Bāgh O Bahār: Or, Tales of the Four Darweshes

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Duncan Forbes
W.H. Allen & Company, 1874 - 315 oldal

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89. oldal - As we stood on its banks, as far as the eye could reach, nothing was to be seen but water; no means of crossing was to be found.
288. oldal - with me, and bent my course towards the woods. I began to wander from city to city, from town to town, from village to village, and from country to country, and
206. oldal - to the spot where I lay, hearing my groans, they stopped near me. Seeing me in this condition, they rode off to the princess, and said, that ' a miserable man and a dog are lying weltering in their blood.' On hearing this from them, the princess herself came near me, and, afflicted [at the sight,] she
211. oldal - down; I accordingly sat down. The princess drank another cup of wine, and said to the nurse, ' Give this wretch also a cup, then he will take his killing with more ease.' The nurse presented me a cup of wine; I drank it without hesitation, and made my
211. oldal - After a short pause, the princess asked me for a cup of wine; I quickly filled it, and presented it to her; she took it gracefully from my hand and drank it off; I then fell at her feet; she passed her hand kindly over me, and said,
187. oldal - and saw the shops of the bakers and confectioners, my heart began to palpitate, for I had not money to buy, nor did I feel inclined to beg. In this way, I went along, saying to myself, I will ask something in the next shop. At last, strength had failed me, and my stomach
230. oldal - sent some mace-bearers to call them [to my presence.] " When they came, I perceived they were a man and a woman. I sent the woman into the seraglio to the princess, and called the man before me; I saw he was a youth of twenty or twenty-two years of age,
245. oldal - I then performed the marriage ceremony, and cohabited with her; she also became pregnant and brought forth a son. Nearly three years passed in this manner. When she weaned the child, I said to my wife, " How long shall we remain here, and how shall we get out from hence
143. oldal - appeared in the morning, like the sun, and bathed and swam in the river; he crossed over it and returned, and rubbed ashes of cow-dung over his body, and hid his fair form like a live coal under the ashes. He made a mark with sandal wood on his forehead, girded on his
176. oldal - 0 king, do not spill the blood of this unfortunate wretch, but confiscate all the wealth I have, which is beyond counting or reckoning, and having made me and my son a votive offering to your throne, release us, and spare us our lives." I smiled, and said, O fool! dost thou

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