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Methuen, 1908 - 343 oldal

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This is an effort to assemble the moore casual side of the writer. We are exposed to his wars with critics, some drama reviews and lectures. If you are looking for insights, this is the persona, not the man, revealed. This collection was first amassed in 1908. Teljes értékelés elolvasása

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2. oldal - he thought the intensest pleasure he had received in life was in watching the growth of flowers;" and another time, after lying a while still and peaceful, he said : " I feel the flowers growing over me.
2. oldal - This grave contains all that was mortal of a young English poet, who, on his death-bed, in the bitterness of his heart at the malicious power of his enemies, desired these words to be engraven on his tombstone : " Here lies one whose name was writ in water...
178. oldal - There is something tragic about the enormous number of young men there are in England at the present moment who start life with perfect profiles, and end by adopting some useful profession.
150. oldal - It was necessary, sir, for the dramatic development of this story to surround Dorian Gray with an atmosphere of moral corruption. Otherwise the story would have had no meaning and the plot no issue. To keep this atmosphere vague and indeterminate and wonderful was the aim of the artist who wrote the story. I claim, sir, that he has succeeded. Each man sees his own sin in Dorian Gray. What Dorian Gray's sins are no one knows. He who finds them has brought them.
75. oldal - Forget-me-not, — the blue-bell, — and, that queen Of secrecy, the violet : what strange powers Hast thou, as a mere shadow ! But how great, When in an Eye thou art, alive with fate...
275. oldal - Design is not the offspring of idle fancy : it is the studied result of accumulative observation and delightful habit. Without observation and experience, no design ; without peace and pleasurableness in occupation, no design ; and all the lecturings and teachings and prizes and principles of art in the world are of no use, so long as you don't surround your men with happy influences and beautiful things.
148. oldal - My story is an essay on decorative art. It reacts against the crude brutality of plain realism. It is poisonous if you like, but you cannot deny that it is also perfect, and perfection is what we artists aim at.
68. oldal - She is, withal, selfishly occupied with her own perfection only — having no desire to teach — seeking and finding the beautiful in all conditions and in all times, as did her high priest, Rembrandt, when he saw picturesque grandeur and noble dignity in the Jews' quarter of Amsterdam, and lamented not that its inhabitants were not Greeks.
164. oldal - Sir: — I have just been sent an article that seems to have appeared in your paper some days ago, in which it is stated that, in the course of some remarks addressed to the Playgoers...
66. oldal - For there are not many arts, but one art merely — poem, picture and Parthenon, sonnet and statue — all are in their essence the same, and he who knows one knows all. But the poet is the supreme artist, for he is the master of colour and of form, and the real musician besides, and is lord over all life and all arts...

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