The loud wind roar'd, the rain fell fast ; The white man yielded to the blast ; He sat him down beneath our tree, For weary, sad, and faint was he ; And ah ! no wife or mother's care For him the milk or corn prepare.
182. oldal - It is not sound economics to merely take money out of one pocket and put it in another...
455. oldal - And say, without our hopes, without our fears, Without the home that plighted love endears, Without the smile from partial beauty won, Oh ! what were man * a world without a sun.
454. oldal - Tyrants! in vain ye trace the wizard ring; In vain ye limit Mind's unwearied spring : What! can ye lull the winged winds asleep, Arrest the rolling world, or chain the deep? No!
209. oldal - ... were imported directly from foreign parts ; that where any articles, the growth, produce, or manufacture...
453. oldal - And hate the light —• because your deeds are dark; Ye that expanding truth invidious view, And think, or wish, the song of HOPE untrue; Perhaps your little hands presume...
210. oldal - In witnefs whereof, we the underfigned, furniihed with the full powers of his majefty the king of Great Britain, and of his majefty the emperor of all the Ruffias, have, in their names, figned the prefent feparate article, and have affixed thereto the féal of our arms.
455. oldal - Ordain'd to fire th' adoring sons of earth With every charm of wisdom and of worth ; Ordain'd to light, with intellectual day, The mazy wheels of Nature as they play, 470 Or, warm with Fancy's energy, to glow, And rival all but Shakespeare's name below.
60. oldal - From the fummit of this mountain, a party of obfervation, on the morning of the fifth of March, difcovered an encampment to be forming between Seedafeer and Seringapatam.

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