Practical Housing

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Garden City Press, 1908 - 200 oldal

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94. oldal - Save as otherwise expressly provided, the provisions of this Act shall be in addition to and not in derogation of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947, or any corresponding law relating to investigation and settlement of industrial disputes in force in a State.
20. oldal - ... and that the evils connected with such houses, courts, or alleys, and the sanitary defects in such area cannot be effectually remedied otherwise than by an improvement scheme for the re-arrangement and re-construction of the streets and houses within such area, or of some of such streets or houses...
178. oldal - ... authorities and persons concerned in the inquiry, or by such of them and in such proportions as the Minister may direct, and the Minister may certify the amount of the costs incurred, and any sum so certified and directed by the Minister to be paid by any authority or person shall be a debt to the Crown from such authority or person.
92. oldal - ... erected in accordance therewith. The urban authority shall pay or tender compensation to the owner or other person immediately interested in such house or building for any loss or damage he may sustain in consequence of his house or building being set back or forward, the amount of such compensation, in case of dispute, to be settled by arbitration in manner provided by this Act.
163. oldal - ... ought to be borne by the owner, he may by complaint apply to a court of summary jurisdiction, and that court may make such order concerning the expenses or their apportionment as appears to the court to be just and equitable, under the circumstances of the case, regard being had to the terms of any contract between the parties; or in the. alternative the court may, at the request of the occupier, determine the lease.
160. oldal - It shall be the duty of every local authority to cause to be made from time to time inspection of their district...
181. oldal - ... will form — (a) a main thoroughfare or a continuation of a main thoroughfare, or means of communication between main thoroughfares in their district ; or...
195. oldal - By a gradual process, therefore, it lies with the tenants to transfer the ownership from non-tenant shareholders, who take the main risk to begin with, to the tenant shareholders who, it is hoped, may become the ultimate owners.
179. oldal - By leaving the same at the usual or last known place of abode of such person as aforesaid, or by...
179. oldal - One notice addressed to the occupier or occupiers without naming him or them, and left at any house, shall be deemed to be a notice served on the occupier or on all the occupiers of any such house.

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