The Household Narrative of Current Events, 6. kötet

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Charles Dickens
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95. oldal - That if any person shall, within the territory or jurisdiction of the United States, enlist or enter himself, or hire or retain another person to enlist or enter himself, or to go beyond the limits or jurisdiction of the United States with intent to be enlisted or entered in the service of any foreign prince, state, colony, district, or people, as a soldier or as a marine or seaman on board of any vessel of war, letter of marque, or privateer, every person so offending shall be deemed guilty of a...
207. oldal - A most determined and bloody content was here maintained for nearly an hour, and, although supported to the utmost, and the greatest bravery displayed, it was found impossible to maintain the position. Your Lordship will perceive by the long and sad list of casualties, with what gallantry and self-devotion the officers so nobly placed themselves at the head of their men during this sanguinary conflict. I feel myself unable to express in adequate terms the sense I entertain of the conduct and gallantry...
225. oldal - The lads, being accustomed to march like soldiers, immediately formed. The chef then stepped forward and said to the men, ' My friends, you have learned to labour ; you have a right to rest ; but leave these lads ; let them learn now, and when their turn comes they may rest as you do.
9. oldal - I see so many from officers, etc., about the battlefield, and naturally the former must interest me more than any one. Let Mrs. Herbert also know that I wish Miss Nightingale and the ladies would tell these poor, noble wounded and sick men that no one takes a warmer interest or feels more for...
104. oldal - House feels it a duty to declare that it will continue to give every support to Her Majesty in the prosecution of the war, until Her Majesty shall, in conjunction with her allies, obtain for the country a safe and honourable peace.
162. oldal - Sir G. Brown, should be formed into three columns ; that the right one should attack the left face of the Redan between the flanking batteries ; that the centre should advance upon the salient angle; and that the left should move upon the re-entering angle formed by the right face and flank of the work, the first and last preceding the centre column. The flank columns at once obeyed...
203. oldal - Gortschakoff, who commanded in person. From these it would appear that it was a most determined attempt to force us to raise the siege. Had they succeeded, Balaklava was to have been attacked by one portion of their army, while the heights on which we now are were to have been stormed with the other; at the same time a vigorous sortie was to have been made from the town on the French works, on our extreme left, from the Quarantine, and another on the works on our extreme right on Mount Sapoune.
233. oldal - In a long low room, supported by square pillars, arched at the top, and dimly lighted through shattered and unglazed window-frames, lay the wounded Russians, who had been abandoned to our mercies by their general. The wounded, did I say? No; but the dead, the rotten and festering corpses of the soldiers, who were left to die in their extreme agony, untended, uncared for, packed as close as they could be stowed, some on the floor, others on wretched trestles and bedsteads, or pallets of straw, sopped...
3. oldal - I do not see how this motion is to be resisted ; but, as it involves a censure upon the war departments, with which some of my colleagues are connected, my only course is to tender my resignation.
49. oldal - Cavalry to advance and take advantage of any opportunity to recover the heights. They will be supported by the infantry, which have been ordered to advance on two fronts.

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