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Publishers by Authority to the Poor Law Board, and to the General

Board of Health.



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PAGE Preliminary Notes for the Year

3 Eclipses

3 The Four Quarters of the Year

3 Terms and Returns

3 The Royal Family......

4 The Ministry

4 Courts of Equity and Law

4 The Calendar....

5-16 List of Unions formed by the Poor Law Commissioners and the Poor Law Board,

Unions under Gilbert's Act, and Places under Local Acts, together with the
Area and Population in 1851) of each Union, &c., the Number of Parishes,
and of Elected and Ex-officio Guardians; the Inspectors' and Audit Districts
in which the several Unions, &c., are situate ; the Day of Meeting of the
Guardians; the Names and Addresses of the Clerks and Treasurers; the
Names of the Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen; the Districts, Names, and
Addresses of the Relieving Officers; the Names of the Medical Officers; the
Names and Addresses of the Masters and Chaplains of Workhouses; the
Names and Certificates of the Workhouse Teachers; and the Workhouse

Accommodation of each Union.—Corrected up to December 25, 1855 ........17-155
School Districts formed by the Poor Law Board

156, 157 District Auditors

158 Appointment, Qualifications, and Duties of Union Officers

159 Qualifications of Officers

160 Remuneration of Officers...

162 Security of the Officers .......

163 Continuance in Office and Suspension of Officers—Supply of Vacancies..... 164 Personal Discharge of Duties.....

165 Duties of Officers

165 Clerk

165 Treasurer

167 Medical Officer

167 Ditto of District

168 Ditto of Workhouse

168 Master

169 Matron..

171 Chaplain

172 Schoolmaster and Schoolmistress.

173 Nurse

173 Porter

173 Relieving Officer..

174 Superintendent of Out-door Labour

176 Receipt and Payment of Money by Officers

176 Articles of the General Consolidated Order

177 Poor Law Legislation of 1855.......

178 Poor Law Board in Ireland

178 Board of Supervision for the Relief of the Poor in Scotland

178 Commissioners in Lunacy

179 List of County and Borough Asylums, Metropolitan and Provincial Licensed Houses, and Hospitals, receiving Lunatics

179_83 Registrar-General of Births, Deaths, and Marriages

1 3 The General Board of Health

181 Sanitary Legislation and Progress during 1855...

.... 184-193 Local Boards formed under the General Board of Health..

... 194--211 Burial Boards ......

212--217 List of Members of Metropolitan Board of Works

218 Quarter Sessions in England and Wales ...


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14 Septuagesima Sunday. Dominical Letters

F E Shrove Tuesday Cycle of the Sun

17 Easter Sunday Epact

23 Whit Sunday Roman Indiction ................

14 Trinity Sunday Julian Period


Advent Sunday.
The Year 1856 is Leap Year.

Jan. 20

Mar. 23
May 11
May 18
Nov, 30

ECLIPSES IN 1856. April 5. SUN. A total eclipse, invisible generally at lh. 29.7m. A.M., mean

at Greenwich. Begins on the earth time at Greenwich, in longitude 70° 37' generally at 3h. 44.9m. A.M., mean E., and latitude 65° 56' N.; ends on time at Greenwich, in longitude 44° the earth generally at 6h. 28.0m. A.M., 39' E., and latitude 58° 51' S. ; ends in longitude 170° 15' E., and latitude on the earth generally at 8h._16.5m. 7° 54' N. Central eclipse begins geneA. M., in longitude 146° 17' E., and rally at 3h. 19.5m. A.M., in longiti de latitude 2° 42' S. Central eclipse at 1560 20' W., and latitude 800 6' N.; 5h. 16.9m. A.M., in longitude 101° 28' ends generally at 4h, 38.2m. A.M., in E., and latitude 57° 53' S.

longitude 164° 8' W., and latitude 41° April 20. MOON partially eclipsed, in- 44' N.

visible at Greenwich; first contact with Oct. 13. MOON partially eclipsed, visitle the Penumbra at 6h. 15.3m. A.M. mean at Greenwich. First contact with the time at Greenwich; first contact with Penumbra at 8h. 22.6m. P.M., mean the shadow at 7h. 34•lm. A.M.; middle time at Greenwich; first contact with of the eclipse at 9h. 6.4m. A.M. ; last the shadow at 9h. 21:1m.; middle of contact with the shadow at 10h. 38.7m. the eclipse 10h. 54:1; last contact with A. M.; last contact with the Penumbra the shadow, 14th, at Oh. 27•1m. A.M.; at 11h. 57.5m, A.M. Magnitude of the last contact with the Penumbra at eclipse, (moon's diameter = 1) 0.706 on lh. 25.6m. Magnitude of the eclipse the northern limb.

(moon's diameter = 1) 0:994 on the Sept. 29. SUN. Annular eclipse, invisible southern limb.

at Greenwich, Begins on the earth

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HILARY TERM begins 11th January.. Ends 31st January.

EASTER TERM begins 15th April.. Ends 8th May.

TRINITY TERM begins 22nd May.. Ends 12th June.
MICHAELMAS TERM begins 2nd Nov... Ends 25th Nov.


Begins. Ends. Lent Term

Jan. 14.... Mar. 15 Easter Term

Apr. 2....May 10 Trinity Term May 14.... July 5 Michaelmas Term.... Oct. 10.... Dec. 17

The Act will be July 1.

Mich. .. Oct. 10 .. Nov. 12 midn. Dec. 16
The Commencement will be July 1.


Usually taken in Leases. 25 March Lady Day. | 29 Sept. Mich. Day. 24 June, Midsum. 25 Dec. Christmas.

IN SCOTLAND. Candlemas .. Feb. 2 | Lammas.. Aug. 1 Whitsunday* May15 | Martinmas, Nov. 11 * This term in Scotch leases does not depend upon the moveable Feast of Whitsuntide, but is permanent.


Begins. Divides. Ends. Lent Jan. 13.... Feb. 12 midn... Mar. 14 Easter Apr. 2.... May 18 midn... July 4





COURT OF CHANCERY. 1819; married Feb.. 10, 1840, to Prince Lord High Chancellor, Lord Cranworth. Albert Francis Augustus Charles Emanuel Chief Sec., Hon. W. c. S. Rice-Reg. in of Saxe Coburg and Gotha, born Aug. 26, Lunacy, C. W. Wilde. 1819.

Master of the Rolls, Sir John RomillyVictoria Adelaide Mary Louisa, born Chief Sec., W.G. Brett- Under Sec., Jas. Nov. 21, 1840, Princess Royal.

Bacon. Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, born Lords Justices of Appeal, Right Hon. Sir J.L. Nov. 9, 1841.

Knight Bruce, Rt. Hon. Sir G.J. Turner. Alice Maud Mary, born April 25, 1843. Vice-Chancellors, Sir R. T. Kindersley, Alfred Ernest Albert, born Aug. 6, 1844. Sir John Stuart, Sir W. P. Wood. Helena Augusta Victoria, born May 25, Accountant-General, Wm. Russell. 1846.

Masters in Chancery, Sir George Rose, Louisa Caroline Alberta, born March 18, W. H. Tinney, J. E. Blunt, J. Hum1848.

phry (office to be abolished as soon Arthur William Patrick Albert, born as the existing business is closed). May 1, 1850. Leopold George Duncan Albert, born

COURTS OF LAW. April 7, 1853.

Queen's Bench-Lord Chief Justice, Lord Royal Princes and Princesses.

Campbell-Judges, Sir J. T. Coleridge, Mary, Duchess of Gloucester, born

Sir William Wightman, Sir William April 25, 1776.

Erle, and Sir Charles Crompton. George Frederic, Duke of Cumberland

Common Pleas-Lord Chief Justice, Right (King of Hanover), born May 27, 1819, Hon. Sir John Jervis married Feb. 18, 1843, Mary Alexandrina,

- Judges, Sir

Sir C. Creswell, Sir E. Vaughan Wil. daughter of Joseph, Duke of Saxe Alten

liams, Sir R. B. Crowder, Sir J. S. burg, by whom he has a son and two

Willes. daughters.

Exchequer-Lord Chief Baron, Right Hon. George William, Duke of Cambridge,

Sir F. J. Pollock-Barons, Right Hon. Sir born March 26, 1819; Augusta Caroline, James Parke, Sir E. H. Alderson, Sir July 19, 1822; Mary Adelaide, Nov. 27,

T. J. Platt, Sir S. Martin – Cursitor 1833.

Baron, G. Bankes — Queen's RememHer Majesty's Mother.

brancer, H. W. Vincent. Victoria Maria Louisa (Princess Dow. ager of Leiningen), Duchess of Kent,

LAW OFFICERS. widow of Edward Duke of Kent, sister of Attorney-General, Sir A. J. E. Cockburn. the King of the Belgians, born Aug. 17,1786.

Solicitor-General, Sir Richard Bethell.


Judge of the Admiralty, Rt. Hon. S. LushLord President of the Council, Earl Gran

ington-Queen's Advocate-General, Sir J. ville.

D. Harding-Judge- Advocate, W. AtherLord High Chancellor, Lord Cranworth.

ton - Admiralty Advocate, Dr. R. J. First Lord of the Treasury (Prime Minis

Phillimore-Registrar, H. C. Rotheryter), Viscount Palmerston.

Marshal, Evan Jones.
Lord Privy Seal, Earl of Harrowby.
Chancellor of the Exchequer, Right Hon.

Sir G. C. Lewis, bart.

Lords Justices of Appeal, Sir J. L. Knight Home Affairs, Sir George Bruce, Sir G. J. Turner Commis. Grey, Bart.

sioners, J. Evans, J. S. M. Fonblanque, Foreign Affairs, Earl of R, G. C. Fane, E. Holroyd, Mr. Serjeant Secretaries of Clarendon.

Goulburn. State. Colonial Affairs, Right Country Commissioners - Birmingham, J. Hon. H. Labouchere.

Balguy, Q.C.-Bristol, M. D. Hill, Q.C. -War Department, Lord Exeter, Montagu B. Bere-Leeds, M. J. Panmure.

West and W. S. Ayrton-Liverpool, R. First Lord of the Admiralty, Sir Charles Stevenson and H. J. Perry-Manchester, Wood.

Walter Skirrow, Q.C., and W. T. JemPostmaster-General, Duke of Argyll.

mett--Newcastle, Ñ. Ellison. President of Board of Trade, Lord Stanley Chief Registrar, Hon. John Campbell.

of Alderley. President of the Board of Control, Right


Chief Commissioner, William Jas. Law_ Commissioner of Works and Public Build- Commissioners, c. Phillips and Serjeant ings, Sir Benjamin Hall, Bart.

J. S. Murphy – Provisional Assignee, S. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Right Sturgis. Hon. M. T. Baines.

Chief Clerk, H. Simpson Clerk of the Marquess of Lansdowne, without office. Rules, C. V. White.

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Ion. Sir Sir itor em


MONTHLY NOTICES. New.. 7th day, Ilh. 17m. aftern.

1. British Museum closes. First Quarter.. 14th day, 3h. 42m. aftern. Full.... 22nd day, 3h. 29m. morn.

1. Leipzig fair - manuLast Quarter.. 30th day, 8h. 35m, morn.

factured goods and pleaD's Dec. 7th, 27° S.; 13th, 0°; 19th,

sure* (the business com

mences 3 or 4 days earlier). 27° N.; 27th, 00

1. Clerks to Guardians M. L. of Day's | Day | Twil. 'Os

to make out Lists of LuD. Day. incr. brk. ends. semi-di.

natic Paupers; Justices'

Clerks to send Lists of 1 7 51 06 6 3 6 5 16' 18"

Bastardy Summonses to 6 7 57 0 12 6 3 6 10

Clerks of the Peace, as soon

16 18
11 8 6 0 21
6 1 6 15

after this day as possible.

16 18 16 8 18 0 33 5 59 6 21 16 18

1. Quarter Sessions com21 8 31 046 5 56 6 29 16 17

mence on the Monday in 26 8 46 1 1

5 51
6 35 16 17

this week.
Day Day
Sundays and

Sun Sun 5. Half-yearly dividends of the of the

rises. Remarkable Days.

sets. on some species of Stock Week. Year.

become due. h. m. h. m.

8. British Museum opens, 1 Tu i Circumcision.

8 83 59 10 till 4; Reading Room,

9 till 4. 2 W 2

8 84 0 3 TH 3

8 84 1

8. Fire Insurance due at

Christmas must be paid 4 F 4

8 84 2

by this day, or the Policy 5 S 5

8 84 3 becomes void.

21, 22. Melton Mowbray 6. SI 6 Epiphany. Old Christ. D. 8

74 5 fair-horses, cattle. 7 M 7

8 74 6

26. Brunswick - miscel. 8 Tu 8

8 7 4 7 laneous, including manu9 W 9

8 64 9 factured goods, &c. 10 TH 10

8 64 10 31. Last day for the Su. 11 F

18 54 11 perintendent - Registrar to

transmit Quarterly Re12 s 12

8 44 13 turns of Marriage Licen.

ces to the Registrars-Ge.

neral. 13 S

\ 1 Sun.aft. Epiph. Cam. 13

8 4 4 14 L. Term beg. Hilary.

Registration.Births.14 M 14 Oxf. Lent Term begins. 18 34 16 Persons should cause their

children to be registered 15 To 15

8 24 17 within forty-two days after 16 W 16

8 14 19) birth, by giving personal 17 TH 17

8 04 20 notice to the registrar of

their district, without any 18 F 18

8 04 22

fee whatever. 19 S 19

7 594 24

Deaths. Intimation should

be given of deaths in the 20 S | 20 20 Septuagesima Sunday. 17 58 4 25 same manner

as births. 21 M21

17 56 4 27 This is of importance to be 22 TU 22

.. 17 544 29 taker must have a certifi

done early, as the under23 W 23

17 544 30 cate to give to the minister 24 T 24

17 534 32 who reads the funeral ser25 F 25 Conversion of St. Paul. 17 524 34 vice, without which he may

refuse to bury the body. 26 S 26

17 504 36

As the cause of death is

to be entered, sound dis27 S 27 Sexagesima Sunday. 17 494 37 cretion should be exercised 28 M 28

in ascertaining the real na7 48 4 39


of the deceased's 29 TU 29

17 464 41 death, for which important 30 W30 King Charles I. Martyr. 7 454 43 purpose every facility

should be given. 31 TH 31 Hilary Term ends. 17 434 44

# The Monthly List of Fairs is only a selection of the more important ones. We have also added a few of the German Fairs which are of commercial interest, each of which continues for three weeks.


11 Hilary Term begins.

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