that character display itself to my readers, as far as possible, in his own most interesting language. Perhaps no man ever possessed the powers of description in a higher degree, both in verse and prose. By weaving into the texture of these memoirs, an extensive selection of his private letters, and several of his posthumous poems, I trust, that a faithful representation of him has been formed, where the most striking features will appear the work of his own inimitable hand. The re, sult of the whole production will, I am confident, establish one most satisfactory truth, interesting to society in general, and to your Lordship in particular! The truth I mean, is expressed in the final verse of an epitaph, which the hand of friendship inscribed to your excellent relation : ;

“ His virtues-förmed the magic of his song.”.

May the affectionate zeal, with which I have endeavoured to render all the justice in my power to his variety of merit, atone for whatever deficiencies may be found in this imperfect attempt, and lead both your . Lordship, and our Country, to honour with some degree of approbation,

Your very faithful Servant,


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