Happy Man, The .

W. Cowper 672 Humble-Bee, To the ......... R. W. Emerson 448
Hare and many Friends, The..
.7. Gay 860 Humility

Anonymous 354
Hark, hark! the lark
. Shakespeare 438 Humility

...R. M. Milnes 700
......R.C. Trench 686 Hunter's Song, The

......B. W. Procter 618
Harper, Alfred the..

3. Sterling 601 Hunting we will go, A .......H. Fielding 617
Harper, To the Memory of Fletcher..D. M Craik 849 Hunt, The Stag

7. Thomson 616
Harp, The Origin of the..... ......7. Moore 762 Hunt, The Stag

.. Sir W. Scott 614
Harp that once through Tara's Halls, The.. Moore 518 Husband and Wife's Grave, The....R. H. Dana 303
Harry Ashland, One of my Lovers dnonymous 38 Hymn before Sunrise: Chamouni .....

..Coleridge 338
Harvest Moon, To the
.H. K. White 495 Hymn, Christmas....

Milton 724
Haunt of the Sorcerer, The....

Milton 756 Hymn: Concord Monument ....R. W. Emerson 533
Hawthorne........ .....H. W'. Longfellir 849 Hymn to Light, From the

.A. Cowley 367
Health, A.
....E. C. Pinckn'y 76 , Hymn to Night

...GW. Bethune 678
Hearth and Home, A Song for the W.R. Duryea 176
Heart of the Bruce, The
W.E. A ytoun 457

Heath Cock, The.

7. Baillie 441 I arise from dreams of thee ......P. B. Shelley 140
Heath this night must be my bed, The ... Scott 184 Ice-Palace, A Russian

W'. Cowper 639

7. Taylor 330 Ichabod (Daniel Webster). 7. G. Whittier 844
Heaven ..
..N.A.W. Priest 331 Idiot Boy, The

.R. Southey 255
Heaving of the Lead, The
. Pearce 585 Idler, The

H. E. Tarner 363
Hebrew Wedding
H. H. Milman 165 Idle Singer, The

..W. Morris 666
He giveth his beloved sleep ..... E. B. Browning 677 , I do not love thee for that fair

T. Carew

Height of the Ridiculous, The.....0. W. Holmes 879 If doughty deeds my lady pleas
Heine's Grave
.........M Arnold 837 !

Gr ham of Gartinore


......Sir W. Scott 613 If it be true that any beauteous thing M. Angelo 69
Hence, all ye vain delights Beaumont and Fletcher 235 If thou wert by my side, my love...... R. Heber 17!
Henderson, Elegy on Captain Matthew R Burns 830 If thou wilt ease thine heart T. L. Beddoes 302
Hen, The
..Claudius 892 If women could be fair

..Anonymous 714
Her Letter.
..B Harte 889 Il Penseroso

Milton 710
Her Likeness.
D. M Craik 87 I loved a lass, a fair one

...G W'ither 225
Hermit, The
7. Beattie 674 Imagination....

Shakespeare 667
Heri, Cras, Hodie

R. W. Emerson 746 Immortality, Intimations of ...W. Wordsworth 732
R. I'. Emerson 746 Immortality, Soliloquy on

...). Addison 734
.....W. Cowper 484 Impromptu : Gas-Making ......R. W. Raymond 892

Hero to Leander.
...A Tennyson 186 In a Year

....R. Browning
Hervé Riel..
...R. Browning 568 Inchcape Rock, The..

...R. Southey 576
Hervey, Sporus, Lord..

..A. l'ope 818 Incident of the French Camp R. Browning 470
He that loves a rosy cheek
..T. Careru 75 Indian Death-Song

A. H. Hunter 290
Highland Girl of Inversnaid, To the Wordsworth 49 Indian Names

.L. H. Sigourney 737
Highland Mary

R. Burns 277

...C. Sprague 735
High Seas, The..
Sir W. Scott 575 Indian Summer


High Tide on the Coast of Lincolnshire 7. Ingelow 277 Indian Summer

Anonymons 395
...T. Campbell 469 Infant's Death, On an

Anonymous 266
..0. Goldsmith 632 In Heaven

T. W'estwood 273
IIolly-Tree, The

..R. Southey 417

In Memoriam, Selections from .....A. Tennyson 284
Holy Spirit, The
R. Herrick 319 Inner Vision, The

W. Wordsworth 667

.. Leonidas 175 Inscription : Faversham Church..... Anonymous 713
Home ....
..0. Goldsmith 179 Insignificant Existence.

...). Il'atts 698
Homes of England, The.

..F. Hemans 180 Intaglio Head of Minerva, On an..T. B. Aldrich 708
Home, Sweet Home
7. H. Payne 175 | Introspection

.....G. Arnold 213
Home they brought her warrior dead. . Tennyson 286 Inuectiue against Loue, An.. Anonymous 146
Home, Wounded
.....S. Dobell 219 Invitation, An.....

..R Lowell 53
W. Il'ordsworth 665 Invocation to my Lyre..

.....A. Cowley 691
Hood, To the Memory of Thomaz ..B. Simmons 836 Invocation to Rain in Summer....W.C. Bennett 713
I'. Shenstone 72 Invocation to the Angel...

Biron 95
Hopefully Waiting

....A. D. F. Randolph 357 I prithee send me back my heart Sir J. Suchling
Horatius at the Bridge
T. B. Macaulay 507 Ireland ..

.D. F. MacCarthy 523
Horse, The Blood
B. II'. Procter 430 I remember, I remember

T. Hood

Household Sovereign, The ....H. W. Longfellow Irish Emigrant's Lament, The....Lady Dufferin 283
Housekeeper, The.......
...(. Lamb 451, Ironsides, Old...

..0. W'. Holmes

Hotspur's Description of a Fop Shakespeare 472 I saw Thee.....

R. Palmer 358
How Long?

H. Bonar

329 I saw two clouds at morning..7. G C. Brainard 72
How sleep the Brave
.W. Collins 505 Island, The

.R. H. Dana 637
How 's my Boy ?
...S. Dobell 570 Italy

....S. Rogers 628
How they brought the Good News from Ghent It kindles all my soul . Casimir of Poland 335
to Aix...
.R. Browning 470 It never comes again

R. H. Stoddard

Hudibras' Sword and Dagger
.S. Butler 472 Ivy Green, The

...C. Dickens 423
Hudibras, The Logic of ..

..S. Butler 855 I will that men pray everywhere..H. Ware, Jr. 335
Hudibras, The Philosophy of

.S. Butler 855
Hudibras, The Religion of
.S. Butler 346

Hugo, To Victor.
· A. Tennyson 840 Jackdaw of Rheims..

.R. H. Barham 869

W. Cowper 703

.....L Hunt



Jamie 's on the Stormy Sea
D. M. Moir 574 Laus Deo......

..7. G. Whittier 555
.N. Perry 132 Law

.7. Beattie 705
Jeanie Morrison

W. Motherwell 195 Lawyer's Invocation to Spring, The.... Brownell 896
Jennie kissed me
L. Hunt 50 Lear's Prayer

..Shakespeare 715
Jester's Sermon, The ......G. W. Thornbury 729 Left Behind

......E. A. Allen 207
Jewish Hymn in Jerusalem ......H. H. Milman 336 Left on the Battle-Field ....S. 7. Bolton 478
B. Harte 900 Legacy, My...

..H. Hunt 687
Jock Johnstone, the Tinkler.
:7. Hogs 595 Leonidas, The Death of.

....G. Croly 506
John Anderson, my Jo
R. Burns 173 Leper, The....

N. P. W illis 648
John Barleycorn

R. Burns 854 Let Erin remember the days of old .... T. Moore 518
John Brown of Ossa wattomie ...E. C. Stedman 537 Let not woman e'er complain.

R. Burns 149
John Davidson
· Anonymous 859 Letters..

..R. W. Emerson 721
Jonson, Ode to Ben
...R. Herrick 815 Life

...B. W'. Pro ter 728
Jonson, Prayer to Ban
..R. Herrick 815 Life

....G. Herbert 717
Jonson's Commonplace Book, Ben Lord Falkland 815 Life.

...R. H. Wilde 718
Jonson, To the Memory of Ben.. . Cleveland 815 Life and Eternity..

... Anonymous 730
....S. Rogers 604 Life, A Psalm of

.H. W. Longfellow 686
Judge Not

A. A. Procter 440 Life! I know not what thou art.A. L. Barbauld 671
7. R. Lowell 346 Life, The River of

T. Campbell 719
.H.C. Bryant lxxvii Light

.. Bourdillon 294
June, The Child's Wish in
.C. Gilman 387 Lightning, Song of the.

G. 9. Cutter 761

R. W. Emerson 746 Like a Laverock in the List .). Ingelow 163
Lincoln, Abraham .

.7. R. Lowell 845

Lincoln, Abraham (From "Punch ") Tom Taylor 846
H. Timrod 97 Lincoln, Robert of

W.C. Bryant 440
Katie Lee and Willie Grey.

99 Linda to Hafed

T. Moore 207
0. H. Holmes 450 Lines and Couplets....

.. A. l'ope 746
Keep my Memory Green

Anonymous 728 Lines to the Memory of Annie......H. B. Stowe

7. Hogg 766 Lines written by one in the Tower Ck. Tychborn 720
Kindred Hearts....

..F. Hemans 58 Lines written in an Album........ W. Gaylord 919
King is cold, The

R. Browning 805 Lines written the Night before his Execution
King John and the Abbot of Canterbury Anon. 853

Sir W. Raleigh 721
King of Denmark's Ride, The......C. E Norton 288 Lion's Ride, The.

.F. Freiligrath 429
King of Thule, The
......Goethe 785 Lions, The Glove and the

.....L. Hunt 605
Kissing 's no Sin..
.. Anonymous 136 Litany

..Sir R. Grant 319
Kiss me softly
7. G. Saxe 134 Little Beach Bird, The.

R. H. Dana 446
Kiss, The
.R. Herrick 135 Little Bell..

7. Westwood 43
Kitten and Falling Leaves, The W. I'ordsworth 25 Little Billee

W. M. Thackeray 874
Kitty of Coleraine..
A nonymous 137 Little Cloud, The

.7. H. Bryant 537
Knight's Tomb, The..
.S. T. Coleridge 482 Little Feet

..Anonymous 19
Little Goldenhair.

Anonymous 27
Little Match Girl, The

H.C. Anderson 253
Laborer, The
.7. Clare 503 Little Milliner, The..

.R. Buchanan 1 30
Labor is to Pray, To.

...F. S. Osgood 502
Little Puss

.. Anonymous 24
Labor Song
....D. F. MacCarthy 502 Little Puss....

...S. A. Woolsey 27
Lady Ann Bothwell's Lament
..... Anonymous 231 Living Waters..

....C. Spencer 698
Lady before Marriage, To a.
T. Tickell 161 Lochaber no more..

A. Ramsay 189
Lady lost in the Wood, The
..Milton 755 Lochiel's Warning

T. Campbell 513
Lady's Looking-Glass, The

M. Prior
74 Locksley Hall

A Tennyson 214
Lady's Yes, The

E. B. Browning
79 London

W. Wordsworth 626
Laird o' Cockpen, The
Baroness Nairn 156 London Churches

R. M. Milnes 250
Lake Leman...

.....Lord Byron 633 Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth 7. R. Lowell 851
Lake Leman, Storm at Night oa..... Lord Byron 634 Lord of Butrago, The

7. G. Lo khart 473
Lake of the Dismal Swam_), The.......T. Moore 782 Lord Walter's Wife

E. B. Browning 107
L' Allegro.

Milton 709 Lord, when those glorious lights I see G. Wither 338
Lamb, Esq., To John
......C. Lamó 833 Lost Chord, A

..A. A Procter 735
Lambs at Play
..R. Bloomfield 431 Lost Days...

D. G. Rossetti 717
Lament, A

.P. B. Shelley 243
Lost Heir, The..

T. Hood

Lament for Bion
.. Moschus 282 'Lost Sister, The

..L. H. Sigourney 271
Lament of the Border Widow
Anonymous 289 Louis XV.

7. Wilson 248
Lancashire Doxology, A.
.D. M. Craik 502 Louse, To a ...

..R. Burns 450
Landlady's Daughter, The
. . Uhland

.A.C. Swinbur ne 197
Land of Lands, The
. A. Tennyson 515 Love..

.Shakespeare 71
Land o' the Leal, The
Baroness Nairn 292 Love

T. K. Hervey 159
Lass of Richmond Hill, The. ....7. Upton 90 Love against Love

..D. A. W'asson 714
Last Leaf, The
..0. W. Holmes 244 Love and Time

D. F. MacCarthy 96
Late I stayed, Too..
W. R. Spencer 727 | Love Dissembled.

Shak speare

Late Spring, The..
.L. C. Moulton 243 Love, First......

Lord Byron 689
Late, Too
..D. M. Craik 280 Love is a Sickness

S. Daniel 70
Late, Too....
F. H. Ludlow 716 Love Knot, The......

.N. Perry 143
Latter Rain, The.

7. Very 395 Love Letters made of Flowers ....L. Hunt 142
Launch, The..
H. W'. Long fellow 563 Love lightens Labor

Anonymous 180

77 Love


Loveliness of Love, The
Anonymous 77 Mazzini...

..L.C. Redden 848
Lovely Mary Donnelly

.W. Allingham 154 Means to attain Happy Life, The .. Lord Surrey 177
Love me little, love me long.. Anonymous 75 Meeting...

..R. Browning 116
Love me not for comely grace. Anonymous 75 Meeting of the Ships, The.

...F. Hemans

Love Not......
C. E. Norion 241 Meeting, The...

..G. Whittier 340
Love of God Supreme, The
.). Wesley 355 Melrose Abbey

Sir W. Scott 624
Love of God, The...

.B. Rascas 350 Melrose Abbey Inscription on .... Anonymous 308
Love of God, The.
... E. Scudder 357 Memory green, Keep my

Anonymous 728
Lovers, The...
....Ph Cary 919 Men and Boys.

.Ch. Th. Körner 527
Love scorns Degrees..

.P. H. Hayne 69 “Mercenary” Marriage, A .......11. V Craik
Love's Memory
Shikespeure 195 Mercy

Shakespeare 676
Love's Philosophy.
P. B. Shelley 136 Merman, The Forsaken

..M. Arnold 775
Love's Silence..
Sir Ph. Sidney 80 Merry Lark, The

.Ch, Kingsley 270
Love's Young Dream.
...T. Moore 224 Metrical Feet ....

.S. T. Coleridge 919
Love, The Garden of..

Il'. Blake 713 Midges dance aboon the burn, The R. Tarn chill 371
Low-backed Car, The

....S. Lover
154 Might of one fair face, The

M. Angelo 69
Lucasta, To...

R. Lorelice 194 Mighty fortress is our God, A ...M. Luther 335
Lucasta, To: On Going to the Wars..R. Lovelace 185 Milking-Maid, The

C. G. Rossetti 67
Lucknow, The Relief of..
.R. Lowvell 471 Milkmaid, The..

.). Tarlor 186
Lucretia, Brutus over the Body of...). H. Payne 797 Milkmaid's Song, The.

... Dobell 117

W'. Wordstvorth

Millais's “Huguenots"

Anonymous 81
Lute Player, The..
.B. Taylor 137 Miller's Daughter, The

....A Tennyson 131
Milton 282 Milton, To

Il'. Wordsworth 815
Lyke-Wake Dirge, The..

· Anonymous 298 Milton, Under the Portrait of John ..7. Vryden 815
Lyre, Invocation to my

..A. Cowley 691 Minerva, On an Intaglio Head of..T. B. Aldrich 708
Ministry of Angels, The..

.E. Spenser 337
Minstrel's Song

T. Chatterton 282
.W.S. Lirndor 837 Minute-Gun, The

..R. S. Sharpe 586
MacGregor's Gathering.
..Sir Il'. Scott 514 Mirabeau

.J. Wilson 824

L Hunt 684 Misadventures at Margate R. H. Barhitm 871
Mahogany-Tree, The.. W. M. Tk?ckeray 714 Mist

H. D. Thoreau 736
..H. W. Lng fellow 48 Mist, In the..

.....S. Woolsey 760
Maiden's Choice, The..
...H. Fielding 76 Mistletoe Bough, The

....T. H. Bayły 606
Maiden with a Milking-Pail, A :7. Ingelow 116 Mistress, The

.....C Pat more 123
Maid of Athens, ere we part .. Lord Byron 184 Mitherless Bairn, The

H'. Thom

Maid's Lament, The
H. S. Landor 279 Moan, moan, ye dying gales

.H. Neele 235
Maid's Remonstrance, The.. ...7. Campbell 80 Mockinz-Bird, The ...

W. Whitman 434
Maire Bhan Astor..
T. Davis 164 Modern Belle, The

Stark 882
Maize, The...

W, W. Fosdick 420

Modern House that Jack built, The Anonymous 913
Majesty in Misery..

. Charles I. 239 Molony's Account of the Ball, Mr. .... Thackeray
Make Believe
.....A. Cary 212 Moncontour

T. B. Macaulay 516
Make way for Liberty .......7. Montgomery 528 Monterey

....C F. Hoffman 462
Making Port

.. Anonymous 571 Montrose, The Execution of ......W.E. Ástoun 791
Malone, Widow
..Ch. Lepur 905 Moods

.Sir y Suckling 66
.E. Young 694 Moonlight in Summer

..R. Bloomfield 394
Maniac, The
M. G. Lewis 256 Moon, To the Harvest ..

..H. K. White 495
Man's Mortality
..S. I'astell 302 Moore, Burial of Sir John

....C. Il'olfe 832
Man, The Seven Ages of
Shakespeare 723 Moore, To Thomas

Lord Byron 832
Man - Woman..
.Lord Byron 695 Moral Cosmetics

H. Smith 491
Man - Woman
L. H. Sigourney 694 Morning

. Cunningham 368
...ll'. Morris 379 Morning Glory, The

11. W. Lowell 270
Marco Bozzaris.
..Fits Greene Halleck 524 Morning Meditations

T. Hood 868
..A. Tennyson 233 Mosquito, To a

II. C. Bryant 451
Mariner's Dream, The
.H. Dimond 567 Moss Rose, The

.F. W. Krummacher 423
Mariners of England, Ye..
7. Campbell 587 Mother and Child

W'. G. Simms 696
Marion's Men, Song of
W.C. Bryant 533 Mother and Poet.

.E. B. Browning 273

S. Rogers 105
Mother's Heart, The

.C. E. Norton 32
Marseilles Hymn, The
R. de Lisle 528 Mother's Hope, The

L. Blanchard

Martial Elegy
Tyrtaus 454 Mother's Picture, My

W. Cowper 739
Martial Friendship
Shakespeare 60 Mother's Sacrifice, The

..S. Smith 403
..A1. Luther 328 Mother's Stratagem, The

Martyrs' Hymn, The

Mary in Heaven, To..
...R. Burns 279 Moth's kiss, first, The...

.R. Browning 137
Mary Lee

7. Clare
91 Mountain Daisy, To a...

.....R. Burns 425
Mary Morison

.R. Burns 90 Mourn, Blessed are they that.. Il'. C. Bryant 718
Mary's Dream

:7. Lowe 280 Mourners came at break of day, The S. F. A dams 261
Master's Touch, The

..H. Bonar 351
Mourner, The

.G. Crabbe 192
Match, A
A. C. Swinburne 89 Mouse, To a.....

R. Burns 431
Maud Muller
7. G. Whittier 104 Mowers, The.

M B. Benton 476
7. G. ciral 395 Muff, On an Old

..F. Locker 876

.L Hunt 385 Mummy at Belzoni's Exhibition, Address to the
May Morning
..Milton 384

H.Smith 661

Mazeppa's Ride

Lord Byron 609 Mummy at Belzoni's Exhibition : Answer A non




..Lord Byron 823 | Night, Hymn to the ..........H. W. Longfellow 377
Murder, The

Shakespeare 791 Nightingale and Glow-worm, The ....W. Cowper 786
.Shakespeare 691 Nightingale Bereaved, The.

.. Thomson 443
Musical Duel, The
.7. Ford 744 Nightingale, Ode to a

7. Kears 236
Music : Alexander's Feast.
.3. Dryden 689 Nightingale, The

....G. l'icente 443
Musical Instrument, A.... ..E. B. Browning 762 Nightingale, The.

..M. T. Visscher 443
Music, An Ode to : The Passions ....W. Collins 632 Nightingale, The Mother

.E. M. de Villegas 444
Music's Duel
...R. Crashaw 742 Nightingale, To the

..R. Earnfield 444
My Autumn Walk
.W. C. Bryant 486 Night Piece, The.

...R. Herrick 63
My Bird.

.E.C. Gudson
20 Night Sea, The

.H. P. Spofford 575
My Brigantine.
7. F. Co per 585 Night, To

..P. B. Shelley 375
My Child
-7. Pierpont 267 No!.

......T. Hood 397
My Cottage.
...). Wilson 161 No Baby in the House

C. G. Dolliver

My Country

A. Tennyson 515 Nobleman and the Pensioner, The........Pfeffel 476
• My Country..
7. Montgomery 505 Nobly Born, The

E. S H. 687
My dear and only love..
.. Graham 92 Nocturnal Sketch.

....T. Hood 918
My eyes! how I love you .....Anonymous

150 Noontide..

7. Leyden 370
My God, I love thee..
..St. F. Xavier 321 Norham Castle.

.Sir W. Scott 623
My heid is like to rend, Willie .W. Mother well 232 Northern Farmer

...A. Tennyson 903
My Infant Son, To
T. Hood 28 Northern Lights, The

..B. F. Taylor 369
My Legacy
...H. Hun! 687 Northman

.R. W. Emerson 746
My Little Saint
7. Norris 142 Norval .........

..). Home 604
My love in her attire
Anonymous 66 Nose and the Eyes, The.

.W. Cowper 861
My love is always near..
F Locker 66 Nose, To my

.A. H Forrester 918
My Love (Patchwork Verses). · Anonymous 915 Nothing but leaves

.L.E. Akerman 333
My min le to me a kingdom is ......Sir E. Dyer 665 Nothing to wear

...W.A. Butler 884
My Mother's Picture
W. Cowper 739 Not on the Battle-Field..

7. Pierpont 486
My Oli Kentucky Home
..S. C. Foster 190 Not ours the vows

B. Barton
My Playmate

.7. G. Whittier 200 Not Ripe for Political Power ....Sir 7. Bowring 550
Myself, Of
..A. Cowley 666 Now and Afterwards.

.D, M. Craik 291
My Ship

..E. A. Allen 238 Now I lay me down to sleep. Anonymous 26
My Sweet Sweeting
.. Anonymous 64 Now or Never

..0. W. Holmes 558
My times are in thy hand · A. L. Waring 358 Nuptials of Adam and Eve

. Milton 160
My true-love hath my heart Sir l'h. Sidney 72 Nuremberg

..H. W. Longfellow 626
My Wife and Child
T. 7. Jackson 745 | Nursery Rhymes

· Anonymous 896
My wife's a winsome wee thing .......R. Burns 166 | Nursery Song

..Anonymous 918
Nurse's Watch

.....C. T. Brooks

Nymph of the Severn, The.. ....... Milton 756
Nantucket Skipper, The
7. T. Fields 890 Nymph's Reply, The

.Sir W. Raleigh 104
..S. Rogers 632


. Lord Byron 821
Napoleon and the British Sailor T. Campbell 569 Oaths........

W. Cowper 699

T. Moore 834
Napoleon II...

...E. C. Embury 822 O, breathe not his name !
Napoleon, Ode to..
Lord Byron 819 Ocean..

.R. Pollok 562

E. Young
Ocean, Address to the

.B. IV. Procter 563

T. B. Macaulay 517 Ocean, The ....

Ch. Tennyson 639
National Anthems.
R. H. Newell

7. Montgomery 560
Ocean, The

..0. W. Holmes 919
National Ode, The ("Centennial," 1876) B. Taylor 546 Ode for a Social Meeting.

.7. l’ery 361
Ode on a Grecian Urn

.7. heats 754
Nature's Chain..
...A. Pope 362 Ode, The National (1876)

.B. Taylor 546
Nature, God everywhere in ..C. Wilcox 452 Ode to a Nightingale..

.7. keats 236

.R. Herrick 815
Nautilus, The Chambered

·0. 19. Holmes 582 Ode to Ben Jonson
Nearer Home

Ph. Cary 337
Ode to Napoleon

Lord Byron 819
Nearer, my God, to the
...S. F. Adams 337 Ode to Washington,

..W.C Bryant lxx
Nezro Boatmen, Song of the 7. G. Whittier 557

Of a' the airts the wind can blaw......R. Burns 194
Neighbor Nelly.

.R. B. Brough

Of Myself

..A. Cowley 666
Nevermore, The
D. G. Rossetti 720 Og, - Shadwell the Dramatist........

13. Dryden 818
Now Church Organ, The. W. M. Carleton 8,9 Oh, fairest of the rural maids ......W.C. Bryant li
New England in Winter. 7. G. Whittier 398 0, lay thy hand in mine, dear!

..G. Massey 172
Now Jeruzalem, The.

.....D. Dickson 322

..R. Hort 245
Newport Beach
H. Th. Tuckerman 736 Old Admiral, The..

E. C. Stedman 847
New Year's Eve

..A. Tennyson 725
Old Age of Tem nerance

.Shakespeare 494
Now York Bay, Weehawken and the.... Halleck 633 Old Arm-Chair, The

.E. Cook 40
Niagara, The Fall of.. 7. G. C. Brainard 411 Old Burying-Ground, The... -7. T. Trowbridge 305
Nicholas, The Dead Czar
.D. M. Craik 845 Old Continentals, The

..G. H. McMaster 534
7. B. White 375 Old Familiar Faces, The.

C. Lamb 262
7. Montgomery 376 Old Gaelic Lullaby

Night .
Lord Byron 376 Old, Give me the

R. H. Messenger 716
..P. B. Shelley 376 Old Grimes ....

...A. T. Green 878
Night before the Wedding, The.. .... A. Smith 10)

Old Ironsides

0. W. Holmes 575
Nightfall: A Picture..

.... A B Street

Old Maid, The

... A. B. Wolhy 742
Night, Hymn to ...
.G. W. Bethune 678 Old Oaken Bucket, The

.S. Woodworth




. Milton 710


1 20

Old Schoolhouse, The.
Anonymous 56 ! Pelican, The.....

.7. Montgomery 444
Old Sea-Port, An

Anonymous 575 · Pembroke, Epitaph on the Countess of B. Jonson 816
Old Sergeant, The

B. F Wilson

541 Penseroso, II..
Old Year, The Death of the .......A. Tennyson 727 Perfection

Shakespeare 676
O’Lincoln Family.
.....I'. Flagg 439 Pericles and Aspasia

...G. (roly 506
.Shakespeare 63 Per Pace nad Lucom.

A A. Procter 328
O mistress mine!

Shaki speare


L. da l'inci 699

M. L. Ritter 131

R.S.S. Andros 441
One Gray Hair, The
W. S. Landor 715 Petition to Time, A

B. W'. Procter 182
One-Hose Shay, The
..0. W. Holmes 879 Pet Name, The...

E B. Browning 35
On Love

...Sir R. Ayton
73 Petrified Fern, The

M. L. B. Branch 754
Only a Woman.
...D. M. Craik 218 Philip, my King

D. M. Craik

Only a Year
....H. B. Stowe 267 Phillida and Corydon.

.....N. Breton 144
Only Seven

..H.S. Leigh goo Phillis is my only joy ...... Sir Ch. Sedley 65
Only the clothes she wore ......V. G. Shepherd 296 Phillis the Fair.

...N. Breton 69
Only waiting..
..A. A. Procter 331 Philomela

....M. Arnold 443
Opal, Origin of the

.... Anonymous 701 | Philosopher and his Daughter, The Ch. S. Brooks 894
Shakespeare 700 ! Philosopher's Scales, The.

.7. Taylor 785
Orator Puff
T. Mvore 868 Philosopher Toad, The

.R.S. Nichols 759
Order for a Picture, An
.A. Cary 178 Physics

W. Whewell 895
Organ, The New Church W'. M. Carleton 8y8 Picket-Guard, The

.. E. L. Beers

Orient, The...
.Lord Byron 413 Picture, On a

d. C. L. Botta
Orphan Boy's Tale, The
.....A. Opie 243, Pictures of Memory

...A. Cary

Orphans, The ....


249 Pied Piper of Hamelin, The ...R. Browning 778
O, saw ye bonnie Lesley?.
R. Burns 195 Pilgrimage, The

.Sir I'. Raleigh 324
0, snatched away in beauty's bloom. Lord Byron 279 Pilgrims and the Peas, The. .... Dr. Wolcott 863
O swallow, swallow, flying South .. A. Tennyson Pillar of the Cloud, The....... . A. Newman 326
Othello's Defense.
. Shakespeare 83 Plaidie, The

...Ch. Sibley 136
O, the pleasant days of old ! ..F. Brown 745 Plain Language from Truthful James.. B. Harte 888
Other Worl 1, The

H. B. Stowe
350 | Platonic

W'. B. Terrett 61
0, the sight entrancing
T. Moore 465 | Plea for the Animals..

7. Thomson 704
Our Boat to the Waves
W. E. Channing 589 Pleasure-Boat, The..

RH. Dana 619
Our Wee White Rose....
...G. Massey 37 Pliocene Skull, To the.

B. Itarte 892
C. R. Dorr 227 Plowman, The

0. W'. Holmes 496
Outward Bound
..Lord Byron 563 Plow, The Useful

· Anonymous 4,6
Over the River
...N. W. Priet 265 Poet

R. W. Emerson 746
0, why should the spirit of mortal be proud ? k'nox 301 Poet of To-day, The..

S. 7. Lippincott 738
O winter, wilt thou never go

D. Gray 404

Poet's Bridal-Day Song, The ....A. Cunning'am 109
Owl, The.....

B. W. Procter 447
Poet's Reward, The

.7. G. Il'hittier 667
Ozymandias of Egypt
P. B. Shelley 661 Poland ....

...T. Campbell 527
Poor Fisher Folk, The.

1. Hugo 577
Portrait, A

E. B. Browning 45
Pack clouds away

R. Burns

7. Heywood 369 Posie, The

.0. Meredith 158
Paestum, The Grecian Temples at ... Raymond 629 Possession
Palm, The Arab to the

.B. Taylor

...B. Taylor 168
Palm-Tree, The

7. G. W’hittier 417
Potato, The


Pamfili Doria, A Day in the .H. B. Stowe 630


...G. Herbert 326
Pan in Love..

H'. W'. Story


· Anonymous 816
B. Franklin 878 Prayer...

Mary, Queen of Hungary 328
Paradise Lost, Selections from.. ..Milton 241 Prayer for Life, A

...G. S. Burleigh 342
N. P. Il'iliis Pre-existence

...P. 11. Hayne 734

Parting Lover3..
E. B. Browning 188 Pretty Girl of Loch Dan, The

....S. Fergu on


..R. Horrick
Parting Lovers, The..
W. R. Alger 186 Primroses, To


...R. Herrick 424
Parting of Romeo and Juliet.

Shakespeare 186 Primrose, The...
F. Mnhony 637 Primrose, The Early.

..HI. K. White

Passage, The..

L. Uhlund 286
Prince Adeb

G. H. Boker 607
Passing Away
7. Pierpont (60 i Private of the Buffs, The..

.Sir F. H. Doyle 473
Passing Bell, The.

.R. I'. Emerson 673
.3. P’ier pont 66o Problem, The
Passionate Pilgrim's Song, The........G. Ma sey 131 Procrastination

.E. Young 723
Passions, The
..W. Collins 692 Profusion

....A. Pope 702
Pastoral, A
..A. 7. Mundy 82 Psalm of Life. A..

.H. \'. Longfillow 636
Patchwork Verses
· Anonymous 915 Pumpkin, The..

.7. G. Ilhittier 421
Paul Revere's Ride

..H. W'. Longfellow 534
Puritan Lovers, The

Marian Douglas 84
Pauper's Death-Bel, The
.Mrs. Southey 256 Pygmalion and the Image.

H'. Morris 113
Pauper's Drive, The

.....T. Noel 257
Ph. Cary 483

Peace, no Peace
Shakespeare 453 Quack Medicines..

.G. Crabbe 707
Peace, Ode to....
W. Tennent 484 Quakerdom

C. G. Halpine 106
Peasant, The

.....6. Cralbe 672 , Quarrel of Friends, The ....S. T. Coleridge 59
Pedagogue, The Jolly Old ..... G. Arnold 656 Quarterdeck, The Earl of

.G. Macdonald 603
Peddler's Pack, The

.. Shakespeare 664 Quatrains and Fragments ......R. W'. Emerson 746
Peg of Limavaddy
W. M. Thackeray 647 Queen Mab..

.....Shakespeare 765


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