Quiet from God
Quiet Life, The.


Railroad Rhyme

Rainbow, The

Rain in Summer.



Rain on the Roof


Rain, The Latter


Raven, The

Razor-Seller, The

7. G. Saxe 883
W. Wordsworth 394
H. W. Longfellow
Rain in Summer, Invocation to.... W. C. Bennett
C. Kinney
J. Very 395 Rustic Lad's Lament in the Town, The D M. Moir 198
.B. Harte 804 Ruth
..R. W. Raymond
.E. A. Poe 780 Ruth..
.Dr. Wolcott 864


...C. Wilcox 825

7. Miller 625
..Lord Byron 5 4

Anonymous 352 | Rousseau and Cowper
A. Pope 176 Rousseau's Isle, On
Rover, Song of the
Royal George, On the Loss of the.... W. Cowper 564
Royal Guest, The...
..J. W. Howe 59
Rudolph, the Headsman ..........O. W. Holmes 881
Rule Britannia!

J. Thomson 515

Ruling Passion, The

Russian Ice-Palace, A...

...A. Pope 705
W. Cowper 639


T. Hood 49


[blocks in formation]

Reaper and the Flowers, The..H. W. Longfellow 264
Reaper's Dream, The

Red Jacket, On a Portrait of Fitz-Greene Halleck 842
Reformer, The

Reichstadt (Napoleon II.)

Relic, A...

Republic, Battle-Hymn of the..




Rest, True..
Retirement, The.
Retort, The



Rêve du Midi

Revere's Ride, Paul.

Rhine, On the

Rhine, The..

Rhodora, The

J. G. Whittier
.E. C. Embury
J. B. S.
7. W. Howe
.Shakespeare 676
.H. W. Longfellow 260
..Anonymous 291
7. S. Dwight 503
..T. Warton 366
Ch. Cotton 674
G. P. Morris 891
H. W. Longfellow 722
....A. Tennyson 235

Samson Agonistes
Sandpiper, The..
Sands o' Dee, The
Satan's Address to the Sun
Satan, The Caliph and.
Saturday Afternoon
Saying not Meaning.

Scholar and his Dog, A
....R T. Cooke 370 Schoolmistress, The

..H. W. Longfellow 534

Richmond Churchyard, Yorkshire
Rienzi to the Romans

Right must win, The
Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Rise of Species, The
Ritter Hugo...

Rivalry in Love .....

River Song..
Roasted Sucking Pig.
Robert of Lincoln
Robin Adair..

Robin Goodfellow

Robin Hood and Allen-a-Dale.

Robinson he, John P..


G. Herbert 683 Sea, At....
W. L. Bowles 409 Soa-Boy's Farewell, The
Lord Byron 409 Sea-Fight, The
.R. W. Emerson 424 Sea-Grot, The
.. H. Knowles 310 Sea Life...
...M. R. Mitford 512 Sea-Murmurs..
.....F. W. Faber 356 Sea-Port, An Old
...S. T. Coleridge 783 | Search after God..
W. J. Courthope 893 Seaside Well, The
C. G Leland 902 Seasons, Hymn from the
.... H. Walsh 87 Seasons, The Four
F. B. Sanborn 755 Seas, The High
Punch 916 Sea, The
W. C Bryant 440 Sea, The
Lady Keppel 103 Sea, The
......B. Jonson 765
...Anonymous 594
7 R. Lowell 896
7. G. Whittier 438
..H. Weir 438
...E. Willard 586
.E. A. Allen 73
...........Anonymous 320

Robin, The

[blocks in formation]

Sea, The (Childe Harold)
Sea, The Fire by the...
Sea, The Night
Sea, To

[blocks in formation]

Milton 241

.C. Thaxter 446
Ch. Kingsley 577

. Milton 805

7 F. Clarke 789
..N. P. Willis 52
W. B. Wake 862
.A. Pope 702
7. Marston 855
W. Shenstone 656
Sir W. Scott 514
.J. T. Trowbridge 563
.....Anonymous 573
..Anonymous 565
Lord Byron 638
J. Montgomery 580
....E. Cook 563
Anonymous 575
T. Heywood 353
...Anonymous 701
.J. Thomson 377
..Anonymous 378
..Sir W. Scott

B. Baton 559
B. W. Procter 583
.R. W. Emerson 562

Lord Byron 559
......A. Cary 579
H.P. Spofford 575
T. L. Beddoes 589
..A. B. Welby 474
H. W. Longfellow 582
Anonymous 295
Earl of Bristel 366
by......W. Cowper 675
7. Addison 511
J. G. Percival 410
......G. Arnold 394
A. B Street 649
.Shakespeare 723
J. Ingelow 33
J. Ingelow 33

Sea, Twilight at..
Secret of Death, The
See, O, see!
Selkirk, Alexander, Verses
Sempronius's Speech for War.
Seneca Lake, To.......
Settler, The
Seven Ages of Man..
Seven Times Four
Seven Times One ..
Seven Times Six
Seven Times Three
Seven Times Two
Sevigné, To Madame.
"Sextant," To the
Shaded Water, The...
W. G. Simms 410
Shadwell the Dramatist, Og. 7. Dryden 818
Shall I tell you whom I love?........W. Browne 74

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

She touches a sad string of soft recall..S. Dobell
She walks in beauty.

[blocks in formation]

..Lord Byron


She was a phantom of delight ..W. Wordsworth

[blocks in formation]

R B. Coffin 223
W. Falconer 564
.....H. King 301
..M. Royden 816
· Anonymous 916
W. C. Bryant 112
..Anonymous 281
Dr. E. Jenner 38
W. Congreve 708
H. M. Parker 652
...W. Morris 666
.G. Colman, the Younger 866

[ocr errors]

..J. Dryden 694
.....A. H. Hunter 290
.....C. T Brooks 468
.D. F. MacCarthy 502

......Goethe 737
..Anonymous 918
..Sir W. Scott 467

.G. W. Cutter 501
......B. Taylor 741
.......E. C. Stedman 466
Bermuda..A. Marvell 584

Lord Byron 525
..G. W. Cutter 761
7. G. Whittier 557
Lord Byron 584
.R. W. Raymond 760
.....R. Greene 668
T. Hood 254
........D. M. Moir 415
B. W. Procter 764
..F. B. Sanborn 755
W. Browne

Song of Donald the Black, Gathering Sir W.Scott 466
Song of Gustavus Adolphus, Battle .M. Altenburg 468
Song of Marion's Men... W. C. Bryant 533
Song of Peace, The People's (Centennial)7. Miller 549
Song of Steam, The..
Song of the Camp
Song of the Cavalry.
Song of the Emigrants in
Song of the Greek Poet
Song of the Lightning...
Song of the Negro Boatmen ...
Song of the Rover
Song of the Sea
Song of the Shepherd's Wife
B. W. Procter 332. Song of the Shirt
........ Anonymous 622 Song of the South
..Anonymous 736 Song of Wood Nymphs..
Anonymous 64, Song, River
..Lord Byron 786 Song, Siren's..
...B. Harte 892 Song, Sleigh..
.7. Hogg 436
....P. B. Shelley 437
W. Wordsworth 438
.....W. Cowper
.E. B. Browning 677
..E. Young
7. Dowland 677
..Shakespeare 677
.Str Ph. Sidney 677
....A. Tennyson 124



[blocks in formation]

Songsters, Chorus of English.
Songsters, The

Song, The Hunter's
Song, The Market-Wife's
Sonnet (in prison).



G. W. Pettee 622

W. 7. Courthope 432
...J. Thomson 432
.......B. W. Procter 618
........S. Dobell 469
W. L. Garrison 554
7. R. Lowell 166

B. Browning 140

7. G. Saxe 890
E. B. Browning 837
W. M. Thackeray 875
........ R. Palmer 360
.......L. Stoddard 358

Sonnets from the Portuguese....E.
Sonnet to a Clam
Sonnets to George Sand
Sorrows of Werther
Soul's Cry, The..
Soul's Defiance, The
Soul's Errand, The
Soul, The...

Spacious firmament on high, The
Spice-Tree, The
Spider, Bruce and the

W. E. Channing 752 Spinning-Wheel Song, The
.....C..Patmore 135 Spinning-Wheel, The..
Spinster's Stint, A
Spirit-Land, The...

.........W. P. Palmer 36

Snails, Remonstrance with the

Snow: A Winter Sketch.

Snow-Shower, The..

Ch. Mackay 697

·C. Swain 140 Splendid Shilling, The...
H. W. Stillman 22, Sporus, -Lord Hervey.
..H. D. Thoreau 736 Spring
7. Churchill 818 Spring.
Anonymous 450 Spring
...L. Hunt 918 Spring
.R. Hoyt 402 Spring


..H. W. Longfellow 403
..W. C. Bryant
C. G. Eastman 403
.R. W. Emerson 402
T. Dibdin 516
..B. W. Procter 292
o'er......Sir W. Scott 481
...T. Campbell 480
...R. Bloomfield 481
.......W. Harte 448
Shakespeare 295

Snow-Storm, A..
Snow-Storm, The..
Snug Little Island, The.
Softly woo away her breath.
Soldier, rest! thy warfare
Soldier's Dream, The.
Soldier's Return, The..
Soliloquy on a Grasshopper.
Soliloquy on Death.

[blocks in formation]


Spring, Return of...
Spring, Song of...
Spring, the sweet Spring..

7. Sylvester 721
R H. Dana 332

7. Addison 338
..J. Sterling 418

B. Barton 512
J. F. Waller 122
.Anonymous 498
......A. Cary 122

J. Very 331
7. Phillips 856
....A. Pope 818
..Anacreon 384
.A. Tennyson 379
Charles of Orleans 381
.E. Elliott 383
T. Gray 383

...P. Ronsard 382

..E. Youl 383

T. Nash 384

[blocks in formation]

St. Augustine, A Passage in the Life of N Breton 325
R. W. Raymond 79 Stewart (The Old Admiral) ......E. C. Stedman 847
T. Moore 618 Still Day in Autumn, A ................S. H. Whitman 638
.R. W. Raymond 466 Storm at Night on Lake Leman.... Lord Byron 634
...A. Tennyson 696 Storm, The...
..G. A. Stevens 586
...T. Randolph 764 Storm, The
.........M. Davidson 392

[blocks in formation]

.M. L. Ritter
a ....D. Rumi
...... A. Hume
...Anonymous 107
....I. Watts 394


Thrush, The..



Thy braes were bonny
Tiger, The....


Sufi saint, To heaven approached
Summer Day, The Story of a
Summer Dayз..

Summer Evening, A...

Summer Evening's Meditation, A A. L. Barbauld 393

Summer, Indian

Summer, Invocation to Rain in
Summer Longings

Summer Moods

Summer, Moonlight in

Summer Morning..

Summer Noon, A

Summer, Rain in

Summer Shower, After a..
Summer Storm
Summer Time, In
Summer Winds, Song of the
Sun-Flower, The

Sunken City, The.

Sunset ...


Sunset City, The

Swallow, Departure of the
Swallow, The

Sweet, be not proud

Sweet disorder in the dress, A
Sweetly breathing, vernal air
Sweet Meeting of Desires
Sweet stream that winds

Swell's Soliloquy


Sword-Song, Körner's



Anonymous 396
W. C. Bennett 713
D. F. MacCarthy 380
7. Clare 390
.R. Bloomfield 394
..J. Thomson 387
...W. Howitt 370
..H. W. Longfellow 390

..A. Norton 392
7. R. Lowell 391
W. W. Caldwell 387
.G. Darley 388
..W. Blake 426
....W. Mueller 752
.Lord Byron 375
..P. B. Shelley 372
..H. S. Cornwell 754
W. Hewitt 442
...C. Smith 442
R. Herrick
R. Herrick 698
...... T. Carew 383


Time, What is..
Tintern Abbey.
Toad's Journal, The
Toad, The Philosopher
Tobacco, A Farewell to..
To be no more
Toby Tosspot
Toilet, The
Tomb of Cyrus, The
Tom Bowling
Tommy 's Dead
Tonis ad resto mare
Too Late.....
Too Late
Too late I stayed
Topside Galah (Excelsior).
To Sea!....
Toothache, The..
Touchstone, The..
Toussaint l'Ouverture, To
Transient Beauty..
Traveler's Vision, The .....

.......C Patmore 119 Treasures of the Deep, The

W. Cowper 50
Anonymous 908
..Lord Byron 621
7 S. Knowles 529
C. T. Brooks
..Sir T. N. Talfourd 688
T. Moore

Tree, On Miss Maria
Trooper's Death, The

[blocks in formation]

7. Moultrie
J. C. R. Dorr 759
Anonymous 294
W. Drummond 438

J. Logan 280
W. Blake 430
...E. Young 724
W. Marsden 729
W. Wordsworth 361

.J. Taylor 788
R. S. Nichols 789
..Ch. Lamb 491
...Milton 713
.G. Colman 865
......A. Pofe 663
...Anonymous 814
.... Ch. Dibdin 587
....S. Dobell 269
.S. Johnson 724
.7. Swift 896
D. M. Craik 280
F. H. Ludlow 716
W. R. Spencer 727
.....Anonymous 918
.....T. L. Beddoes 589

...R. Burns 102
W. Allingham 748
W. Wordsworth 835
..Lord Byron 220
F. Freiligrath 757
Sir J. Harrington 855

....F. Hemans 572
.......H. Luttrell 833
.........R. W. Raymond 467
.L. C. Moulton 171


True and the False, The..
True Growth, The
True Lent, A

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

W. Scott 231
B. Jonson 665

..R. Herrick 324

.......L. Hunt 600
..Anonymous 917

Truthful James, Plain Language from.. B. Harte 888

.....Ch. Mackay 488
..........R. H. Stoddard 180

Tam O'Shanter..

Tear, A......

Tell me, my heart, if this be love
Tell me, ye winged winds..

Telltale, The

Temperance, Old Age of
Tempest, The

Temple to Friendship, A

Terrace at Berne, The
Terrestrial Globe, To the

...R. Burns 776 Two Waitings, The


.A. D. Green 728
7. W. Chadwick 265

..S. Rogers 762 Two went up to the Temple to pray R. Crashaw 324
Lord Lyttelton 70 Two Women....

.Ch. Mackay 352

· Anonymous 440

..Shakespeare 494 Una and the Lion

J. T. Fields 585

T. Moore 61
M Arnold 202
W. S. Gilbert 914
W. C. Bryant 308

Uncle Jo.....
Unco Guid, To the...
Under my Window
Under the Cross
Universal Prayer, The
Thanksgiving for his House, A ......R. Herrick 323 Unrequited Love..
The day returns, my bosom burns..............R. Burns 167 Unsatisfactory
The forward violet thus did I chide Shakespeare 64 Until Death
The kiss, dear maid
........Lord Byron 184 Up Hill......
The merry summer months .....W. Motherwell 385 Useful Plow, The
There is a garden in her face.. ...... R. Allison
There's nae luck about the house.. W. J. Mickle 201
There was silence in heaven

[blocks in formation]

The sun is warm, the sky is clear .. P. B. Shelley 237 Vale of Avoca, The

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

7. H. Bryant 410
.......H.P. Spofford 684
..F. Quarles 719
Baron......Anonymous 836
..M. Taylor 890

[blocks in formation]
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