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History of the Origin, Formation, and Adoption of the Constitution of the
United States, with Notices of its Principal Framers, Vol. I., 152; Memoir of
the Rev. Gregory T. Bedell, D.D., 154; Memoir of Alexander Viets Griswoid.
Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Eastern Diocese, 154; Me.
mnoirs of Celebrated Characters, 155; Examination of Mr. Maurice's Theological
Essays, 156; The Characteristics and Laws of Figurative Language, 156; The
History of the Church of England to the Revolution, 1688, 157; On the Inspir-
ation of the Holy Scriptures, or on the Canon of the Old and New Testament,
and on the Apocrypha, 157; Burke's Worth, Vol. I.: Life of the Rt. Hon. Ed.
mund Burke, 158; The Anabasis of Xenophon, 158; Only a Dandelion, 159 ;
May Dundas, 159, The Brother and Sister, 159; The Illustrated Natural History,
159; Caroline and Agnes-Franconia Stories, 160; Pamphlets, Sermons, etc.,
etc., 160; Ruth Hall-Chevely, 300; Lectures on the Evidences of Christianity,
305 ; The Parables of the New Testament Practically Unfolded, 306; The Two
Sisters, 307; The Truth and Life, 309; The Poets and Poetry of Europe, with
Introductions and Biographical Notices, 310; A Memoir of the Life of James
Milnor, D.D., 311; Sermons, by the late Rev. Jas. H. Fowles, 312; The
Fountain of Living Waters, 313; A Few Thoughts on the Duties, Difficulties,
and Relations of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States, 313;
Plain Words to a Young Communicant, 314; Carrie, or, the Child of the Par-
sonage, 314; Parish and other Pencilings, 315; Water from the Well-Spring,
for the Sabbath Hours of Amicted Believers. 315; The Infant School Hymn-
Book, 315; The Physical Geography of the Sea, 316; Nature and Man before
and after the Deluge, 316; North and South, 316; An Orphan Tale, 316; Harper's
Story-Books, Nos. 2 and 3, 316; The Man of God who was Disobedient unto the
Word of the Lord, 317; Address before the House of Convocation of Trinity
College, by the Rt. Rev. John H. Hopkins, 317; An Address before the House
of Convocation of Trinity College, 317; American Principles on National Pros-
perity, 317; The Scripture Doctrine with regard to Slavery, 317; Examination
Papers of the New-York Free Academy, Feb, 1855, etc., 317; Harper's Gazet-
teer of the World, No. X., 318; Journal of the Twenty-seventh Annual Conven-
tion of the Diocese of Ohio, 318; The Means of Grace, 318; A Greek and
English Lexicon, 473; Art, Scenery, and Philosophy in Europe, 474; Memoir of
the Rev. Thomas Jones, 475; The Great Question: Will you consider the Sub-
ject of Personal Religion ? 476; Daily Life; or, Precepts and Prescriptions for
Christian Living, 477; The Story of the Peasant Philosopher, 478; The History
of Switzerland, for the Swiss People, 478; Visits to European Celebrities, 479;
The Life of Wm. Cowper, with Selections from his Correspondence, 480 ; Up-
ward and Onward, 480 ; Spiritual Songs for a Month, 481; The Daily Monitor,
481; Travels in Europe and the East, 482 ; Sabbath Morning Readings on the
Old Testament, 482; Who is Jesus? 482; The Rich Kinsman-- The History of Ruth
the Moabitess, 483; The Doctrine of the Triune God as Rational, as Revealed,
433; Liturgy and Hymns for Sunday-Schools, 489; Bishop Latimer, 483; The Way
of Salvation One, 483; Count up your Mercies, 483; A Word to Churchmen, 484;
Baptismal Vows and Worldly Amusements, 484; No Standing Still in Religion,
434; Tender Grapes and Little Foxes, 484; A Short Treatise on the Doctrine of
thie Trinity, 484; Questions on Confirmation, 484; A Discourse delivered in St.
George's Church, N. Y., April 15, 1855, by S. H. Tyng, D.D., 484; Thoughts on
the Immaculate Conception. 484; Annual Report of the Trustees of the Five
Points House of Industry, 484; Memoir of the Rev. Josiah Pratt, B.D., 642;
Memoir of the Rev. Charles Simeon, M.A., 644; A Review of " Unitarian
Viewe,” 645; Memoir of the Rev, Henry Martyn, B.D.-Memoir of the Rev. Henry
Watson Fox, B.A., 646; Inez, 469; Twenty-six Tracts lately issued by the
Evangelical Knowledge Society, 650; Pastoral Letter-Journals, Reports, etc.,
etc., 651.

..... 124

Cathedral System, the, of the Bishop of Illinois, ...
Charge, Primary, to the Clergy of the Diocese of Rhode Island. By THOMAS
M. CLARK, Bishop of the Diocese, .........

.......... 618

Ordinations, 137; 291; 461; Election of Bishops, 137; Consecration of Bishops,
138 ; 291 ; Deaths, 140; 291 ; 462 ; Deposition, 292; Diocesan Conventions, 141;
Diocesan Intelligence, 463; The Board of Missions, 144; Foreign Missions, 144;
Diocese of Wisconsin, 145; Convention of Massachusetts, 293 ; Evangelical
Knowledge Society, 293; The Protestant Episcopal Sunday-School [union and
Church Book Society, 294; “Commission on the Memorial," 295; Church Statis-

tics, 296.
Crusades, History of the,.

Ethnology and the Scriptures, ........
Evangelical School in England, the,..........

** 6.... 526

........ 605

Faith, the New Article of, and the Consequent Position of the Church of

......... 161

149; The War, 297; The Case of Archdeacon Denison, 297; Perversions,
298; Deaths, 299.

.................. 147


Ireland, the New Reformation in,..............

........ 91; 279

Leighton, Robert, D.D., Archbishop of Glasgow, the Whole Works of, . ... ... 106

Books lately published in the United States, 468; Books issued from the English
Press, 470; The Astor Library, 471; An American Book in Germany, 472;

Libraries in Berlin, 472; Libraries in France, 473.
Litton's Idea of the Church,...,
Lord's Supper, the: Its True Relations and Dangerous Perversion,......... 189

..... 485

Memorial, the, and its Exposition, .....
Mission, Protestant Episcopal, the, at Cape Palmas, W. A., ................

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Rocollections of the Protestant Episcopal Church of Virginia, during the

Present Century. With a Brief Notice of its Earlier History. By Bishop
MEADE, .......

..........246; 558
Romanism at Rome,..

........ 35

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Trinity, the, in the Light of the Old Testament and of the Gospels, .........

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History of the Crusades. By JOSEPH FRANCOIS MICHAUD,

Translated from the French, by W. ROBSON. Three vols., 12mo. New-York : Redfield. 1853.

The Crusades have ever been a marvel. Their annals seem rather to belong to the romance of chivalry than to sober history. The warriors engaged in them rival or surpass the fabulous heroes of the poets. The deeds of valor they performed find no parallel except in fiction. No wonder, then, that the Crusades have ever taken a strong hold upon the imagination. True, the convictions of our minds condemn war. We know that it is opposed to the spirit and letter of the religion we profess; that its tendency is to bring out the worst passions of human nature; that it has been the source of most of the evils which have afflicted the world, and caused its history to be written, like the prophet's scroll, “ within and without,” « mourning, lamentation, and woe;" and that it has ever opposed a barrier to social progress and the improvement

VOL. II.-1.

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