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194. oldal - Late, late, so late ! but we can enter still. Too late ! too late I ye cannot enter now. No light had we : for that we do repent, And, learning this, the bridegroom will relent. Too late ! too late ! ye cannot enter now. No light, so late
189. oldal - gray and silver damask, singing, in " the sweet voice of a bird," — ''Turn, Fortune, turn thy wheel, and lower the proud; Turn thy wild wheel through sunshine, storm, and cloud ; Thy wheel and thee we neither love nor hate. * Turn, Fortune, turn thy wheel with smile
194. oldal - Too late ! too late 1 ye cannot enter now. Have we not heard the bridegroom is so sweet ? O let us in, tho' late, to kiss his feet ! ^ No, no, too late 1 ye cannot enter now.
190. oldal - A twist of gold was round her hair ; A robe of samite without price, that more exprest Than hid her, clung about her lissome limbs, In color like the satin-shining palm On sallows in the windy gleams of March.
197. oldal - to make us loveless clay 1 know not which is sweeter, no, not I. I fain would follow love, if that could be ; I needs must follow death, who calls for me : Call and I follow, I follow ! let me die
194. oldal - Gladys, in white wimple and close-folded gown of gray, sat on a stool beside the " one low light/' humming softly, her rosary fallen at her feet,— "the Queen looked up, and said, ' O maiden, if indeed you list to sing Sing, and unbind my heart, that I may weep. Whereat full willingly sang the little maid, Late, late, so late ! and dark the night and chill I Late, late, so late
194. oldal - dark and chill the night ! O let us in, that we may find the light
133. oldal - so, say that no faith —not even the Christian — has exercised so powerful an influence on the diminution of crime as the old, simple doctrine of.
307. oldal - a shy caress, feeling both penitent and pitiful. "Dear Guy, forgive me if I pained you. I'ma thoughtless creature, but I'm not malicious, and a word will restrain me if kindly spoken. My home is always yours, and when my fortune is mine you shall never want, if you are not too proud to accept
329. oldal - I sprang up, took one step and remained transfixed with dismay, for the room was not my own ! Utterly unfamiliar was every object on which my eyes fell. The place was small, plainly furnished, and close, as if long unused. My trunks stood against the wall, my clothes lay on a chair, and on the

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