The Works of the Late Edgar Allan Poe: Arthur Gordon Pym, &c

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Blakeman & Mason, 1859

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379. oldal - Of course it will be understood that a proper allowance must be made for the usual hyperbolical tendency of the language of the East. shall fail, none shall want her mate; for my mouth it hath commanded, and his spirit it hath gathered them. And he hath
374. oldal - base. The Lord shall smite Egypt; he shall smite and heal it; and they shall return to the Lord, and he shall be entreated of them, and shall heal them. In that day shall
290. oldal - as not to perceive that the destruction of a myriad of individuals is only so much positive advantage to the mass! April 3.—It is really a very fine amusement to ascend the rope-ladder leading to the summit of the balloon-bag and thence survey the surrounding world. From the car below, you
288. oldal - infliction of a long gossiping letter. I tell you distinctly that I am going to punish you for all your impertinences by being as tedious as discursive, as incoherent and as unsatisfactory as possible. Besides, here I am, cooped up in a dirty balloon, with some one or two hundred of the canaille, all bound on a
339. oldal - even at three per cent., the annual income of the inheritance amounted to no less than thirteen millions and five hundred " thousand dollars ; which was one million and one hundred and twenty-five thousand per month; or thirty-six thousand, nine hundred and eighty-six per day ; or one thousand five
313. oldal - and at the time involving the interests of a third party whose sulphurous resentment I have not the least desire, at this moment, of incurring. We were not long after this necessary arrangement in effecting an escape from the dungeons of the sepulchre. The united strength of our resuscitated voices was soon sufficiently apparent.
318. oldal - Our steam-boats are upon every sea, and the Nassau balloon packet is about to run regular trips (fare either way only twenty pounds sterling) between London and Timbuctoo. And who shall calculate the immense influence upon social life—upon arts—upon commerce —upon literature—which will be the immediate result of the great principles of
231. oldal - Belles, Lettres, Universal, Experimental, Bibliographical Association, To, Civilize, Humanity." Dr. Moneypenny made the title for us, and says he chose it because it sounded big like an empty rum-puncheon. (A vulgar man that sometimes—but he's deep.) We all sign the initials of the society after our names, in the fashion of the
197. oldal - too, were without curtains; the shutters, being shut, were securely fastened with iron bars, applied diagonally, after the fashion of our ordinary shop-shutters. The apartment, I observed, formed, in itself, a wing of the chateau, and thus the windows were on three sides of the parallelogram ; the door being at the other. There were no
402. oldal - is wnworthy to be done, or what has been done before, no genius can be evinced; yet the picking of pockets is an unworthy act, pockets have been picked time immemorial, and Harrington, the pick-pocket, in point of genius, would have thought hard of a comparison with William Wordsworth, the poet.

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