The ambitious stepmother. Tamerlane. The fair penitent. Ulysses

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J. and R. Tonson and S. Draper and H. Lintot, 1756

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270. oldal - Like one who ventures through a burning pile ; To save his tender wife, with all her brood Of little fondlings, from the dreadful ruin.
xxiii. oldal - He *' kept up his good-humour to the laft ; and took "leave of his wife and friends, immediately before " his laft "agony, with the fame tranquillity of mind, " and the fame indifference for life, as though he " had been upon taking but a fhort journey.
308. oldal - tis too late ; And yet my eyes take pleasure to behold thee ; Thou art their last dear object Mercy, Heav'n ! [ Dies.
271. oldal - Henceforth, thou officious fool, Meddle no more, nor dare ev'n on thy life, To breathe an accent, that may touch my virtue. I am myself the guardian of my honour, And will not bear so insolent a monitor.
192. oldal - tis hard, 'Tis wondrous hard, when I remember thee, Dear native Greece ! and you, ye weeping maids, That were companions of" my virgin youth ! My noble parents ! Oh, the grief of heart, The pangs, that, for unhappy me, bring down Their reverend ages to the grave with sorrow. And yet there is a woe surpassing all : Ye saints and angels, give me of your constancy, If you expect I shall endure it long.
131. oldal - With nations numberless are cover'd o'er; Who, like a deluge, hide the face of earth, And leave no object in the vast horizon, But glitt'ring arms, and skies.
238. oldal - tis impossible, And Utterance all is vile ; since I can only Swear you reign here, but never tell how much.
249. oldal - Can there be such, and have they peace of mind? Have they, in all the series of their changing, One happy hour ? If women are such things, How was I...
133. oldal - Scap'd to our Camp: from him we learn'd, the Tyrant With Rage redoubled, for the Fight prepares; Some accidental Passion f1res his Breast, (Love, as 'tis thought, for a fair Grecian Captive) And adds new Horror to his native Fury: For five returning Suns...
299. oldal - To tell me something; — for instruction then — He teaches holy sorrow and contrition, And penitence. — Is it become "an art then? A trick that lazy, dull, luxurious gownmen Can teach us to do over? I'll no more on't: [Throwing away the Book.

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