The English Reports, 4. kötet;69. kötet

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W. Green, 1906

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489. oldal - And be it further enacted, that every will shall be construed, with reference to the real estate and personal estate comprised in it, to speak and take effect as if it had been executed immediately before the death of the testator, unless a contrary intention shall appear by the will.
304. oldal - ... to the uses upon and for the trusts intents and purposes and with under and subject to the powers provisoes and declarations...
356. oldal - A party producing a Witness shall not be allowed to impeach his credit by general evidence of bad character, but he may, in case the Witness shall in the opinion of the Judge prove adverse, contradict him by other Evidence, or by leave of the Judge prove that he has made at other times a statement inconsistent with his present testimony...
59. oldal - Taylor for life, with remainder to trustees to preserve contingent remainders, with...
201. oldal - ... or such part thereof respectively as he shall think fit shall stand charged with the payment of the amount for which judgment shall have been so recovered and interest thereon; and such order shall entitle the judgment creditor to all such remedies as he would have been entitled to if such charge had been made in his favour by the judgment debtor.
104. oldal - Langford, by any deed or deeds, instrument or instruments in writing, with or without power of revocation and new appointment, to be by him sealed and delivered in the presence of and attested by two or more credible witnesses...
165. oldal - That no appointment made by will, in exercise of any power, shall be valid, unless the same be executed in manner herein-before required; and every will executed in manner hereinbefore required shall, so far as respects the execution and attestation thereof, be a valid execution of a power of appointment by will, notwithstanding it shall have been expressly required that a will made in exercise of such power should be executed with some additional or other form of execution or solemnity.
440. oldal - That in all cases where the insured hath interest in such life or lives, event or events, no greater sum shall be recovered or received from the insurer or insurers than the amount or value of the interest of the insured in such life or lives, or other event or events : IV.
527. oldal - Mary to the proviso hereinbefore contained) who being a son or sons shall have attained or shall attain the age of twenty-one years or being a daughter or daughters shall have attained or shall attain that age or be previously married, in equal shares if more than one.
560. oldal - Children: And in Case there be no Wife, then all the said Estate to be distributed equally to and amongst the Children: And in case there be no Child then to the next .of Kindred in equal Degree of, or unto the Intestate, and their legal Representatives as aforesaid, and in no other Manner whatsoever.

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