A selection of hymns, designed principally for the use of prisoners, by the author of Facts, &c. respecting climbing boys [signed A.A.].

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62. oldal - Other refuge have I none — Hangs my helpless soul on Thee : Leave, ah ! leave me not alone, Still support and comfort me ! , All my trust on Thee is stay'd, All my help from Thee I bring: Cover my defenceless head With the shadow of thy wing.
108. oldal - Then join the saints ; wake every cheerful passion ; When Christ returns, he comes for your salvation. FIRST PART. LM 0 1 A Penitent Pleading for Pardon. HOW pity, Lord, O Lord, forgive; Let a repenting rebel live : Are not thy mercies large and free ? May not a sinner trust in thee...
102. oldal - Before me place in dread array The pomp of that tremendous day, When thou with clouds shalt come, To judge the nations at thy bar: And tell me, Lord, shall I be there To meet a joyful doom ? " Be this my one great business here, With serious industry and fear, Eternal bliss t' insure: Thine utmost counsel to fulfil, And suffer all thy righteous will, And to the end endure.
102. oldal - Lo ! on a narrow neck of land, 'Twixt two unbounded seas I stand, '^> Secure, insensible ; A point of time, a moment's space, Removes me to that heavenly place, Or shuts me up in hell.
39. oldal - O'er this benighted soul of mine. 3 Ashamed of Jesus ! that dear Friend On whom my hopes of heaven depend ! No ; — when I blush, be this my shame, That I no more revere his name.
96. oldal - WITH joy we meditate the grace Of our High Priest above ; His heart is made of tenderness, His bowels melt with love. 2 Touch'd with a sympathy within, He knows our feeble frame ; He knows what sore temptations mean, For he has felt the same.
83. oldal - Divine instructor, gracious Lord, Be thou for ever near ; Teach me to love thy sacred word, And view my Saviour there.
40. oldal - Ashamed of Jesus! yes, I may, When I've no guilt to wash away; No tear to wipe; no good to crave; No fears to quell; no soul to save. 6 Till then, nor is my boasting vain, Till then I boast a Saviour slain; And O may this my glory be, That Christ is not ashamed of me.
19. oldal - TIS a lovely thing for youth To walk betimes in wisdom's way ; To fear a lie, to speak the truth, That we may trust to all they say! But liars we can never trust, Though they should speak the thing that's true ; And he that does one fault at first, And lies to hide it, makes it two.
109. oldal - So let thy pardoning love be found. 3 O wash my soul from every sin, And make my guilty conscience clean ; Here on my heart the burden lies, And past offences pain mine eyes. 4 My lips with shame my sins confess Against thy law, against thy grace ; Lord, should thy judgment grow severe, I am condemned, but thou art clear. 5 Should sudden vengeance seize my breath, I must pronounce thee just, in death ; And if my soul were sent to hell, Thy righteous law approves it well.

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