XLII. An Act to enable British Diplomatic and Consular Agents Abroad to administer Oaths and do Notarial Acts. XLIII. An Act to enable Infants, with the Approbation of the Court of Chancery, to make binding Settlements of their Real and Personal Estate on Marriage. 239 XLIV. An Act to amend an Act of last Session, to provide for the Establishment of a National Gallery of Paintings, Sculpture, and the Fine Arts, for the Care of a Public Library, and the Erection of a Public Museum, in Dublin. 240

XLV. An Act for further assimilating the Practice in the County Palatine of Lancaster to that of other Counties with respect to the Trial of Issues from the Superior Courts at Westminster.


XLVI. An Act for disafforesting the Forest of Woolmer. 243 XLVII. An Act to continue an Act of the Eighteenth Year of Her present Majesty, for charging the Maintenance of certain poor Persons in Unions in England and Wales upon the Common Fund.


249 XLVIII. An Act for the better Administration of Justice in the Cinque Ports. XLIX. An Act to indemnify such Persons in the United Kingdom as have omitted to qualify themselves for Offices and Employments, and to extend the Time limited for those. Purposes respectively.


L. An Act to amend the Provisions of the Court of Exchequer (Ireland) Act, 1850.


LI. An Act to continue the Exemption of Inhabitants from Liability to be rated as such in respect of Stock in Trade or other Property to the Relief of the Poor. 260 LII. An Act to continue Appointments under the Act for consolidating the Copyhold and Inclosure Commissions, and for completing Proceedings under the Tithe Commutation Acts.


LIII. An Act to relieve the East India Company from the Obligation to maintain the College at Haileybury.


LIV. An Act to enable Her Majesty to assent to a Bill, as amended, of the Legislature of New South Wales, “to confer a Constitution on New South Wales, and to grant a Civil List to Her Majesty."


LV. An Act to enable Her Majesty to assent to a Bill, as amended, of the Legislature of Victoria, to establish a Constitution in and for the Colony of Victoria.



LVI. An Act to repeal the Acts of Parliament now in force respecting the Disposal of the Waste Lands of the Crown in Her Majesty's Australian Colonies, and to make other Provisions in lieu thereof.


LVII. An Act further to amend the Laws relating to the Militia in England. 331 LVIII. An Act to better enable the Chancellor and Council of the Duchy of Lancaster to sell and purchase Land on behalf of Her Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors, in right of the said Duchy of Lancaster.


LIX. An Act to facilitate Inquiries of Commissioners of Endowed Schools in Ireland. 337 LX. An Act for excepting Gold Wedding Rings from the Operation of the Act of the last Session relating to the Standard of Gold and Silver Wares, and from the Exemptions contained in other Acts relating to Gold Wares.

339 LXI. An Act to authorize the Inclosure of certain Lands in pursuance of a Special Report of the Inclosure Commissioners for England and Wales.

340 LXII. An Act to amend an Act of the Eighteenth Year of Her Majesty, to amend the Laws for the better Prevention of the Sale of Spirits by unlicensed Persons and for the Suppression of illicit Distillation in Ireland.

342 LXIII. An Act to consolidate and amend the Law relating to Friendly Societies. 343

LXIV. An Act to settle Annuities on Emily Harriet Lady Raglan and Richard Henry Fitzroy Lord Raglan, and the next surviving Heir Male of his Body, in consideration of the eminent Services of the late Field Marshal Lord Raglan.


LXV. An Act to amend the Dublin Carriage Acts.


LXVI. An Act to render valid certain Marriages in Christ Church in the Chapelry of Todmorden and Parish of Rochdale in the Counties of Lancaster and York. 369 LXVII. An Act to facilitate the Remedies on Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes by the Prevention of frivolous or fictitious Defences to Actions thereon. 370 LXVIII. An Act to amend the Laws concerning the Burial of the Dead in Scotland. LXIX. An Act to discontinue the taking of Toll on the Turnpike Roads leading from the City of Dublin and on the Turnpike Road from Kinnegad to Athlone, and to provide for the Maintenance of such Roads as public Roads, and for the Discharge of the Debts due thereon, and other Purposes.


381 LXX. An

LXX. An Act for further promoting the Establishment of Free Public Libraries in Municipal Towns, and for extending it to Towns governed under Local Improvement Acts, and to Parishes.



402 LXXI. An Act to authorize the Commissioners of the Treasury to make Arrangements concerning certain Loans advanced by way of Relief to the Islands of Antigua, Nevis, and Montserrat. LXXII. An Act for legalizing and preserving the restored Standards of Weights and Measures. LXXIII. An Act to extend the Period for applying for a Sale under the Acts for facilitating the Sale and Transfer of Incumbered Estates in Ireland. 414 LXXIV. An Act to enable Grand Juries of Counties in Ireland to present for Payment of Expenses in certain Cases.



LXXV. An Act to continue certain temporary Provisions concerning Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction in England. LXXVI. An Act to continue an Act of the Fifth and Sixth Years of Her present Majesty for amending the Law relative to Private Lunatic Asylums in Ireland. 416 LXXVII. An Act to give Effect to a Convention between Her Majesty and the United States of America. 417 LXXVIII. An Act to reduce certain Duties payable on Stage Carriages, and to amend the Laws relating to Stamp Duties, and to Bonds and Securities to the Inland Revenue. 419 LXXIX. An Act to amend the Law regarding the Burial of poor Persons by Guardians and Overseers of the Poor. LXXX. An Act to ratify conditional Agreements entered into by the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Works and Public Buildings; and to vest in the said Commissioners certain Property situate near the College of Edinburgh in the City of Edinburgh, together with the General Register House in the said City, and all Lands held therewith; and to enable the said Commissioners to acquire certain Property near the Palace of Holyrood.


423 LXXXI. An Act to amend the Law concerning the certifying and registering of Places of Religious Worship in England.


LXXXII. An Act to abolish certain Payments charged on the Consolidated Fund in favour of the Provost and Fellows of Trinity College, Dublin, and of certain Professors in the said College; and to repeal the Stamp Duties payable on Matriculations and Degrees in the University of Dublin.


LXXXIII. An Act to continue certain Acts for regulating Turnpike Roads in Ireland.



LXXXIV. An Act to provide for the Performance of certain Duties of the Speaker during his temporary Absence from the House of Commons.


LXXXV. An Act for carrying into effect the Engagements between Her Majesty and certain Chiefs of the Sherbro Country near Sierra Leone in Africa, for the more effectual Suppression of the Slave Trade.


LXXXVI. An Act for securing the Liberty of Religious Worship.


LXXXVII. An Act to amend the Act for the better Care and Reformation of Youthful Offenders, and the Act to render Reformatory and Industrial Schools in Scotland more available for the Benefit of Vagrant Children.


LXXXVIII. An Act to facilitate the Erection of Dwelling Houses for the Working Classes in Scotland. 458 LXXXIX. An Act to amend the Provisions of the Huddersfield Burial Ground Act, 1852.


XC. An Act for the Payment of Costs in Proceedings instituted on behalf of the Crown in Matters relating to the Revenue, and for the Amendment of the Procedure and Practice in Crown Suits in the Court of Exchequer. 476 XCI. An Act to facilitate the Erection and Maintenance of Colonial Lighthouses, and otherwise to amend the Merchant Shipping Act, 1854.


XCII. An Act for appropriating the Corps of the Prebend or Portion of Netherhall Ledbury in the Diocese and County of Hereford, and for constituting the Living of Ledbury a Rectory with Cure of Souls, and for augmenting the Endowments thereof.



XCIII. An Act to amend certain Acts relating to the Court of
Judicature of Prince of Wales Island, Singapore, and
Malacca, and to the Supreme Courts of Judicature in
XCIV. An Act to impose increased Rates of Duty of Excise
on Spirits distilled in the United Kingdom; to allow Malt,
Sugar, and Molasses to be used Duty-free in the distilling
of Spirits in lieu of Allowances and Drawbacks on such
Spirits, Sugar, and Molasses respectively; and to amend the
Laws relating to the Duties of Excise.


XCV. An Act to enable the Commissioners of Her Majesty's Works and Public Buildings to provide additional Offices for the Public Service in or near Downing Street, Westminster.


XCVI. An Act to consolidate certain Acts, and otherwise amend the Laws of the Customs, and an Act to regulate the Office of the Receipt of Her Majesty's Exchequer at Westminster.

528 XCVII. An

XCVII. An Act for the Amendment and Consolidation of the Customs Tariff Acts. 543


XCVIII. An Act to continue certain Turnpike Acts in Great
XCIX. An Act to enable Her Majesty to carry into effect a
Convention made between Her Majesty, His Majesty the
Emperor of the French, and His Imperial Majesty the


C. An Act to amend the Law concerning the Qualification of Officers of the Militia.


CI. An Act for the more effectual Execution of the Convention between Her Majesty and the French Government concerning the Fisheries in the Seas between the British Islands and France.

594 CII. An Act to confirm certain Provisional Orders made under an Act of the Fifteenth Year of Her present Majesty, to facilitate Arrangements for the Relief of Turnpike Trusts 597 CIII. An Act to amend an Act of the last Session of Parliament relating to the Sale of Spirits by unlicensed Persons and illicit Distillation in Ireland; and also to repeal so much of an Act of the Third and Fourth Years of His late Majesty as requires Persons applying for Licences for the Sale of Beer, Cider, or Spirits by Retail in Ireland to enter into a Bond with Sureties.


CIV. An Act for the Regulation of Chinese Passenger Ships. 605 CV. An Act to amend the Lunatic Asylums Act, 1853, and the Acts passed in the Ninth and Seventeenth Years of Her Majesty, for the Regulation of the Care and Treatment of Lunatics.



CVI. An Act to suspend the making of Lists and the Ballots for the Militia of the United Kingdom. 619 CVII. An Act to authorize the Commissioners of the Treasury to make Arrangements concerning a certain Loan advanced by way of Relief to the Island of Tobago. 620 CVIII. An Act to amend the Law for the Inspection of Coal Mines in Great Britain. CIX. An Act to make further Provisions for the Repayment of Advances out of the Consolidated Fund for the Erection and Enlargement of Asylums for the Lunatic Poor in Ireland, and to amend the Laws with reference to the Repayments in case of Change of Districts, and the Appointment of Commissioners of General Control and Correspondence. CX. An Act to authorize the Application of certain Sums granted by Parliament for Drainage and other Works of public Utility in Ireland towards the Completion of certain Navigations undertaken in connexion with Drainages, and to amend the Acts for promoting the Drainage of Lands and Improvements in connexion there with in Ireland.


632 CXI. An

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