Tupper's Proverbial Philosophy: A Book of Thoughts and Arguments, Originally Treated. Also, A Thousand Lines, and Other Poems ...

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E. Darrow, 1852 - 412 oldal

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36. oldal - Be ye my judges, imaginative minds, full-fledged to soar into the sun, Whose grosser natural thoughts the chemistry of wisdom hath sublimed, Have ye not confessed to a feeling, a consciousness, strange and vague, That ye have gone this way before, and walk again your daily life, Tracking an old routine, and on some foreign strand, Where bodily ye have never stood, finding your own footsteps ? Hath not at times some recent friend looked out an old familiar, Some newest circumstance or place teemed...
388. oldal - O, hearken ! my tongue shall the riddle unseal, And mind shall be partner with heart, While thee to thyself I bid conscience reveal, And show thee how evil thou art : Remember thy follies, thy sins, and — thy crimes, How vast is that infinite debt ! Yet Mercy hath seven by seventy times Been swift to forgive and forget.
385. oldal - Never give up ! — though the grape-shot may rattle, Or the full thunder-cloud over you burst, Stand like a rock, — and the storm or the battle Little shall harm you, though doing their worst : Never give up ! — if adversity presses, Providence wisely has mingled the cup, And the best counsel, in all your distresses, Is the stout watchword of Never give up ! THE SUN.
80. oldal - I told him, That was his mistake, for it was not Job said so, but Eliphaz, who contended against Job. Well, but, said the priest, What say you to that Scripture, The justest man that is sinneth seven times a day. Why, truly...
94. oldal - For there is nothing in the earth so small that it may not produce great things, And no swerving from a right line, that may not lead eternally astray.
164. oldal - Bnrring!. jarru a good wife of thy God, for she is the best gift of his providence ; Yet ask not in bold confidence that which he hath not promised : Thou kuowest not his good will : — be thy prayer then submissive thereunto ; And leave thy petition to his mercy, assured that He will deal well with thee. If thou art to have a wife of thy youth, she is now living on the earth ; Therefore think of her, and pray for her weal; yea, though thou hast not seen her.
388. oldal - For the best compensation is paid for all ill, When the cheek with contrition is wet, And every one feels it is possible still At once to forgive and forget.
11. oldal - ... In the heart of the wise and good, alike with the wicked and foolish. For there is no error so crooked, but it hath in it some Lines of truth : Nor is any poison so deadly, that it serveth not some wholesome use : And the just man, enamoured of the right, is blinded by the speciousness of wrong ; And the prudent, perceiving an advantage, is content to overlook the harm.
383. oldal - Tis not long since, it cannot be long, — My years so soon were spent, — Since I was a boy, both straight and strong ; Yet now am I feeble and bent. A dream, a dream, — it is all a dream, A strange, sad dream, good sooth ; For old as I am, and old as I seem, My heart is full of youth.
96. oldal - A spark is a molecule of matter, yet may it kindle the world : Vast is the mighty ocean, but drops have made it vast. Despise not thou a small thing, either for evil or for good ; For a look may work thy ruin, or a word create thy wealth : The walking this way or that, the casual stopping or hastening, Hath saved life, and destroyed it, hath cast down and built up fortunes. Commit thy trifles unto God, for to him is nothing trivial ; And it is but the littleness of man that seeth no greatness in...

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